You have been welcomed with the best offer along with a very convincing copy that has been sent to you by a very popular source using a subject line that has been exclusively made for your target audience/ email subscribers. Sounds great, right? All these opportunities do not matter. Why? As you are not ready with an email list address which you can send out to contacts include an email, that should be present in your email campaigns. Lack of email addresses in your database can make email marketing to be quite challenging. Therefore, build an email list is the single most important factor that will make your email campaigns program sustain for long term.

Grow Your Email List with WordPress Layered Popup Plugin


Now the question that arises is that, how to grow your email list? And if you are completely clueless , take a look as to how to carry out this piece of work, here are few tips and tricks which you might find helpful to enhance and build your email list :

1. Remarkable email content:
Creating an amazing and new email list content is indeed an art when it is about promoting your business. It should be such so that people want to stay subscribed to your company site and forward it to their friends, family, and colleagues who don’t want subscribed to your site. You can read about how to create content ,that can help you in build an email list from HubSpot blog-post – 25 Simple Ways to Grow Your Email List.

2. Giveaways:
Content does not have to be restricted to blog-post. You can also create how-to-guides, reports , flyer on social media , facebook ads or anything else that the targeted audience/ email subscribers will find useful. Offering high-quality giveaways will make your viewers likely provide their information in exchange for your give away. Don’t forget to add call to action button in email addresses so they directly reach on landing pages. 


You can read about how Giveaways can help to  grow your email list in detail from Kissmetrics blog-post – How to Use a Giveaway to Accelerate the Growth of Your Email List

3. Collaborate with partners:
You can also run a promotion with partner websites, facebook ads on social media, business cards or email newsletter. It will target new and appropriate target audience/ email subscribers to collect email addresses from the source. You can read a detailed blog-post on powerful tools for build an email list at 25 Amazing Email List Building Tools To Grow Your Business

4. Improve your company’s YouTube Channel:
As we all know, YouTube is the powerhouse of different channels which are viewed by billions of people. Therefore, improve your business’s channel by adding features like call to action, facebook ads, email addresses , sign up form and URLs in your videos. Also, include a link to relevant landing pages in your video’s text description. Details about getting Youtube Channel in build an email list can be found here from Aweber blog.

5. Promotion through guest blog:
While creating a blog post, add call to action and provide a link for relevant landing pages to the readers which will allow them to subscribe to your site’s blog or email database in your author byline without any hassle.

Tiffany Sun at explains in detail about how Guest Blogging can be used to grow your email list exponentially – How to Grow Your Email List by Guest Blogging.

6. Build your email list through your website popups:

One of the most traditional ways of building email list in today’s business world is through popup plugins which are available in large numbers. While a new visitors browses through your company website, you can embed a popup-up plugin that displays a sign up form and tells them to sign up /enter their email address /subscribe to your website updates. In this way, you’ll be able to capture a significant number of new subscribers. Also make sure to put down the benefits that they will get on signing up to your company’s website like newsletters regarding new offers, updates about new products, etc. Also, you can put down promotional offers for the new visitors that they will receive on signing to your website for the first time. You can also build an email list from scratch. 

Grow email list through your website popups

These simple tips will act as a bomb for your business great way to build email list of subscribers/ list from scratch, if they are implemented correctly. The subscribers will look forward to communicating with your company, getting engage with your brand which will, in turn, bring forth the possibilities of converting into sales , revenue  and conversion rate.

Advantages of Large Email List

1. Increased return on investment:
Results are the ultimate thing that matters in the world of business. Therefore, most of the company invests in email as the level of ROI is fantastic. In 2011, the Direct Marketing Association came up with this incredible estimation that the email typically returns 40 pounds for every 1 pound of investment. Isn’t this remarkable?

2. Simple to Share:
It is just a click away like facebook ads, whereby subscribers can forward some eye-catching offers to their friends. Even before you know it, subscribers might just turn their interest towards your company and will take every possible step to promote your brand.

3. Less Pocket pinch:
Email-marketing happens to be pocket friendly as it does not incur extra expenses like print or postage cost as well as no fees is need to be paid in exchange for exposure on a certain billboard, magazine or television channel.

4. Targeted audience:
Email-marketing is the only platform where a customer is asked before he/she receives any message from that particular business. Therefore, it is easy to locate the interested audience and sent the message to only those people who have signed up to receive them.

Chamal Priyadarshana wrote about 10 Things You Can Do with An Email List can help you get get more idea about the advantages of having large email list.

Build an Email List with Layered Popup:

By now we all know how EasySendy Pro works, its features and its ability to connect with different SMTP relay servers and send email campaigns. Pro has taken a step forward and has now got integration with something that is super brilliant, Layered Popup is the great way in  which you can use on your WordPress website or blog to capture emails and directly put them into your EasySendy Pro account email list.

