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The Master Guide to Facebook Messenger Drip Campaigns

by | Feb 22, 2023 | Drip email campaigns, Facebook Messenger Drips | 5 comments

An email drip campaign is a marketing strategy that involves sending a series of automated and scheduled emails to a specific group of people over a period of time.

Do you realize the ways that people acquire information have been changed significantly over time?

Yes, you heard it correct, with time our method of communication has changed from one-way to two-way.

Hence in this way, Facebook has made a big difference in making the social impacts because it facilitates the exchange of views and interactions among people and therefore contributes to making the information flow more globalized and influential in the real world.

What’s your top marketing priority?

YouTube, Instagram or Twitter, since you probably already market to customers on every social media channel, but have you made your Messenger as Facebook’s standalone messaging app?

Social media poster by easysendy

If not, you’re already behind. Around ten years ago, customers used to depend upon email, MySpace to chat, then Facebook and Twitter overpowered them. Since now the activity has moved to message apps. With more than 3 billion people use messaging apps on a regular basis to communicate with friends and businesses; and messaging is the most preferred channel for customer service.

That’s why Messenger Marketing has become such a phenomenon. Since Facebook Messenger follows the same way of reaching out to customers at scale as the marketers have relied on email marketing and newsletters. It involves using an automation software or chatbot builders to send push notifications and targeted conversions to the over 1 billion people.

“Messenger marketing can yield over 80% open rates, much more effective than email.” Hence we can conclude that it has quickly become one of the vital marketing channels. This is the reason customers are moving away from the noise of email. It makes developing a marketing strategy around Messenger critical to your business.

Not convinced yet?

These stats prove that why more and more smart marketers prefer to use chatbots, as part of their marketing strategy.

Have a quick look at these insane vital stats that you need to know that affirm Messenger’s importance to your business.

  1. As compared to the open rates of Facebook organic posts of 1 to 2%, the Facebook Messenger’s average open rates are 70-80%, with a 20% average click rate.
  2. Since most of the messenger users mostly engage on mobile only and more frequently on messenger just, the Facebook messenger convert 3x to 5x better compared to Facebook desktop ads.
  3. The desktop ads on Facebook have to share a large screen with tons of other ads and content.
  4. Facebook Messenger can help you segment your audience based upon what they do and then target the different chat blasts to different segments of your audience.

Technology and Emotion

Do you think that technology has ever fulfilled every human expectation? Not correctly, but it can smartly use data and automation so that you can create an intelligent, emotional connection with customers. Facebook Messenger marketing Chatbots always emphasize on emotionally intelligent connection with the customers. It focuses on using different factors such as segmentation, past user behaviour, smart algorithm and other data points to send personalized deals so that they can convert and keep the customers loyal.

Like WeChat, Facebook Messenger launched chatbots in 2016 and now has more than 10,000 active bots. Since the use of conversational commerce has paved the way for more direct relationships between brands and their customers, a variety of businesses have taken advantage of this technology in innovative ways. Be it lead generation, customer service or content marketing, the chatbots can help companies increase efficiency with more personalized customer experience.

“No more wait for long.”

With the help of integrating messaging, you can allow customers to communicate with your business on their terms. It is the right place where you can spot for more questions and build re-engagement with your customers.

Let’s have a close look at the SnapTravel which has utilized Facebook Messenger to work in cool ways. No other app would have implemented Facebook Messenger in such an intelligent way, as SnapTravel did. It merely demands the user to share some necessary information like desired destination, travel dates. Hence the bot replies with a list of possible available options. It’s hard to believe that SnapTravel has amassed $1 million in hotel bookings using Facebook Messenger.

drip email marketing, email marketing

Email Marketing or Facebook Messenger Drip Campaign?

Are you confused about the advantages of using Facebook Messenger bots?
Don’t be, since Facebook Messenger bots is a lot like email marketing. But instead of using the email you’re using Facebook messages. If you start using it, you can make the best use of this additional marketing tool.

You can use it for marketing in its best effective way, but let me list out its essential work:
1. With Facebook messaging, you can deliver messaging sequences to your customers.
2. Within messenger itself, you can create a sales funnel that can drive the sales.
3. You can automate .conversations with real users by utilizing AI.
There’s a ton more you can do.

Are you thinking that emails are going away? No, the customers are finding messaging as the more convenient way of communication. After using it, you can clearly understand that it can be a ridiculously active marketing channel.

How can Messenger drip campaigns help?

Don’t you think the e-mail marketing can be easily combined with Messenger bots, have a look at the communication messages:
1. Shipping notifications
2. Customer care
3. Upselling messages
4. Thank you notes
5. Order Confirmations
6. General communications and newsletter
7. Cart Recovery
8. Lead generation

There are several numbers of ways also in which messenger drip campaigns can be helpful such as onboarding, lead nurturing or follow-up survey.  Since sending communication to users is the primary function of both the messenger bot and email marketing, but why people opt to use it?

We can have a close look at Olyo, which sent the same campaign to users using both Messenger bot and email. The results were impressive since the click-through-rate was 12 times higher than the one obtained by e-mail, which has increased overall campaign performances. And the opening rate was 98%. With these surprising results, Olyo was developed which allowed brands and companies to create their Messenger bot, tailored to their needs.

