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5 Tips For Small Business Drip Marketing

by | Feb 22, 2023 | Drip email campaigns | 5 comments

Are you interested in restoring the number of subscribers when you started your business so that you can repeat sales, referrals or increase retention?

The answer may come as a surprise, Yes, it’s email marketing. It is one of the efficient tools for strengthening your relationship. To make it clear, let me inform you that I’m talking about email marketing to your list of prospects, not to a list you rent.

In this long run, email marketing will help you build a strong relationship by strengthening it with customers. It is one of the best tools to fend off your pesky competitors.

Again, email marketing is one of the best tools available for building a strong relationship so that you can generate more leads and sales on demand; hence it can be concluded that email marketing will help you be in the driver seat so that to create leads and sales whenever you want.

As a result of email marketing, you can reduce the sales cycle which leads to more profit.

Brief Overview: What is Drip Marketing?

Wouldn’t it be so easy if your email marketing could seamlessly tie your new leads with your existing sales funnel?

Easysendy Drip Email Campaign Example
Drip Email Campaign

Of course, there is one little catch. The emails your potential leads received would always be relevant, even if the sales pipeline would have fewer leaks or and your conversion rate would still be on the rise. Does it sound something which can be carried out in a parallel universe?

Not really, though. With the help of drip marketing, this can become a reality. Email drip campaigns are a set of marketing emails which are automatically sent out when a lead or a customer triggers a specific action on the website you designed.

An email drip campaign is also referred to as a “lead nurturing” campaign; an email drip is always designed to nurture a young and inexperienced into a marketing-qualified lead: a knowledgeable tree in need of your service.

How can Drip Marketing be beneficial for small businesses?

Be it large scale or small-scale business, which matters the most? The answer is one and only, the customer.
To keep them happy and nurtured, you can take help of drip email marketing.

Why is it worth exploring drip marketing, although if you are using manual email campaigns set up? This type of campaign method helps you in the following ways:

  • Be relevant: Drip campaigns help you deliver the right information reaches the right prospect at the right moment. If a prospect watches a video on website, the automated campaign will help you trigger a thankyou email for the prospect for checking out that product or service and follows up with some value.
  •  Create and Nurture leads: Drip Marketing can help you nurture early stage until they become sales ready. The continuous supply of leads at various stages in the sales process helps maximise your marketing and sales efforts.
  • Work smarter: Drip marketing can help you free up some valuable resource and save time also at the same time with the help of an automated process. It can help you free up some useful information and save time through its automated processes.

    In other words, you don’t need to keep a reminder for yourself, since you don’t need to remember where every lead is in the sales cycle by educating or nurturing your leads. With this marking campaign, you can spend less time making sales pitches and more time closing deals.

Before we dive in, though, let’s break down a few email drip campaign best practices:

  1. Make sure you have one call-to-action in your emails:- Don’t play with fire since it will distract and reduce the click-through rates.
  2. Mobile friendly subject lines- Make sure that your subject line is visible on a mobile screen. Since most of us feel too lazy to open their mail on the laptop or any other system, try to keep your subject lines up to 38 characters or less so that it can be visible on the mobile.
  3.  Ensure your subject line fits on a mobile screen:- With more than half of all email opens occurring on mobile, try to keep your subject line to 38 characters or less.
  4. Get the ultimate power of P.S: If you want your email copy to start from others, then make sure that it is worth clicking with the addition of P.S.
  5. Use a consistent design and layout for your emails: Make sure that people recognize you and feel comfortable with your emails. An additional tip: Don’t disturb them with sending a new template every few days.
  6. Add the magic of subscriber: With a countdown timer like “exclusive”, you can make subscribers click.

5 Tips for Small Business Drip Marketing

Are you running out of money on your business? No worries- since there are plenty of drip marketing tactics which can help you save money. Let’s see how well you can manage it well! There are some great marketing ideas for small businesses working on a low budget.

Are you just limited to only newsletters and lead nurturing emails a small business can send to its marketing database?

If yes, they let me tell you there are different types of automated email marketing campaigns to leverage, nurture and engage every subscriber in your sales funnel- which in turn can help to know more about it and inspire them to take action. For instance, have a look at these five “drip” or automated email marketing campaigns where every small business owner can be used:

5 practices for Drip email campaign for small business by easysendy
5 practices for Drip email campaign for small business

1. Is your email campaign based on topic or out of topic?

Yes, you must make sure that the drip email marketing campaigns are subscriber friendly. In addition to these, you need to make clear about these following questions. Which industry do you belong to? Are you sending every topic in your business when you send drip email marketing campaign?

