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How to Leverage Email Marketing in your Business during COVID – 19 Recovery?

by | Mar 20, 2023 | Email Marketing | 2 comments

Are you still struggling to grow your business due to COVID-19?

Then, you should explore the new trends and strategies to leverage email marketing in 2023. 

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1. Revamp your Strategy

2. Enhance Website Visibility

3. Expand your reach with Digital Advertising Tools

4. Use Automation Tools and Embed Videos

5. Make Effective Internal Communications

There is a positive change in email marketing, and marketers’ life has impacted drastically during this pandemic. Email marketers have adapted inspiring and innovative ways to walk in the new direction.

Most businesses have closed due to the lockdown crisis, so marketers have felt that the number of emails sent has taken a hit. Marketing practices need to adapt to the current changes as priorities have shifted to leverage email marketing. It would help if you fine-tuned the marketing strategy for gaining a competitive edge in post-COVID-19.

As we are moving into 2023, this pandemic continues to impact different-sized organization’s email marketing strategies. 

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Things are not slowing down for email marketers, so you need to create and deliver relevant content for the target audiences. In that way, you can create powerful connections with the customers. During this pandemic, you have to pin high hopes on email marketing to achieve the desired goals. 

Well, you can use videos, virtual product demos, and engaging online experiences for speaking to your customers’ concerns and humanizing your brand after COVID-19. 

However, you have to craft catchy taglines to get consumers’ attention as they are more thoughtful about purchases, especially in this crisis period. If you humanize your content, then it will help customers feel more connected to your brand. 

Adjust brand voice and build brand loyalty for gaining customers’ trust. You can display through your brands what your consumers are facing; before creating the content, you should ensure to think like your consumers. Make your messages relevant, authentic, and heartfelt.

In this fast-changing situation, it is challenging to craft the right message and take the right actions. Due to the evolving situation, if businesses stay under pressure, they should not lose trust and integrity.

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Based on the COVID-19 situation, you need to channelize the marketing strategies to leverage email marketing. So, you can prepare the checklist after understanding the best practices to optimize the email campaigns.

We all know that email continues to play a crucial role in nurturing and retaining customers. Simultaneously, there are email marketing tools to deliver 1-to-1 personalized messages and prepare for K-shaped recovery during this pandemic.

Let’s get started to Plan new Marketing Strategies to Leverage Email Marketing

1 . Revamp your Strategy

Henceforth, you need to determine your company size, sector, and digital marketing before shifting email marketing strategies this year. We indeed aim to emerge from this pandemic and enter into the recovery zone.

So, it’s high time to re-evaluate your marketing needs for achieving better results. In this way, you can stabilize and create a plan to “re-enter” the market. Now, companies can invest in new technologies for achieving specific goals.

In the latest email marketing trends, AI can deliver significant improvements for businesses. Companies need to add an empathetic tone in email communications to show customers that you care for them. You have to adjust the sending schedule as people are working from home.

Try to show concern about the audience’s health in the email copy to make the content more personalized. 

2. Enhance Website Visibility

Google notices for relevant website pages that are best suited for the readers. You should conduct in-depth keyword research to rank your website pages in the google search. You have to make it easier for Google to crawl your pages.

So, you need to insert keywords to targeted hot topics as people stay at home and are consuming more social media content. Businesses need to invest in online marketing to get their website noticed. Even you have to add compelling titles to the website pages for better identification.

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During this pandemic, your prospects and customers have turned more to the web pages than before. So, it is essential to implement best practices for your website. However, you can use data much effectively to drive higher marketing efficiencies.

Well, you have to take advantage of the free data that can shape your marketing strategy. Even you can conduct technical website audits for spotting errors.

Technical glitches can hurt SEO and harm the customer experiences. In many cases, fixes might boost website traffic and enhance consumer experiences.  

3 . Expand your reach with Digital Advertising Tools

During this pandemic, marketers have used Facebook, LinkedIn sponsored posts for promoting trade shows, events, and webinars. Even they have placed targeted and well-crafted Google Ads to appear in the search results.

With the Keyword Planner tool’s help, you can estimate the cost per click and search volume for most research terms by users. You can focus your marketing efforts on a critical list of targeted contacts with account-based marketing.

It allows you to be smarter with your ad spent by focusing on suitable businesses to generate revenue. Like this, you can create targeted messages for reaching specific audiences directly through social media channels. 

4. Use Automation Tools and Embed Videos

For keeping in touch with your customers, marketers can use marketing automation tools to effectively reach and optimize their marketing campaigns.

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Well, you can send out contextualized, personalized, and targeted messages to stay at the top of the mind of your prospects in this crisis period. You can even integrate videos in the sales process to add a personal touch and build stronger relationships with prospects and clients.

Most of the employees are working from home to use video marketing tools like VideoScribe, Animoto, Movavi, and Loom to create attractive videos. 

5. Make Effective Internal Communications

Due to an uncertain world, employees must receive clear, proactive internal communications for informing and reducing fear and doubt. Internal communications help to set realistic expectations for taking the business forward with smart goals.

According to history, businesses have faced huge losses after refocusing and eliminating the marketing spend. You need to determine the current resources to achieve the short-term marketing strategies.

Ensure to leverage email marketing to drive qualified leads and keep your clients more engaged. 


This pandemic has forced companies to reassess their ways of working for accomplishing desirable output.

So, marketers can create plain-text emails to save their time and make the communication more personal. Kick-start to implement the above tips for driving higher conversion rates.  


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