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About Us

Welcome to EasySendy Pro – your trusted partner in revolutionizing email marketing. Discover how we empower businesses with cutting-edge tools and personalized support.

EasySendy is an internet marketing platform designed for small businesses. With EasySendy, you can launch various campaigns to engage with your subscribers, like emails, SMS, Facebook messenger and social campaigns for all major social media platforms, automated drip email campaigns.

In collaboration with its mid-enterprise brand Aritic, EasySendy also offers a bundle of advanced marketing automation features, transactional email delivery API, and all-in-one CRM for small businesses to manage their customers and teams efficiently on the EasySendy app.

With EasySendy Pro email marketing tool, you can split test email deliveries across the relay servers and check reports, track email clicks, opens of each email campaign. It also has a smart autoresponder and advanced email list segmentation based on subscriber interactions with email campaign. This helps to send highly targeted email campaigns through Amazon SES, Aritic Mail, MailGun.

Advance version, EasySendy Pro features include Web Pop Forms for email capture from website, custom subscriber pages, email template editor, drip email automation campaign builder, custom fields, tracking domain setup, auto bounce and complaint handling setup, subscriber segmentation filtering, RSS/JSON feed emails, API, Google Analytics and WordPress, Zapier integration.

EasySendy is taken care of by Dataaegis software Pvt. Ltd. Dataaegis Software Pvt. Ltd, founded in 2013, is now it is in 6th year of operation. The company was started by eight dynamic engineers and management consultants who collectively have more than 100 years of experience in software application development for banking and retail industry. Dataaegis specializes in ERP and Banking Software Development, Application Integration, Project Delivery and other related IT System, supporting the verticals of BFSI, Retail, Manufacturing, & E-Commerce.

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With Over 9 Years of Experience, You Can Rely on Us to Deliver Top-Quality Services

At our company, we take pride in our 9+ years of experience providing top-quality services to our clients. Our team has developed a wealth of knowledge and expertise in our industry, allowing us to meet the needs of our customers with precision and care.

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Join an award-winning team dedicated to innovation and excellence in email marketing solutions.

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Discover the industry’s best marketing solution tailored to your business needs, driving success and growth.

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Unlock the full potential of your audience with EasySendy Pro’s comprehensive email marketing suite. Engage, nurture, and convert leads with precision targeting and personalized campaigns, maximizing your reach and impact.

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Quality is at the heart of everything we do. We have rigorous processes in place to ensure that our services meet the highest standards. From designing captivating email templates to crafting compelling content


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