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Amazing Tips for Successful Drip Email Campaign

by | Mar 6, 2023 | Drip email campaigns, Guide | 7 comments

Most of you already know what a drip email campaign all about. Incase you need some heads-up, we’ve already written loads on this for you to refer. You can start with learning the What, why, and how of drip email marketing, followed by understanding the difference between a drip email campaign and a regular email campaign.

Once you are familiar with these, you can check some of our handpicked best practices of doing a drip campaign. Having said that, in this article I will tell you some of my tried-and-tested tips that will help you create a drip campaign that is successful.

When I say successful, it does not have a specific valuation. Infact, the definition of success can vary from one email marketer to another. Likewise, you and I may not completely agree with each others’ idea of a successful email campaign.

So, I will rather rephrase this and say- This article will hand over to you tips that will let you build and implement a drip email campaign that will outdo your expectations. Keeping in mind the standard conversion rates deemed as golden standards and also the general expectations of any (and every) marketer, let’s get start.

Components of a successful drip email campaign

A drip campaign will not give you success overnight. It takes proper planning and implementation, as well as timing, to make a drip campaign yield positive impacts on the marketing revenue.

For me, four major chunks accelerate the success of your drip email campaign – choosing a drip email campaign tool, setting up a clear goal, doing proper segmentation, and lastly, writing the drip email campaign content.

You can take each of these components as the building blocks for your drip email campaign. All the tips and tricks revolve around these four components. To get your cheatsheet to success, I will urge you to continue reading through the components.

I. Choosing a perfect drip campaign tool

You can have numerous ideas and multiple flows in your head or probably have drawn it out on a paper, ideating nicely how each email will go out. But this idea will find way only when you have an equally powerful tool.

Now, I will be honest here – often marketers don’t want to indulge heavily in a drip email marketing tool. And it’s not a crime, seriously! Yet, we all need a powerful tool that will help us get our job done with zero-hassles.

Putting all these requirements together, I will suggest you try EasySendy Pro for your drip email campaigns. Sign up asap because EasySendy Pro is giving away exclusive Black Friday deals with 30% flat off and 2 months of free subscription on annual plans. (read more about the deal here). If you are already signed up, yayy!! We are good to go.

Why you must choose EasySendy Pro?

Arguably there are plenty of email marketing tools available in the market. If you ask, why EasySendy Pro, then ofcourse it is a valid question. Here’s why-

EasySendy Pro is designed for small businesses and those who work individually on their websites. It enables you to achieve higher inbox placement through multiple email delivery servers, a feature that is unique to EasySendy Pro.

This is something that we all need but at a standard budget. Imagine buying multiple email delivery servers individually and the sending emails from each server separately, managing them, tracking them…pufff!!!

That’s a lot of work, takes more time, and definitely the cost is sky-high. On the contrary, you have EasySendy Pro – zero hassles of configuration, budget friendly, advanced email marketing features, tracking features, embeddable popup forms, a large repository of templates, and more than one email delivery servers – all rolled into one platform, on one dashboard. Need I say more?

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Talking about email marketing features, EasySendy Pro is fully GDPR compliant. To ensure that you only use genuine email lists for your campaigns, we urge all our subscribers to use our popup forms to build their email lists.

Any third party email list is completely banned over here!! Popups are fun to use and easy to build. There are over 250+ ready to use popup templates which can be customized using the simple drag and drop editor.

popup drag and drop editor
Add to this, these popup forms are:
  1. Easy to embed anywhere on your website
  2. Supports social login buttons for your subscribers
  3. Automatically adds your new subscribers to your contact database
  4. Recognizes returning visitors and accordingly shows popups
  5. Enables integration with Google Analytics for proper tracking
  6. Lets you add a thank you popup following your subscription popup

Isn’t that cool?! I can go on about these, but that will take us away from our core topic. Take a quick tour of EasySendy Pro using your trial account and see a live demo. Start here.

II. Setting up a clear goal

Coming back now – after you have your tool in place, next thing you need to do is set up a clear goal for your drip campaigns. You see, shooting arrows abruptly at any direction doesn’t make sense.

Unless you have a specific spot to hit, your arrows get exhausted and so do you. Same goes for a drip email campaign. Just launching a campaign makes zero sense. You must have a specific goal to achieve with your drip campaigns.

There are multiple kinds of drips that marketers create, each serving a different purpose. For instance, a welcome drip is targeted to welcome new subscribers and help them get onboard, or an onboarding drip helps subscribers to get started step by step.

Whatever is the drip kind, each has a proper purpose defined. So, before you start creating a drip campaign, ask yourself two basic questions:

  1. What kind of drip you are going to build?
  2. What purpose will it serve in terms of subscriber engagement or customer engagement?

