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Hybrid Email Marketing For E-Commerce

E-Commerce marketers can build their email marketing strategies in different ways.

Why email marketing is important in e-commerce?

Email marketing provides a way to directly reach your eCommerce customers without relying on other social media channels or search engine rankings. It is highly effective to connect with your potential customers at a cheap marketing solution. Ensure to boost your email conversions through proper segmentation based on customers’ behavioral patterns.

Design Your Emails that Readers Love

Create gated content to engage your readers

Make proper segmentation to deliver personalized and relevant content to your subscribers that may help to boost the engagement level.

Engage new recipients with welcoming email

Grab the attention of your subscribers with automated email sequences after they join your contact list.

Integrate with other platforms

You have to integrate EasySendy with Amazon SES, MailGun for building sign-up form builders, sales funnels, and webinar software.

Create customized email newsletter templates

Kickstart your email marketing campaigns, and you can use drag and drop editors to generate compelling email templates.

Challenges and Solutions

E-commerce marketers problems and how to solve them with EasySendy.


E-commerce is an absolute waste of time if you are simply doing it for a few friends and family members. A small audience can be disheartening, and E-commerce marketers fail to build their contact list through email marketing. If they don’t get enough profit, it would be difficult for them to monetize their blogs. In the end, they lack in investing their money for email marketing campaigns. Even they neglect to curate quality email content for engaging their audiences.


E-commerce marketers should use email marketing services like EasySendy for growing and maintaining their email lists. They can use EasySendy to capture new subscribers and nurture them through drip email campaigns to convert them into loyal readers. They can optimize the email campaigns with attractive email templates and improve the conversion rates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to improve email open rates on eCommerce email marketing campaigns?

You can improve open email rates by maintaining a new contact list, making proper segmentation, and avoiding spam filters.  

What is the perfect timing for sending ecommerce emails to the customers?

It will be better if you send email campaigns for ecommerce businesses on working days like Thursday, Friday, and Wednesday at the same time for higher open rates.

Should I send emails to everyone on our Subscriber list?

No, you should segment and send personalized emails to individuals based on their buying journey.

What are the tips for crafting compelling ecommerce email call-to-action?

You need to craft action-oriented content, keep it short and crisp, make large button text, and use the first person. 

What are the best subject lines for eCommerce email campaigns?

Email marketing for ecommerce has some particular subject lines like wishing you a very Happy New Year, Happy Birthday, here we are offering some valuable gift, welcome this year with 10% off and etc.

Are EasySendy emails mobile responsive?

Yes, EasySendy is an email mobile responsive as you will get advanced feature to create attractive email templates with the help of drag and drop editor.

What should I use in my ecommerce emails, plain-text or HTML?

You should use HTML emails because you can create attractive email templates for offering exclusive discounts to your customers and subscribers.

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