There’s a lot to say when it comes to how we can do email marketing effectively. Metrics are required to measure your success rate. Metrics is the body and soul of email marketing. Without email metrics, marketing professionals cannot understand the effectiveness and impact of email marketing campaign. Marketers have recognized the importance of measuring every aspect of their email campaigns, to analyze their efficiency and their implications.marketers-masterguide-for-great-email-marketing-campaigns-1

MasterGuide for great email marketing campaign

Email marketing campaign metrics are critical and essential to gain the genuine insight into the health and success of the email marketing program. Metrics are key to any successful email program.

Problem #1. An increase in website traffic and page views through emails, but no rise in sales

This issue might be due to poor landing pages. The pages may not be loading correctly, or there is an extensive delay. The pages may not be optimized for conversation. Another problem would be content or offer problem. The offered prize is much higher than listed on the website. It may cause a high website traffic and little rise in sales.

What your email marketing campaign consists of is not as important as to how its performance. “Images off” is the default setting for most email subscribers using their preview panes to view the message, your creative team must design with these roadblocks in mind to effectively convey your message and offer to encourage an action. Not owning a mobile optimized landing page can become the major issue. Find out the platforms your subscribers are on and the design for both your email and landing page.

increase in website traffic with email marketing campaign

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Problem #2. Witnessing high sign-up rates, but high unsubscribed rates

The reasons for this problem may be weak and unexpected content.

A preference center helps you to align your email campaign with your online subscribers’ needs and expectations. Providing an optimized choice center will also allow you to create a messaging strategy for your customers that will increase your revenue by reaching them with content and offers specifically tailored to their interests. Creating relevant email marketing can improve the response rate.

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Problem #3. High email opening rates, but low click-through rate

High email opening rates but low click-through rates may be because the offers listed and the content of your emails are not relevant, prominent or compelling which does not provoke customers to open the email marketing campaign.

Optimize your emails. Find out where and how your readers are reading your emails and optimize your content for your target audience. Evaluate if the click space is sufficient and obvious. Also, make sure to test if the content can be seen with the images off. Evaluating and making these small changes will ensure your emails facilitate the maximum response rates from subscribers.

Problem #4. High hard bounce rate of email marketing campaign

Bounce rate is the total percentage of emails sent that could not be successfully delivered to the recipient’s inbox. There are two kinds of bounces which are hard and soft. A soft bounce of an email is due to temporary technical problems in email delivery to an authentic email address. Hard bounces are on the other hand a result of sending emails to old, bad lists, invalid or non-existent email addresses.

Delete hard bounce addresses from your email list as internet service providers (ISPs) use bounce rates as one of the key factors to analyze an email sender’s reputation. Hard bounces are due to close, invalid or non-existent email addresses which never successfully deliver emails. Analyse the bounce codes rates correctly. It will help you to find specific problems.

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Evaluate your data hygiene practices carefully for the removal of misspelled or incomplete addresses, role accounts, and useless data.

Problem #5. High traffic on website but low sign up rate

Poor quality of subscriber’s page might be one of the reasons for high traffic but low sign up rates on a website. The site might be asking for way too much data or the sign-up button might not be working. Lack of clear value proposition may also lead to low sign up rates.



Clearly explaining the benefits of your email program and setting up expectations about your content and the frequency of your uploads can attract more subscribers. Clear communication helps you keep your emails relevant for the recipients and assist them in staying active.

Problem #6. Stagnant or declining response rates from the email recipients

It may be the result of saturation in the market or due to an old list of emails which are invalid or unresponsive. Over-mailing can also cause the subscriber to lose interest and become unresponsive.

Target all inactive and unresponsive subscribers in your email marketing campaign to make them responsive again. Your efforts will help you identify customers who are valid; this would help to delete invalid subscribers permanently.

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Problem #7. High rates of subscribers leaving after the release of the first issue

Poor content which fails to attract the attention of the subscribers, weak or no opt options and no welcome message to the new subscribers may be the main reasons for this issue.

Optimize a well-structured welcome message for your audience which would also educate them on the content of the website. The first impression is crucial, therefore produce engaging content. A real welcome message helps attract subscribers quickly. You can take more idea about welcome emails; from this collection of 100+ emails at Pinterest.

idea-welcome-emails-of -marketing-campaign

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Problem #8. High rate of unsubscribes and low email open rates

Sending irrelevant and uninteresting content and sending too many emails without the recipient’s permission may be the leading causes for people unsubscribing and email open rates.

Over-mailing can lead to high complaint rates from recipients and reduced the response rates as subscribers get overwhelmed by the amount of emails being sent. Less is always more while sending more emails may help generate more revenues at first, but the response rate will reduce over time.

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Problem #9. Sudden drop in open rates of emails


The subject lines are not connecting with the audience and failing to deliver its designated message. The ISPs may be blocking your emails. It can happen when you have high hard bounce rates, and your emails are viewed as spam.

A well testing methodology should be in place that accurately tracks changes in subscriber’s behavior in response to your email marketing campaign techniques. It helps in increasing open rates of emails.

About EasySendy PRO

EasySendy Pro is an email marketing platform for the digital marketing team. It integrates with multiple SMTP relay service providers and enables delivery of email campaigns to a list of opt-in emails. You can split test email deliveries across the relay servers and check reports, track email clicks, opens of each email campaign. It also has smart autoresponder and email list segmentation.

To support Micro-Deliverability in Emails; currently, EasySendy Pro allows integration with SMTP relay gateways like Amazon SES, Mandrill, SendGrid, SparkPost, LeaderSend, Dyn, Elasticemail, MailGun, SendinBlue, MailJet, TipiMail, and MailerQ. If you are sending an email to a list of above 25,000 email subscribers, then, Micro-deliverability of the email through multiple SMTP gateways provide better email open rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ How do I start an email campaign?

The moment you have outlined the email marketing plan based on the established goals; you have to sign up for the best email marketing tool. Then, create the targeted email list of qualified leads for converting them into loyal customers. After that, you have to understand the promotional email types for sending transactional emails. Meanwhile, you need to know your audiences for creating attractive optin forms to encourage them to sign up.

⭐ Do email campaigns work?

Email marketing is a popular promotional tool which works 40 times more than any other social media channels. According to the latest sources, over 92% of users have an email account and open their email inboxes regularly.

⭐ What are the types of email marketing?

Email marketing campaigns are practical and cost effective inbound marketing platform. Catch a glimpse on different types of email marketing campaigns:
a) Welcome Emails
b) Promotional Emails
c) Cart-Abandonment Email Campaigns
d) Transactional Emails
e) Behavioural Emails

⭐ Which is the best email marketing tool?

Easysendy is the best email marketing tool to execute effective email marketing campaigns for small businesses to improve the open inbox and conversion rates.

⭐ Email can increase website traffic?

Email marketing is a cost-effective communication platform to reach out to your qualified prospects and customers. However, you have to figure out methods to increase your website traffic, like cleaning subscribers list, creating a relevant landing page to engage the audiences, proper segmentation, and monitor email marketing metrics.

⭐ Does email marketing still work in 2020?

Many marketers believe that email marketing is dying due to the rapid growth of other social media channels. But, email marketing is the most cost-effective and powerful marketing tool to increase sales revenue. So, email marketing is still an effective marketing strategy until now.


Ankit Prakash is principal founder of EasySendy and Aritic. Ankit is a passionate and determined entrepreneur; building successful Internet product since 2006.


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