Hence in the bottom line, it can be concluded that if Facebook Messenger is utilized to its fullest, it can also take the place of email marketing. Messenger drip campaigns offer higher visibility than other channels including email. The Facebook Messenger can achieve goals in a simple and effective way

Messenger bots can perform the same things like emails, but how can these be more effective?

With the time the ways of communication are also changing its direction. Now how often do you check your mobile for any updates?

The answer may vary from 15 minutes to half an hour also. No, I am not talking about the WhatsApp messages and phone calls; it’s about the SMS and the messenger apps. Since smartphones have become the primary source of contact, so the communication also needs to be smartphone friendly. Since no one wants an extended method of growing their business, they opt to start with messenger marketing for a hassle-free and convenient communication at your fingertips.

Who will not pick the channel which is fast and impulsive other than looking on the inbox to clean the junk and then read the messages?

At least like me, there will be the number of people who would like to adopt the universally popular method of messaging. On the first hand, it is a big task to sort out every mail and organize every unread message. In spite of that, I would have started a conversation with many subscribers at a time with the help of messaging marketing.

Secondly, the prime reason behind the downfall of email marketing is trust. You would have also been a sufferer of it since innocent spam looking mail always looks appealing. The trust factor is losing the importance in the field of email marketing and email drip campaign.

Finally calculate the time consumption in opening , reading , engaging with an email. Since emails tend to have a lot of text depending upon the product, it takes time to format correctly.

And the last but the prior most, let me ask every marketer- Have you checked about the optimality of the email campaigns? Yes, most of the marketers commit this mistake of sending the non-mobile-optimized email and complain about the less growth of sales.

For instance, have a look at the crime by FedEx. No customer will opt to even have a look at the email since the text is tiny and you need to scroll back and forth if the text wrapping is off.

Now maybe you would have understood the reason behind the selection of messenger marketing upon the email drip campaigns. You can access it, and you can quickly write the typically short and easy to read, and they’re automatically formatted to look great.

drip email campaign, drip campaign

With the help of Messenger, you can have conversion history, while emails are individual, so there are certain chances that the user may not see every communication messages that have been sent. As an additional benefit, the messenger can help you be a part of a community and asked for a personal connection with the brand in comparison to standard mass emails.

Do you want a more market-friendly channel – messenger apps or less friendly channel- SMS?

Yes, smart marketers always want a more full marketing channel hence they opt to messenger apps rather than SMS marketing. SMS was all there for a while, but now people have started moving towards an entirely new space called messaging. Still, SMS is a part of that, but the messenger seems to be a big world of messaging.

  1. The first and the foremost reason is cost effectiveness. Facebook will not make you pay for the messages the way SMS, the only thing you might need is to need a platform to send the message to respond manually within Facebook.
  2. Since SMS is installed on every single phone, it’s easy to send the messages to subscribers. But when there is a requirement of fragmentation, SMS cannot stand long because the setup and cost are different for every supplier. In the case of Facebook Messenger, you only need to build a single API, and it’s just one launch and of course one cost structure and the best part it is free.
  3. The most significant advantage is its Facebook’s share button where the multiplying idea comes into play. In this way, the messenger amplifies what the brand is doing on social. On the beneficial part, Facebook Ads can help increase the conversion rate and the value they are getting from the ad by sending the clicker into messenger rather than a landing page.

Let me list out some disadvantages of SMS messaging:

  1. You cannot insert images or videos.
  2. You cannot hyperlink text, which can make your messaging look ugly with any URL.
  3. The most significant disadvantage is that you cannot include buttons or other customized calls-to-action.

Why are social chatbots overpowered?

Since smart marketers want to reach more prospects, generate more leads, improve conversions, they are moving towards Messenger Chatbots. They can influence customer insights which can help to strengthen every stage of your marketing funnel. It stores information about the kind of questions that the customer enquires and responds with every backdated information quickly. Hence in this way, it can easily predict the user actions and escalate the conversation and resolve it at best possible pace.

According to the different kinds of business, the bot can be utilized in different ways. These can help you book sales appointments, track delivery, or make product suggestions. It can also help you order dinner or book a flight. Remind you to purchase a product or notify you an offer.

Earlier it was a piece of cake only since it was economical to do on Facebook, so in the past several years Facebook’s organic reach has eroded while ad costs have increased. As a result, many markets have moved their campaigns away from Facebook to other social platforms also.

Facebook Messenger Marketing has got every essential feature to become the world’s #1 marketing channel in the coming years, and if you are not the early adopters of this fast-growing channel, then you are going to make a significant loss since every competitor is producing a series advantage.

Facebook’s decision to let third-party applications build chatbots in their messenger platform has drastically lowered the price. These chatbots are simple to create, structured, easy to use without much programming fed into them so that the customers can quickly browse, interact or make a purchase. In the bottom line, we can conclude that these platforms have brought down the cost for building a bot.

facebook messenger drip campaigns, email drip campaign

Should you be worried about the Facebook Messenger?

