Drip Email marketing continues to be most preferred channel for subscriber engagement and conversions. This is evident from the recent prediction that active email users will reach 4.1 billion by 2021, putting email marketing onto the highest pedestal.

Subscriber nurturing will keep getting more personalized. Email marketers are doing everything to send hyper targeted emails to their subscribers to increase email engagements. Hence, it is obvious, marketers are turning to drip email marketing automation that are behaviour-based and event-based (to start with). For small businesses, it is very important that their subscribers engage with their emails and become a loyal subscriber (to customer) as days pass.

To make things easier for you, we spoke to few small business owners as well as those who are just starting up. We found 5 amazing email templates that they are sure will work for all small businesses. So, here are 5 drip email templates right from the desks of small business owners.

[su_note]PS: These templates are part of a single email drip sequence one after the other that we recommend at EasySendy Drip. 

I. A warm greetings to start off with

It is normal to grow an instant liking for someone who greets you nicely when you meet for the first time. It is no different in digital conversations as well. When you subscribe to a brand and get a warm welcome with some quick steps to follow, you grow an instant liking for that brand.

Talking from the point of view of a marketer, try replicating the same warmth you’d expect in a welcome email. Be friendly and keep things light, just to the point that it urges your new subscribers to start exploring your product or services. A thank you note for subscribing goes a long way when you want to build a relationship with your subscribers. Make sure you tell them that you are a click away incase they need anything or have any queries. This ensures that your subscribers start trusting you and your brand for their requirements.

Here’s a welcome email from Drift after you subscribe to their amazing blog.


The tone is friendly and straight. It instantly clicks with you, and makes this automated email more human. 🙂

II. Personalization of emails is mandatory

Welcome emails are the starting point. What follows next is carefully crafted actions, followups, and onboarding emails. Here’s a sample of drip campaign within EasySendy Drip that is triggered after a new subscriber opens the welcome email.


Sending random emails to your subscribers will only push them away from you. Instead, focus on monitoring their behavior and engagement with your product or your website. Draft emails that are relevant and has enough information or resources to activate your subscribers and make them engage.

For example, when you signup for a free trial of StoryChief, a platform built for writers by writers, you first get a welcome email which is really sweet. Then, based on how you engage or to what domain you belong, you start getting educational emails full of resources and useful content. Here’s one such email, which lists down things I can do on Story Chief, and handy resources to get started with them.


Another one is from Mike, the CEO at Lumen5, a platform designed to create quick videos from your blogs. After signing up and making one or two videos, I did not get time to create more of them. As a result I was inactive for quite sometime. And then this email popped up in my inbox – a genuine approach to see if there is anything the Lumen5 team could do to get me back onboard. A nicely written personalized email. Although I know it is automated, still you kind of feel a human touch (which is what personalization is all about).


III. Show your vulnerable side by being transparent

You did not start your business with zero hard work, right? You had your shares of ups and downs. You failed several times and then tasted success like no other. Tell them all to your subscribers. Your genuine transparency and vulnerability is a good start to build trust among your subscribers. For instance, the above email from Story Chief opens with a note that reflects that the entire content is rooted into a genuine experience. When someone offers you guidance based on what they had experienced, you tend to trust that resource more. For instance, if I had to create such an email, my way would be –

Hi John

I have been doing email marketing for over 5 years now, and have had my share of failures. That means I have learnt while working and have definitely spent a lot of time reading what other marketers do. As a result, I have now a reading list that goes on and on. 

I know you are just starting off and it won’t be an easy ride. So, here are few free email marketing resources that has helped me to craft successful email campaigns. I hope these will inspire you to create amazing email campaigns. Don’t forget to measure your email campaign performances and keep A/B testing them. 

You can find your resources here: [resource link(s)]

Good luck to you.


Try this approach and see your email engagement rates going up.

IV. Offer Case Studies that are inspiring

You have sent out resources to get your subscribers started on your product or start following your blog regularly. Next step is to offer proofs of all that you say in your blogs or write in your emails. Just bragging about success stories will not help. Genuine case studies that show how each customer used your product or services and achieved their goal is what your subscribers want to know. It goes by the saying, know to believe; in your email marketing drip – this template is what testifies your brand.

Include amazing case studies with all the data, insights, reports, and genuine feedback from your customers. Allow your subscribers to make a good assumption about your selling points and also validate them at the same time with your case studies.

Here is one such email from Social Media Examinar:


V. Free trial emails can improve your drip email series’ performance

You have nurtured your subscribers and now they are educated enough to have reached the ‘evaluation’ lifecycle phase. (To know more about subscriber lifecycle stages, read this comprehensive guide to subscribers’ lifecycle). Last step in this drip series is to offer a free trial of your product. If you don’t have free trial, include options to schedule a demo or a consultation, or maybe a sales call.

[su_label]Red Alert: You don’t want to break the trust that you have built till now with your subscribers. So, avoid being extremely pushy for a sales.[/su_label]

A sample of such a template can be designed as follows:

Hi Jessica

Over the couple of weeks, I have sent you a series of emails which I hope has helped you or added value for you. This is my final email as a part of this series. 

If you have enjoyed my emails, I have something more in store for you that you will find useful – 
We are launching [feature name] for our users and I’d like to invite you to become one of our early users for this beta version. If you are struggling with [problem], I’m sure this feature will come handy. I encourage you to give it a try and ofcourse, I will be waiting for your feedback. It is free for you. Once we launch the feature for all our subscribers, we’d be delighted to give you a 20% off as a thank you for being one of our first users of this feature. 

If you still want to stop receiving emails from me, you can unsubscribe anytime. It is sad my emails did not help you in anyway. You can write to me instead of unsubscribing immediately about how I can improve. I’d love to know that and I promise to work on it. 

Have a great day ahead Jessica.


Email Drip Campaigns can show results when done correctly

To see results, you must focus on creating email templates that align with your subscribers’ interests as well as stay in sync with your brand.

What templates do you use for your email drip campaigns? Are they any one of these that I mentioned in this article? Have you tried creating email drip series? If yes, how did it go for you? If no, well, you can start now with EasySendy Drip.

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ What is drip email?
Drip email is a series of emails sent for an extended period to optimise the email marketing campaigns for an outstandingly effective result.
⭐ How do I create a drip email campaign?
You have to keep in mind some steps for creating an effective email drip campaign. Before beginning any email marketing campaign, you need to figure out your goal then provide relevant content with proper segmentation of the audiences.
⭐ What is drip email system?
The drip email system is a set of messages which is delivered to the subscribers and customers to nurture them and push them down the sales funnel.
⭐ How does a drip campaign work?
You can create a series of emails in advance with the use of an automation tool for delivering the relevant messages to the subscribers.
⭐ What is a drip sequence?
A drip sequence is the triggered series of automated emails which marketers delivered to the targeted audiences with personalised and relevant content.

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