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Top 10 Strategies for Successful Email Marketing

by | Feb 21, 2023 | Email Marketing | 0 comments

Do you believe effective email marketing strategies bring more revenue? 

Email marketing is the most effective and powerful marketing tool for your business to develop long-lasting relationships with customers. Even, best email marketing strategies make it cost-effective platform for generating new leads and converting potential prospects into loyal customers. 

According to email marketing statistics: ‘There are more than 4 billion daily email users’

If marketers use effective email marketing strategies, then those campaigns would generate 40 times more revenue than other social media channels. Companies send over 269 billion emails every day to their subscribers and customers. 

Frequency for checking your emails

Well, marketers need to learn how to run successful email marketing campaigns.

Before preparing email marketing strategies, marketers have to build an email list of targeted audiences. Then, start converting the website visitors into recipients for preparing the targeted email list. 

Around 80% of anonymous visitors leave the website without signing up the subscription form; so we need to use exit-intent popups for transforming those abandoning visitors into recipients and loyal customers. 

However, marketers can track the customers’ behaviour with the help of exit-intent popups by prompting them with the targeted campaigns. They can sky-rocket the conversion rates and improve open rates through this smart technology. Understanding the goals help them to prepare the campaign adequately. 

Good marketing campaigns start with a defined purpose and an ultimate urge to achieve it. There are different types of goals including welcome email for new subscribers, engaging them with personalised content, nurturing existing recipients with more information about the product or service, and re-engage old subscribers with exciting promotional offers and discounts.

Marketers need to know and understand the set of targeted audiences for creating the personalised and relevant content for them. So, collect the information of your subscribers through Google Analytics once you have sent the first email.

Through this analytics, you would get an idea about the gender, demographics, interest and location of the subscribers. 

EasySendy's Customer Segmentation

Kick-start with the best hybrid email marketing provider to optimise your campaigns and make it a successful one. Simultaneously, don’t miss to create optin forms for motivating visitors to sign up for the subscription form. 

After completing all the above points; now, it’s time to plan out the email campaign with an attractive subject line, compelling email copy, and stunning design. Email marketing campaigns generate a lot of revenue, but that doesn’t mean you would flood a barrage of email newsletters in your subscribers’ inboxes. 

Many companies don’t trust the power of email marketing campaigns, and it happens when they fail to deliver positive results from their email marketing efforts. 

These marketers need some tips to improve email marketing strategies and increase the value of their campaigns. You have to take the right steps to make your campaigns stand out from the rest.

Always remember that your subscribers and customers are bombarded with hundreds of emails every day. So, you have to be competitive in your approach with some best practices of email marketing.      

Let’s get started with ten effective email marketing strategies: 

Understand your set of audiences

Knowing your customers and understanding their persona are the essential thing for any marketer. Analysing the target audiences would help to craft relevant and personalised messages. Keep in mind that the market is customer-centric; every customer has different needs and interests based on their pain points. 

So, sending generic messages would reduce the number of open and click-through rates. Relevant email content generates more revenue than a general email copy.

First, you need to segregate the email list based on the interests and requirements of the subscribers. Proper segmentation helps marketers to promote the products and services in a more personalised way. 

You have to segment the customers based on their gender, age, geographical location, and buyers’ persona for sending valuable and relevant content to serve their interests and offer solutions for the pain points.

Survey results, purchase cycle, sending frequency are some of the methods for segmenting the audiences and improving the return on investment.   

perfect email marketing strategies

Deliver consistent and regular emails

Don’t hesitate to send emails to the subscribers regularly. Sending emails to those people who have willingly subscribed to our website is not a wrong thing.

Your email would enter into the spam folder if you send email newsletters to people who have not subscribed to your website, and they have not permitted you to send them newsletters regularly. 

Stay in contact through email newsletters with your existing subscribers are not a part of spamming. Keep sending emails regularly to those subscribers who open and read your email to nurture them and build long-lasting relationships with them. These processes would generate more revenue for your company.  

Make your email short and crisp

Keep the content of your email copy clear and concise to draw the attention of subscribers and improve the conversion rates. Simple email content helps to create a better understanding of the subscribers. 

If you make your content short and to the point; it becomes easier for the subscribers to click on call-to-action without having any confusion.

Try to make your email newsletters mobile-friendly as many subscribers open the email on their smartphones rather than opening it on desktop. Convey your message in a short, lucid way to avoid any miscommunication. 

EasySendy Interactive emails

Keep a goal in mind for each message

Setting a goal is crucial for making your email marketing campaign successful. Goal setting helps marketers with the right direction and measure the success of the marketing goals. You need to understand the primary purpose of your campaign.

Evaluate previous email marketing campaigns

Email marketers should evaluate the last email marketing campaigns for strategising the new campaign. Avoid buying the contact list and build your email list for better clarity in sending the messages. Maintain your email list by cleaning the database and remove the inactive subscribers for creating an impact on email deliverability rate.

Add call-to-action

Don’t miss creating a perfect call-to-action button for your email marketing campaign. Ensure to keep the call-to-action short and understandable for the subscribers. So that they can click on the button after reading the email copy.

Call to action button

Use a brief preview of the content

Apart from subject lines, preview text also helps in increasing the open inbox rate. Subscribers can read the subject line and preview text before opening any email

EasySendy open inbox rate.

Craft personalised message

Make your subscribers feel special with personalised messages and develop long-lasting relationships with the subscribers. Personalised email copy increases the open and click-through rate. Don’t miss using the first name of your subscribers in the email copy for adding a personal touch in the content. 

Optimise subject line

Subject line is the most crucial part of an email. If you provide a personalised subject line, then there is a high chance of open rate as compared to non-personalised subject line. Please include the name of the subscribers in the subject line to build trustworthy relationships with them.

Design behavioral triggered emails

Subscribers take a specific action when they come across triggered emails. Marketers can send automated emails based on subscribers’ behavioural patterns, and these emails are the most successful one for both the sender and receiver. 

behavioral triggered emails


Take a step-by-step approach in email marketing to get positive results and improve return on investment. Email marketers won’t get the results overnight, but they need to take the right decision at the right time. Take care of the details to turn the email marketing campaigns profitable.


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