Do you get emails after you shopped just once at any supermarket? Yes, these emails may be regarding any offers, new sales, new stocks or any other marketing deals. Then you have also become a part of Drip Email Campaign, you got it right, it is the process of sending over promotional piece of information over long periods of time to a subset of sales/ prospects that you’ve captured in a lead capturing campaign.

What is Drip Email Marketing?

Are you still surprised from where the term called “Drip Email Marketing” came from?

The phrase drip marketing comes from the common phrase used in agriculture and gardening called “drip irrigation.” In the same way, the crops are watered using small amounts of water over long periods of time.

Drip Email Campaigns is carried out by sending a set of marketing mails which are sent out automatically on a schedule. Drip campaigns are known by different names such as drip marketing, lifecycle emails, email marketing automation, and auto responders.

Unlike email campaigns, the drip campaigns can be utilized in nurturing your leads, welcoming and engaging your customers, onboarding, and reminding customers to renew. If you want to send a series of welcome emails to go out to your customers when they sign up, a drip campaign can send out an email to a particular person when they sign up, a week after they sign up or other scheduled timings even. There is no requirement to keep a track of emailing your subscribers when they hit a specific breakthrough with your business.

Have you received any mail which has no prior relationship with your company? If Yes, then it is an example of a cold email. It is an email sent to a prospect with an ultimate goal to turn the cold prospect into a warm lead. It can be concluded as a welcomed door sent to establish a connection and paves the way to build a powerful alliance.

A mail is considered as irrelevant when it doesn’t offers information which is relevant according to the customers. Nowadays consumers are overloaded with emails , hence irrelevant emails will no longer cut it. Drip emails doesn’t get into the category of both the cold lead or irrelevant, as it nurtures the lead with useful information.

Do you receive an email which you receive via subscription list opt-in, but now you consider them to be unwanted? Graymail is that unsolicited mail, but not precisely spam which is not just wanted by recipients, either. Like drip marketing it also focuses on segmentation, personalization, and engagement. Hence several times when you want to develop a strategy which might route your messages into other tabs and  folders , then graymail may help you.

Under drip campaigns, the automation tools automate the dripping of content in the form of pre-written emails which are sent through timely campaigns. In order to bring any prospect into the funnel or into the pipeline, the drip campaigns usually have end goals. It always work towards segmentation so that you can send more personalized, relevant content that recipients will take time out of their day to seek out and read.

Why Drip Marketing is beneficial?

In drip marketing, the emails can be easily varied on triggers or actions the person has performed like signing up for your service or making a purchase, hence these are sometimes called behavioral emails.

In case of drip marketing, the open rates are around 80% higher and click-through rates are three times higher than send emails. If you want to nurture new leads, retain customers or increase company awareness, a drip campaign is the best solution which can help you reach your sales goal. Drip email marketing is a way advanced than blast emails.

Have a look at the example of an influential who have gained a lot with the help of drip marketing:

The emails are an important reinforcement of brand. I get calls from people I’ve never met all the time. They get the newsletter, or a friend of theirs gets the newsletter, and they know I’m the person to call. It really helps establish credibility upfront.- Brandon Stewart, realtor at David Griffin & Company Realtors

With drip email marketing , it helps you strengthen brand recognition with new and potential clients, and extend your reach.

Most common drip email campaigns-

  • Welcome drips – are send to new prospects at a comfortable pace
  • Onboarding drips- offer resources for a client to get started with your company after the sales is closed
  • Educational drips-  offer relevant product information to prospects so that to make them buy those products
  • promotional drips- By offering special pricing offers and discounts, you can entice a prospect and convert them into a lead
  • Milestone drips- At some points of business, the drip emails are sent so that to convert a first time visitor into a lead.
  • Re-engagement drips- These drips are targeted towards inactive leads which encourages them to again think about the offers and renter the sales process
  • Top-of-mind drips- These kind of drip emails engage with cold leads over a longer period of time through consistent touch points
  • Competitive drips- focuses on differentiating your product/service from that of your competitors

How to implement Drip Marketing?

Are you interested in creating a drip marketing model? Yes, then initiate with creating a personalized email content which begins with your contact list.

The contacts list are segmented based upon different factors –

  1. Demographics
  2. Behavioral
  3. Existing buyer personas
  4. New Category of contacts

Depending upon the above written the factors of segmentations, the contact list is prepared. It is fleshed through a combination of best practices which are applied to email marketing. With a number of automation tools available in the market, drip email marketing can be made successful. Depending upon the industry type and company type, the drip emails are sent to the respective companies.

The success rates of Drip Email Campaigns can be easily increased by efficiently using the metrics like bounces, conversion rates, open and click –through sales and click-through rates. If the right technology is implemented with a strong analytics strategy, then the drip campaigns can be easily maximized to company and your recipients.

  1. Identify your target audience- Drip campaigns are all about breaking your subscriber list into subsections, and then targeting information to niches of customers. Hence it is important to determine the groups to use for drip campaign strategy.
  2. Craft your message- After targeting, all you need for a successful drip campaign is to generate a message which grabs their attention. Maintain a clear voice that you’ve have built for your brand.
  3. Plan Out Your Campaign-The logistics of a campaign need to be maintained like the figures and triggers count. When you set the goals of your campaign , make sure that copy in each email flows together with the others, and decide how you’re going to measure your results.
  4. Start your Campaign- Once you’ve decided on a strategy, all you need to do is to either implement your own custom drip software or buy a product that will help you start your campaign.
  5. Evaluate and adjust- After sending sufficient number of mails , you spend some time researching some segments. It’s high time to try rewriting your calls to action if you aren’t getting as many clickthroughs.

How to make the most of a Drip Marketing Campaign?

If you want to use the drip marketing in a more effective way then you need to keep your marketing process in a consistent manner. If you are sending mails every month to keep your name in front of your prospect or leads, then you can easily gain a steady amount of business and reduce the sell-produce curve at the same time.

If you develop some drip marketing campaigns to plan for the year, it will guarantee your successive quotient of marketing doubtlessly. All you need for successful drip marketing is that it requires a plan of action.

Is it difficult to build a drip campaign?

Not at all. You can build a behavior-based or event-based drip sequence easily with Easysendy Drip email campaign builder. We always recommend to use our popups to capture quality email subscribers so that you email drips show more engagement rates.

Coming back to creating a drip campaign in EasySendy Drip –
You can either pick a ready-to-use template for your email campaign before proceeding to create your email sequence or upload your own designed template, or you can also use our CK Editor to build an email template from scratch. You see, you have to make one of the three choices before you start creating a drip!

The next step will take you to our flexible drag and drop campaign builder. Here you can update your choice of email list segment and start setting up your drip using various actions, conditions, and decisions. You can add email tags within your drip and also create actions like add subscriber score or send SMS. Below is an example of a drip series just after email users open a welcome email. [Please note, it is a demo campaign].


You can A/B test all your campaigns in EasySendy Drip to make sure you have the highest engagement metrics. Our campaign builder is flexible that allows you to make amendments in your campaign even when it is live and running. Often, our customers link one drip series to another by setting up actions like “add to new segment” after a certain step. Your contact is automatically added to a new segment for which another drip series is already running.


Drip email marketing is the starting point of creating personalized email marketing engagement. You can start with a free account at EasySendy Drip and try our amazing ready-to-use email drip templates for your drip series. Now that you are accustomed with what drip emails are and how to do them, here are few additional resources to help you get started:

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Sreeju is the Marketing Content writer at EasySendy. She is passionate about writing marketing blogs and product-related content with 3+ years of experience.


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