Facebook Messenger Marketing Feature

Grow your Facebook Messenger subscribers and engage through messages directly on Facebook. No more juggling between multiple windows or browsers to engage your subscribers.

Facebook messenger has highest open rates as compared to standard email campaigns. So, we have brought Facebook messenger engagement within EasySendy to get subscriber engagements rolling directly inside the social media messenger. Deliver messages to your Facebook subscribers directly on Facebook Messenger with all new Facebook Messenger marketing campaigns.

Build and Customize Your Facebook ChatBot

Drive more engagement and conversions using Facebook ChatBot. Connect your Facebook Page and get started with setting up your Facebook ChatBot. Automate conversations with your website visitors and convert them into happy subscribers.

Automate conversation with website visitors

Easy-to-use Drag and Drop ChatBot Builder

Build your Facebook Messenger ChatBot with the easy-to-use visual editor. Add conditions and replies for your ChatBot based on real-time conversations with subscribers.

Automate Conversation With Website Visitors

Engage your website visitors with various sequential messages based on their queries and responses. Capture subscribers through interactive conversations.

Add Conversion Forms to Capture Subscribers

Customize your ChatBots with simple and easy to design conversion forms that are easy for your visitors to fill up and quickly subscribe.

Collect Email From Quick Reply Automatically

Automate replies for your new visitors and capture emails faster. Engage in quick and crisp interaction and get your visitors to convert into subscribers.

Multi-use ChatBot Carousel Templates

Add Chatbot Carousel Templates, and use them at multiple places, as and when required. Add multiple products and choices for your subscribers with chatbot carousel messages.

First Name, Last Name Reply Personalization

Automate how your ChatBot interacts with your subscribers. Add first name and/or last name in your ChatBot conversations to make it more personalized.

Grow Facebook Messenger Leads for your Business

Messenger subscribers are your key to a successful Facebook marketing strategy. Integrate relevant widgets on your website and landing pages to driver conversations with your visitors and customers, and then engage them through Facebook messages upon successful conversations. Widgets that you can use:

  • Website Chat Widget
  • Send Button Widget
  • Contact Us Widget
Messenger Leads for your Business

Grow Facebook Messenger Leads for your Business

Add Facebook Messenger subscription widget on your website and landing pages to build Facebook Messenger leads for your business. Encourage visitors to connect with your business over Facebook Messenger and automatically convert them into Messenger subscribers.

Messenger Checkbox Widget Builder

Add Messenger Checkbox on your website and landing pages using the Messenger Checkbox Widget Builder in EasySendy Social. Get your visitors to opt for Messenger-based conversation by checking the relevant checkbox when they visit your website or a landing page.

Subscribe with Messenger Widget

Enable your visitors to subscribe directly using Messenger with the Subscribe with Messenger Widget. Open up more opportunities for your business and subscribers by connecting over Messenger and automating Messenger replies to keep the engagement going.

Add Send Message Button and Contact Us Widget

Add Send Message Button and Contact Us Widget

Trigger more engagement with your visitors with few simple steps. Add a simple Send Message Button on your website and get offline messages delivered to your Facebook messenger. Add Contact Us Widget on your website to get quick contact queries from your website visitors.

Add Facebook Chat Widget to your Website

Facebook Chat Widget for your website is the key to your successful Facebook Messenger subscribers’ growth strategy. Add widget to your website and engage with your visitors on-the-go. No technical help needed to get started.

Build automated drip campaigns for Facebook Messenger Subscribers

Save time and effort from writing the same message over and over again, or worrying over engaging your Messenger subscribers further. Build automated drip campaigns to engage your Messenger subscribers from time to time based on their queries or behavior. Include automated reply options to your Messenger subscribers so that they are segmented based on their interest and intent.

Easy-to-use drip campaign builder

Easy-to-use drip campaign builder

Use our simple drip campaign builder to automate Messenger conversations. Build drips based on subscriber behavior and demographic information. Add various conditions and actions to build an engaging drip campaign.

Social media post scheduling

Schedule your social media updates to keep your subscribers engaged when they are not talking to you over Messenger. Build your brand image as well as stay connected with your subscribers round the clock.

Automatic Drip Campaign Routing

Route your Facebook messenger ChatBot subscribers automatically to the relevant messenger drip campaigns, and deliver relevant messages through pre-planned drips campaigns.

Engage with Facebook's 1.5+ billion userbase within few minutes
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Bulk Facebook Messenger Message Sender

Connect your Facebook page with EasySendy Pro, import your Facebook Messenger subscriber leads and start sending personalized bulk messages within few clicks. Why? Because average messenger open rate is around 60-70%!

