Custom tracking domain is a best practice in email marketing that can help businesses improve their branding, deliverability, security, and analytics.

EasySendy Pro uses a generic (default) tracking domain to track all the emails (campaigns) sent through its servers by its users.

The email tracking features like “email opens”, “email link clicks”, “Unsubscribe link clicks” are tracked through this default tracking domain. The domain name used by the tracking domain for this purpose is “” or “”.

But using a custom tracking domain that caters to your specific needs instead of using the default one provided by EasySendy Pro has its own perks.

The default tracking domain works well for testing the services but it is no match for your own custom made tracking domain which caters to your specific needs.

Custom Tracking Domain in Email Campaigns

Advantages of Custom Tracking Domain

The advantages of using a custom domain instead of the default one provided by the service provider has some definite advantages of its own. Let’s go through those advantages first:

Advantages of Custom Tracking Domain by Easysendy
Advantages of Custom Tracking Domain
  • In the fight against spam, white-labelling has become a must criterion so that the sent emails can land in the inbox where is it supposed to end up.
  • A custom tracking domain, along with proper SPF and DKIM authentication, helps make your emails fully white labelled helping them reach the subscriber’s inbox rather than the spam folder.
  • It will help create your own brand image with no EasySendy Pro footprints, with which your subscribers will easily relate to.
  • Another advantage of creating your own custom tracking domain is that it will allow you build your own sending reputation. Most users use the default tracking domain both while testing their campaigns and during actual campaign delivery

    This means that the overall sending reputation of the default tracking domain is a culmination of not only yours but the sending habits of all the users combined. This can sometimes hit your email delivery rates.

  • Moreover, the visible component of the text in the email links will be branded with your domain name instead of EasySendy Pro domain name, which will make your subscribers much more confident in opening your emails and clicking links in your email body as they will be able to relate to your brand image.

Steps to create custom tracking domain

Setting up your custom domain is as simple as a walk in the park. Mentioned below are the simple steps that you need to take to have your own customized tracking domain.

  1. Make an entry on your DNS server. If your domain is “”, then you can set up a tracking domain like “”.
  2. Add a “CNAME” record in your DNS server so that the chosen sub-domain points to the EasySendy Pro “”. Note that you do not need to set up an actual sub-domain.

    All you need to do is to add a “CNAME” record that uses the custom sub-domain name that you created. In case you have an issue with adding the “CNAME” record in your DNS server, the DNS administrator can help you out.

  3. If setup is ready, go to the EasySendy Pro left Menu > Domains > Tracking Domains tab and change the tracking domain to the newly created domain.
  4. Activate Tracking Domain – After you have added tracking domain correctly, you should activate this Tracking domain setting from your SMTP delivery page. Then, the changes will take place.


Unless you have added the “CNAME” record in your DNS, the application will not allow you to change the tracking domain. Also, you might have to wait for a few hours so that the changes can take effect.

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ What is a custom tracking domain?
Custom tracking domains helps to establish a reputation with email receivers by setting up your domain for higher email deliverability.
⭐ Advantages of Custom Tracking Domain?
You can enhance the brand reputation by creating targeted marketing campaigns to engage visitors.
⭐ How do I create a custom tracking domain?
Click on team settings after moving your cursor. In the team settings, select Settings from the sidebar. Then set up a DNS record for creating a subdomain and enter your domain name for verification. With the help of custom tracking, you can track the open and click rates to improve the email deliverability.

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