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Email Verification Features

Email Verification & Email List Cleaning Feature for EasySendy Pro.

Advanced and rich email verification features

EasySendy email verification is a feature available for users.

Its advanced features will frequently update to offer the highest possible email delivery rates every time to users.

It has a unique infrastructure to support thousands of email address verification in less than a minute.

There are various verification features that come with this integration, like format and syntax checking, domain checking, and many more.

Users can send more secured and error-free emails with EasySendy email verification.

Syntax and Format Checking

Syntax and format checking spots the basic errors in an email address. It helps to meet all the primary criteria for email sending by verifying @ symbol in the email address.

Domain Checking

Domain checking features includes, all email addresses have a valid domain name. It also validates whether the featured domain is aptly configured to accept mail.

Mailbox Checking

Ensures that the address segment prior to the @ part is a valid mailbox. This function is a little tricky but filtering mailbox.

Super-Fast verification

Check and verify every single email address instantly within the dashboard without any hassle.

Verification Feature trusted by the users!

Email Marketers want to send emails that are error-free, don’t get filted by mailboxes & gets delivered Smoothly.

Therefore, Email Verification Integration is here to get all of the above steps.

B2B Verification

The custom-built B2B cloud platform is designed to offer speed and meet all B2B email list cleaning requirements.

Yahoo Verification

This real-time API includes an ultimate Yahoo option to ensure accuracy and seamless Yahoo verification with zero struggles.

Cloud-based Infrastructure

EasySendy email verification infrastructure is cloud-based which ensures unmatched accuracy and coverage. These email verification services are managed from the global data centres using an advanced and intelligently distributed network.

Disposable Email Addresses (DEA)

Instantly detect disposable email addresses and temporary email addresses in the database. It sends out red alerts as and when such email addresses are found for immediate notice to help in protecting and maintaining the sending and delivery reputation.

Error Correction

Track with email verification system automatically detects common errors like space or certain characters in email addresses that are not conventionally used, which are removed with the optional error correction feature

Typo-Error handling

Check commonly made typos and suggest quick alternatives. For instance, sometimes you can type which is supposed to be It will validate such errors and help with quick options too.

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