No doubt, Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular messaging apps with 1.2 billion users, but do you blindly trust on it?

The answer can vary since revelations over the past weeks and months have made clear that Facebook has it’s own set of rules for your messenger inbox, but these rules seem to be irrelevant.

email drip campaign, messenger marketing

Do you know what’s the actual problem of Messenger is?

With more than 1.2 billion users, the app takes its massive user base for granted. It considers users to be a captive audience rather than customers.

  1. Do you trust on messenger?Do you think you permitted Messenger to collect loads of data on you or including your call or text history from outside of Messenger? Yes, or No, the answer depends upon you. But naturally, while scanning, it collects loads of data on you and other details also.
  2. Do you think the messenger is worth your permission? No, then there is no reason to continue to use Messenger more. You can delete it from your phone or turn it off since it violates your trust.
  3.  Facebook Messenger was caught red-handed while deleting messages.

Yes, it’s hard to believe, but Facebook executives have special powers to delete messages that were previously sent. In addition to this, I was surprised to know that it also can scan or read the content of your words if it likes.

Is it fair to handle your messages in which maybe you would have discussed your issues or about your business?

A big “No.”

Like everyone, even I also thought that messenger might be having a “backdoor” with which it can read your messages.

But the truth is that it doesn’t have any backdoor. It means the messages are stored on Facebook servers, that makes it significantly easier for Facebook to scan them.
By default, Facebook scans your messages. You have to individually turn on encryption to tell it not to scan your messages.

If you want to do messenger marketing, then this is the guide for you.
Now that you know about Messenger Marketing is and why it’s becoming such an important marketing channel let’s dive into a marketing platform- EasySendy which can help you to acquire new subscribers with the help of Messenger Marketing.

Let’s dig in and take a look at how these strategies using EasySendy social.
EasySendy Social allows getting subscriber engagements rolling directly inside the social media messenger. With new Facebook Messenger marketing campaigns, you can deliver messages to your Facebook subscribers.

With the help of EasySendy Pro, you can connect your Facebook page and import your Facebook Messenger subscriber leads. You can deliver the personalized bulk messages within few clicks. Since the average messenger open rate is around 60-70%.

drip email marketing

After getting the subscriber-leads first name, you can personalize your messages.
With a single click, you can deliver messages to multiple subscribers.

Get the highest message open rate with Facebook Messenger marketing campaigns.
EasySendy social allows you to add multiple Facebook pages to your EasySendy Pro account. It enables you to start engaging with all of your messengers leads at once.

If you want to start real-time engagements happening in all your groups, then you can add multiple Facebook groups inside your EasySendy Pro account. The best part of EasySendy Social is that it can easily automate Facebook leads engagement. With the following available features, it can automate and drive higher engagement:

  • Auto Private reply
  • Auto Comment reply
  • Auto Like on comments
  • Facebook Messenger Ad Script
  • Send message CTA Poster for Facebook page

Since it implies the basic automation for reply, comment and like on comments , there is no requirement for any customer to do it on their own.

Grow Facebook Messenger Leads for your Business

Growing your email list is the primary task behind both the messenger marketing or email marketing. Since messenger subscribers is much more comfortable and simple as compared to email marketing which requires a friction-filled process of expecting someone to opt-in.

Getting subscribers to EasySendy subscribers list is an easy task with the help of Facebook page. They only need to send a message to their brand’s Facebook page. That’s it- unlike email marketing, they don’t need to type their personal details.

You just need to send a message.

Pretty simple, huh?

By using EasySendy’s growth tool widgets, you can easily embed a” Send message ” – which can allow people to join your messenger list right from a blog post.
You can easily integrate relevant widgets and then engage them through Facebook messages into successful conversations. There are different widgets such as website chat widgets, send button widgets, contact us widgets.

For instance, have a look at the messenger marketing by Code&Quill, where it has utilized the “Message Us” button.

drip email campaigns, email campaigns

Special Benefit: The best part of these widgets is that there is no technical help needed to get started.

You can easily add a simple Send Message Button on your website and get offline messages delivered to your Facebook messenger. Furthermore, you can add you contact us widget on your site to track the contact queries from your website visitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐What is a Facebook Messenger Drip Campaign?

A Facebook Messenger Drip Campaign is a type of marketing campaign that sends automated messages to contacts over time. It is an automated way to nurture leads with personalized content and increase engagement.

⭐What are the benefits of using a Messenger Drip Campaign?

The main benefits of using a Messenger Drip Campaign are that it allows you to easily target specific audiences, personalize content, and provide timely and relevant messages to your contacts.

⭐How do I create a Messenger Drip Campaign?

To create a Messenger Drip Campaign, you will need to create a list of contacts, define your goals, and set up automated messages for each contact.

⭐What kind of messages should I include in a Messenger Drip Campaign?

The messages you include in a Messenger Drip Campaign will depend on your goals, but some common types of messages include promotional messages, educational content, surveys, and reminders.

⭐Do I need a budget to run a Messenger Drip Campaign?

Yes, you will need a budget to run a Messenger Drip Campaign, as it requires resources such as time, content, and money to create and send automated messages.


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