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MasterGuide on Real Estate Marketing with Hybrid Email Solution

Real estate marketing has evolved to become highly competitive. Consumers have become savvy. You cannot feed anything to them because they have the power of Internet to know what’s fake and what’s genuine. Across industries, leading brands realise that the screen is the most consistent touchpoint for connecting with customers. ~ Matt Barba, co-founder and …

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Investigate Email Campaign Spam Landing like Sherlock Holmes

Email spams are not new. Infact, they are as old as one can recall. Despite repeated attempts at securing data, there has always been a loophole somewhere that made way for email spams. After the recent WannaCry Ransomware attack, Google quickly followed suite to tighten security for Gmail enterprise users. It has incorporated machine learning …

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MasterGuide to Optimise Your Email Marketing Frequency

Email marketers struggle to identify the exact number of emails that will give them the maximum ROI. There isn’t any magic number that can help marketers to strike a balance between sending innumerable emails and sending very few emails. If you are sending heaps of emails, chances are high that your subscribers will get annoyed. …

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