  • Customize and personalize your messages with subscriber-leads’ first name.
  • Deliver messages to multiple subscribers in a click.
  • Get the highest message open rate with Facebook Messenger marketing campaigns.
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Send Multi-page Campaigns to Messenger Leads

Add multiple Facebook pages inside your EasySendy Pro account and start engaging with all of your messenger leads at once. No technicalities involved. Its more simple than plug-and-play!

Send Multi-group Campaigns to Messenger Leads

Add multiple Facebook Groups inside your EasySendy Pro account and start engaging with leads through messages. Get real-time engagements happening in all your groups and keep a tab on all group activities.

Affordable Price Plans

Start First 200 Free Facebook Messenger Subscribers

Upto 300 Subscribers
Upto 500 Subscribers
Upto 750 Subscribers
Upto 1000 Subscribers
Upto 1500 Subscribers

More plans are available here

Automate Facebook Leads Engagement

Automate Facebook Leads engagement through EasySendy Pro Facebook Messenger campaign engagements. Automate and drive higher engagement with following features:

  • Auto Private reply
  • Auto Comment reply
  • Auto Like on comments
  • Facebook Messenger Ad Script
  • Send message CTA Poster for Facebook page

Auto Comment and Auto Like

Set up automated comments and likes for your Facebook Page comments. Create the automation flow within your Facebook messenger campaign and drive engagement.

Auto Private Reply to Messenger Subscribers

Automatically send private replies to your Messenger subscribers based on their activities against your Facebook Messenger campaigns.

Facebook Messenger Ad Script

Create Facebook Messenger Ad Script inside the Facebook messenger campaign tool and embed it into your Messenger ads to drive more relevant engagement.

Send message CTA Poster for Facebook page

Create call-to-action script for your Facebook page and drive engagement on your Facebook Page Posts.

Manage your Facebook Messenger Subscribers Effectively

Conveniently and effectively manage Facebook Messenger Campaign Subscribers with following built-in features of the application:

  • Add and manage multiple Facebook account
  • Auto Sync Facebook Page Messenger Subscribers
  • Messenger Subscriber Grouping
  • Manage Multiple Messenger Subscriber lists
Facebook Subscribers
More Features available inside EasySendy Facebook Messenger Campaigns
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What is Facebook Messenger marketing?

Facebook Messenger marketing refers to the use of Facebook Messenger chat as a communication channel with potential customers. Facebook Messenger marketing is much more like email marketing. But instead of using email to send promotions and drip campaigns, it is sensible to use Facebook Messenger and Facebook Messenger chatbots.

All of these things done by email is also possible with Facebook Messenger marketing. When you use Facebook Messenger, you can get more access than email, and you can do it faster. Besides this, the engagement rates are far higher than typical email engagement rates.
Facebook messenger marketing with chatbots provides enormous power to marketers. The Chatbots are very interactive as the Messenger bot can ask questions, fetch information, segment customer categories, and bring a wide variety of data from the user.

The agenda behind Facebook Messenger marketing is straightforward — it uses Facebook Messenger as a marketing channel. And numerous applications promise a vast new opportunity for marketers, including every industry.

What is a Facebook Messenger chatbot?

A Facebook Messenger chatbot is a computer program that launches specific events or conversation. Individually, all of this is done on a Facebook Messenger chatbot by Facebook Messenger. Don’t misunderstand the nature of these bots specifically with the term chatbot.

Many chatbots stimulate customer conversation through a conversational interface (CUI). Chatbots are conversational user interfaces for web or mobile to make it possible for humans to interact with computers more naturally. Facebook Messenger chatbots are programmed to function as conversational interfaces.

Yes, you are right. The chatbots can chat with you, similar to talking online with a human. But bots are capable of doing more. Chatting is simply one of the frameworks that the bot uses to prompt a whole lot of other conversation. EasySendy Social uses many of the sequences and chatbot tools that are less about chatting and more about selecting options.

Why is Facebook Messenger marketing so important?

In the past ten years, Facebook Messenger marketing chatbot services has proved to be the most significant marketing channel and has opened up opportunities. We assume that it will remain the hottest channel for the next decade or more.

For all the early adopters — those who always pick up new technology quickly — will be the ones who get the most benefits from Facebook messenger chatbots. By 2020, 85% of user-business communication will not need any human interaction from the business. Facebook Messenger marketing allows marketers to stay ahead of the curve and get the maximum benefit from it in today’s life.