If you find yourself clueless for any of these questions, then STOP. You aren’t ready yet to do a drip campaign. Once you have a clear goal set, you can start planning out your drips now. Honestly, if you have a clear goal, you can plan your drips faster than ever.

For instance, this onboarding email from Indian ticketing platform, BookMyShow, upon joining their Superstar program has a clear goal – to help new users get started with the new benefits and enjoy the perks of being a superstar at BookMyShow.

If you read through the content, you will see how precisely and nicely this email serves its purpose. Clearly, the email marketer has thought it through before creating and scheduling this email. It is a combination of welcome and onboarding email that is sent to new subscribers automatically.

onboarding drip

III. Segmenting your contacts based on behavior and events

Segmentation plays a pivotal role in your drip email campaign. If your subscribers are not segmented, then your drips cannot work properly. To explain this correlation, let me start from the start.

As you already know that drip emails are a series of personalized emails that are triggered based on subscriber engagement behavior or various events.

You can gauge the disaster that will happen if your subscribers are not segmented properly and they end up getting emails that are irrelevant.

IV. Writing the perfect drip email content

Let’s say you have everything in place. You have properly created your segments, you know what you want to achieve with your drip campaign, and you also have a steady inflow of subscribers.

Awesome. But wait. You just missed the most vital part – your drip email campaign content. If your content is irrelevant, your drip email campaign becomes irrelevant in a snap.

Why? You see, it is your content that will drive your subscribers from one stage to another.

You can say, content is at the core of your drip email campaign. If this is irrelevant or badly written, then the entire drip campaign will go for a toss. I am not saying this randomly. Content guru Neil Patel also emphasizes on writing good email content.

To show, how it’s done. I will talk about the welcome drip email from Drift (which is an absolute favourite).

Their content is straight & has no images at all. Bonus point: It’s witty as well. Whoever said you need loads of images for your email to work is WRONG. Don’t believe them.

drip email campaign tips

Now that everything is in place, let’s move on with some of my (and my team’s) tried and test tips that can make your drip email campaign a successful one.

Amazing Tips for Successful Drip Email Campaign

I have already told you about the main tips for a successful drip email campaign- choosing the right drip email campaign tool, creating relevant segments, setting a proper goal, and writing the perfect content. Some more tips that you must follow-

#01. Have a layout for your drip email template ready

Think of a layout that will align with the entire drip email series that you have created. It will more-or-less remain the same throughout the campaign. So, create a design layout that is attractive, has the right kind of element placements, a bold CTA, and takes less time to load.

Make sure your core message does not get hide under a pile of images and GIFs and bright colours. While you want your email to look amazing, it can be simple and crisp so that your subscribers get the point immediately.

#02. Give your subscribers option to unsubscribe

I know you’ll hate this, but when you force your subscribers to keep getting your emails by hiding the unsubscribe button, you are actually causing more damage to your entire drip email campaign.

When you remove uninterested subscribers from your drip campaign, your segment retains only those subscribers who are interested in what you are creating. Your email engagement rates will automatically go up and bounce rate will go down.

For those who unsubscribed, you can ask them to opt for a different segment or create a re-engagement campaign for these subscribers.

#03. Make your emails personalized

Personalization increased our email open rates and engagement rates by over 18% last month. By personalization, it is not only about adding the first name of your recipients. There’s more to personalization.

While adding the first name creates a personal touch, it is important that you “send” your email from a real human who is accessible via email. Try using the name and image of a real person within your team. It instils a trust in your recipients that you are genuine and you are accessible for any queries.

For instance, look at this email signature of Jnana S. Rao, Digital Marketing Lead at Aritic (our enterprise brand and an integrated automation suite)-

drip email campaign tip

I have received more responses and that too positive response ever since I added my picture and my social profiles. I think it helps people to trust me more since all they get to hear from me are emails. This helps them believe in me, in what I say, and in our brand as well. For me, such practices add to brand-customer relationship building. ~ Jnana, from Aritic.


These are some tips that we always keep in mind when we are creating a drip email campaign at EasySendy Pro. These are not just mere tips but more like a mandate for your drip email campaign to perform well and give you desired results. What other tips you will want to add to this list? Tell me in the comments below. Also, do let me know if these were helpful to you or not.

Till then, happy emailing!!

PS: Don’t forget to signup with a free account on EasySendy Pro.

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⭐What is a drip email campaign?

A drip email campaign is a type of automated email marketing campaign that sends a series of emails to subscribers over time. These emails are sent out automatically, usually based on user behavior or other criteria.

⭐How can I make my drip email campaign more effective?

You can make your drip email campaign more effective by crafting compelling subject lines, creating targeted content, segmenting your list, ensuring your emails are mobile-friendly, using A/B testing, and utilizing automation.

⭐What are the best practices for drip email campaigns?

The best practices for drip email campaigns include setting clear goals, keeping emails concise, personalizing content, testing emails, and measuring performance.


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