Layered Popups

What is a layered popup?

Nowadays the internet is flooded with boring and same looking popup window. Most of them fail to attract the user’s attention thereby turning out to be completely useless when it comes to the final results. Thus, came in scene Layered Popup- something new, different, eye catching and sweltering concerning how it displays. Rather it has turned out to be ‘the king’ in the world of popups. While another popup system restricts you by the existing templates whereby you can only change colors, font, and text; this unique popup allows you to let your imagination flow which you can apply in creating a unique popup window which will nail your user’s attention.

Types of layered popups for your website

There are different types of layered popup which you can use as per your requirement. Given below is the list of various types of layered popups.

OnLoad Popup:

This type of popup shows when the page has been completely loaded.

on-load pop-up

OnExit Popup:

The popup raises when the user tries to leave the page.

OnScroll Popup:

The popup raises when the user scrolls down the page.

download pop-up

OnClick Popup:

The popup raises when the user clicks any element.

Inline Form:

The pop is embedded into page content.


Sidebar Widget:

This popup is inserted into the sidebar as a regular WordPress widget.


Link Locker:

It hides certain links until the user subscribes through certain popup.

email list building

Features of Layered Popup Plugin

Now that you know, eight types of layered popups that work fantastically and provides a very sophisticated look to your popup window, now let us go through the unique features of which the layered popup has been built up.

1. Unlimited number of popups: This feature allows you to create an unlimited number of popups thereby helping your imagination to come alive.

2. Multilayers: Attract your user attention by creating an infinite number of multilayer word press popup with the aid of your imagination.

3. Custom layer duration/animation: You can customize layer duration/animation quickly with the help of this unique feature.

4. A / B tests: This is another unique feature of this application. This features allows to create  unlimited number of A / B testing campaigns and helps in getting statistics through which you can decide which popup to use for your purpose.

5. Social button supported: Now you can easily add Facebook like, call to action, Google +1, Twitter Tweet, LinkedIn Share button to popup.

6. Subscribe with Facebook: Subscribing for layered popup through Facebook has become all very simple. You can allow your visitors to subscribe in layered popup through their Facebook account.

7. Subscribe with Google: Also, you can allow your visitors to subscribe with their Google account.

8. 20 + CSS3 layer animations: Driven by Animate.css.

Premium Add-ons that work with layered popup

Given below is the list of premium add-ons that work with the layered popup. Each add-on is provided with a link which you can visit to get detailed information along with a practical demonstration.

Video Events Listener

This feature raises popup when the video embedded into the website starts, ends or pause.

Side Tabs

With this feature, you can create small tabs associated with the popup and stick them to any window edge. By doing so, the popup will show on clicking the tab.

Opt-In Content Locker

This add-on helps in hiding all the relevant content using any Inline popup and is only displayed to the subscribers.

Subscribe and Download

This add-on asks users to subscribe to their website, then generates encrypted download link and sends it to subscriber’s email addresses.

Login Box

This is the place where you can create login popup that is entirely compatible with WordPress native user system.

Buttons X

Here you can create any button that you can think of from your WordPress Dashboard and associate it with any popup.

Thus, from the information given above it is evident that Layered Popup is a great popup plugin with which one can work to create popup as per their imagination and grow their email list. EasySendy Pro has also got integrated with Layered Popup as has been mentioned above and the potential customers have already started using it for past three weeks. With the utilization of this plugin, the number of subscribers has gone up as high as 60,000 for new customers within these weeks which in turn is helping their business to grow.

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ Why building an email list is important?
Email marketing is the powerful online communication channels, and most subscribers join the email list from the website. They have to verify their identities by clicking on double-optin. So, marketers need to convert those qualified leads into loyal customers for higher conversion rate.
⭐ How do I create a group email list?
In the Gmail page, you have to click ‘Gmail’ at the left corner. Then, select those contacts whom you want to add to a group. Don’t forget to click on the Group button for creating a new group. In the end, you have to give the name of the group for forming a contact group.
⭐ What is Layered Popup?
Layered Popup is the most powerful WordPress Popup Plugin for creating professional templates along with animations.
⭐ What are advantages of Email List?
The email marketing budget is the amount invested by different businesses on email marketing campaigns for accumulating surplus returns. Well, mid-sized companies invest $9 to $1000 every month, whereas marketing agencies spend $300 to $500 per month.

Ankit Prakash is principal founder of EasySendy and Aritic. Ankit is a passionate and determined entrepreneur; building successful Internet product since 2006.


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