You can initiate by creating some simple content assets by including some free 10-step guides, templates, webinars, and videos for relevant business topics which can then be offered on your website in exchange for email addresses.

At the moment when a user downloads your content, an automated email campaign gets triggered which can move the prospect through the sales funnel.

For example, if you own a digital marketing coaching institute, then you’d likely cover topics such as SEO, social media marketing and knowledge on jobs related to digital marketing. Later in the following days, you can create download content for each topic along with similar drip campaigns.

If you provide in-depth tips on every small topic in a video, it is likely to capture the interest of users who download your content

Your subscribers will find it interesting if you can create a drip email marketing campaign around the topic which can help them take the lead to initiate the download and move it through your sales funnel until they’re ready to sign up to work with you.

2. The magic of Up-sell and cross-sell campaign

Don’t you keep up the relationship going with your subscribers? Yes, you do by meeting them, calling them or going for a small trip with them. The same principle can be readily applicable to small online business. Then why wait?

It’s 100% possible that there are many customers in your email database that have used your products or services. Are you doing the same mistake as others by letting these customers go and wandering for growing new relationship?  Drip marketing can help you to keep up the relationship.

You can make it possible by sending them a simple newsletter, but at the same time at also allows you to create and automated specific, targeted and relevant drip marketing campaigns with an objective to up-sell or cross-sell services to existing or past customers. It is liable to online businesses which own a variety of services or products to offer.

On the initial part, have a clear idea on what offers you want to promote and how often you want to send emails. You can segment your database and create a list of existing and past customers only.

Create an email campaign and try it work for you. For instance , let’s see how TinyPrints implemented Up-sell Campaign to drive more customers. To add-on it has also given a coupon code.

drip marketing , drip marketing campaign

3. Build a new relationship

Don’t you feel happy when a new person greets you with a warm welcome? Yes, in the same manner, you can send a targeted email campaign.

It can help you start to build a new relationship and then you can keep them engaged after they buy for the first time.

You can send them a welcome email and follow-up with a series of quick tips on how they can get the most of the benefits of the purchase.

Then probably you can send them a follow-up mail so that to sell your products or promote it in the future.

REI Gearmail sends a Welcome Email Campaign in which it offers its customers a discount coupon to attract them. It makes sure that it sends a thank you note also.

welcome mail, email campaign , drip marketing

4. Re-engagement campaign

Are you considering reaching out to some inactive contacts to re-engage with your business? If your answer is Yes, then it’s a great idea since it’s a pointless idea to have a database which is not responsive to your marketing messages.

Review the responses to your marketing messages, maybe some people would not have opened any emails you’ve sent in the past six months.

Segment your database based upon your criteria and create drip email marketing campaigns designed to inspire action.

You can include exclusive offers or coupons which are exlusive for this segment so that they can re-engage with your brand.

Take a close look at L.L Bean’s re-engagement campaign, where it offers customers the additional advantages of “Free Shipping”. See the words”Let’s Catch Up”, which has an add-on factor of personalization too.

drip marketing, drip marketing campaign

5. Engaged contacts campaign

If you have captured many email leads who visit your company website with the help of various marketing channels, then there are chances that many people open your mails , click on your links and leave comments and even reviews.

You can create an automated email marketing campaign which offers exclusive offers to these engaged contacts which can inspire them and tempt them a little bit further on your sales funnel.

Start with a simple drip email campaign

If you have not started with Drip Marketing, I would recommend you start with EasySendy Pro for free. There are some amazing advanced email tags ,ready-to-use templates, and intuitive drag-and-drop email builders.

We are a fully GDPR-compliant brand, and we encourage our subscribers and customers to use our embeddable forms to build a genuine email list before they start with drip emails.

easysendy drip, drip marketing

As long as you are sending targeted emails in drip marketing , you can leverage , engage your database contacts and get good results. Be more focused on your end goal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

⭐What is drip marketing?

Drip marketing is a type of automated marketing strategy that sends out pre-scheduled emails or other content to prospects or customers. It’s designed to nurture leads, educate customers, and build brand loyalty over time.

⭐How can drip marketing be beneficial to a small business?

Drip marketing can be beneficial to a small business by providing an automated way to reach out to prospects, customers, and leads.

⭐What tips can be used for successful drip marketing?

Successful drip marketing can be achieved by providing personalized content, segmenting your audience, utilizing A/B testing, measuring your results, and optimizing your campaigns. Additionally, it’s important to keep your content relevant, engaging, and timely.


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