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Why is it important to include an Unsubscribe Link in your Email Campaigns?

by | Mar 13, 2023 | Email Campaigns | 2 comments

Are you aware of unsubscribe links for protecting your email deliverability?

An unsubscribe link is a link within your email campaign that allows recipients to opt-out from receiving any email newsletters for your products or services.

It is beneficial to maintain a clean and legitimate email list, and you can place it in the email footer for unsubscribing the page. 

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1 . Do you need unsubscribe links in email copy?

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4. Benefits of including an email unsubscribe link

5. Method to determine to Unsubscribe Rate

Well, you have to keep in mind that recipients who don’t engage with your email newsletters are not valuable. However, maintain a list of contacts that open and read your email newsletters.

It is the way to make sure that your email list is clean and subscribers want to receive your communications. If someone doesn’t want to receive your communications and offers, don’t force them to stay on the email list.

It won’t benefit your business and affect your return on investment.

Do you need Unsubscribe Links in Email copy?

CAN-SPAM act and other laws can include unsubscribe links to every email sent as it is a legal element. These laws were drafted to protect subscribers from spam and maintain control over brand communication through emails.

If inactive users have difficulty finding unsubscribe links, then they will mark the email newsletters as spam. It will harm your sender’s reputation even worse than unsubscribing.

There are multiple email service providers, including Yahoo, Gmail, and Outlook, to analyze your sender’s reputation as it has a huge impact on email deliverability. These email service providers may block your email newsletters before entering into the recipient’s inboxes if they find the email doubtful. 

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Your audience may feel trapped if you hide the unsubscribe links, as its absence may discredit your business. The absence of unsubscribe links raises a question of trust among the recipients. 

It will negatively impact your brands if you don’t allow your subscribers to opt-out and want to leave your mailing list quickly.  

Unsubscribe links encourage you to clear your mailing list and communicate with the engaged part of your audience to achieve higher conversion and click-through rates.

Unsubscribing doesn’t mean the end of the relationship between customer and clients.

You can take a small survey to understand why subscribers are clicking on the unsubscribe link. Well, you can suggest them to continue the communication on other social media platforms.

Add Unsubscribe Links 

EasySendy inserts unsubscribe links automatically to every email template if the sender forgets to add it. This application cares about recipients’ user experience and sender reputation. Simultaneously, you can customize the unsubscribe link by changing the font size, wording, and background color.

Let’s check the instructions to customize unsubscribe links in your email newsletter. You can create a block named ‘Footer,’ containing the company’s address, privacy terms and unsubscribe link for your email campaign with the drag and drop editor.  

Does it matter for marketers to know the Unsubscribe Rate?

Understanding your unsubscribe rate is crucial to analyze the email marketing efforts and find out the loopholes. You can keep a pulse on your email campaigns, which makes you realize whether your email contents are relevant or not.  

If an email campaign didn’t work and gave more unsubscribes, you can learn from that campaign’s content to improve for the future.   

Do you want to check some of the examples of Unsubscribe Links?

Marketers can customize the unsubscribe links by changing the font size, background color, and wordings to make it easy for the subscribers to find as some unsubscribe links breach the CAN-SPAM act.

But some of the marketers make it transparent and place the unsubscribe link clearly visible for the recipients.  

Poor unsubscribe links: If an unsubscribe link is hidden or lost in the text and the font size is too small. Then subscribers won’t be able to find it, and they may feel irritated. Finally, they can place the email copy in the spam folder.

Good unsubscribe links: Email marketers can highlight the unsubscribe links with colors so that recipients can easily search for them. Even they can make it bold, underlined, and place it in a paragraph.  

Ways to Add Unsubscribe Links

When it comes to providing your subscribers with the choice to stay or leave your mailing list, try to take care of them along with complying with the law.

You can follow some simple recommendations to make the opt-out process simple and fast.

Try to place the unsubscribe button in a visible place to find it easily for the subscribers. 

Benefits of including an Email Unsubscribe Link

1 . Shun customer frustration: Many subscribers give consent for newsletters without knowing what they will deliver. After receiving the email copy, they realized it’s irrelevant for them. Then if they want to unsubscribe from the newsletter and fail to find the link. You know how frustrating it is when you can’t see the unsubscribe link inside the email. Marketers need to understand the interests and preferences of different subscribers and allow them to opt-out of the email list. It improves the email marketing strategy’s outcome as you are allowing inactive subscribers to leave the contact list.      

2. Collect feedback: You can collect valuable feedback from those subscribers who are no longer part of your contact list. You can use those feedbacks to understand the loopholes and optimize the email communications to meet your subscribers’ needs. 

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3. Enter into the inbox: Unsubscribe links increase the possibility of entering into the subscribers’ inbox rather than going into the spam folders. If people search for an unsubscribe link and don’t find it, they will put that email in the spam folder. Your account can be suspended if your spam rate is much higher than the open rate.

4. Adapt anti-spam legislation: While including the unsubscribe link, every country has its law and order. It is compulsory in anti-spam legislation to give a predefined law for email marketers.  

Method to determine to Unsubscribe Rate

You have to calculate the total number of unsubscribes divided by the total number of email messages delivered and multiply it by 100. This percentage gives you the unsubscribe rate to understand the marketing campaigns’ performance and make changes in the strategy accordingly. 

Unusubcribe rate = number of unsubscribes/ sent messages*100

You can reduce the number of unsubscribe rates by segmenting the email list based on interests and preferences. At the same time, you have to understand the marketing goals to drive higher conversion rates. You can use double and single opt-in to reduce the unsubscribes and increase the open and click-through rates.

Meanwhile, you can try to optimize your email marketing campaigns’ style, frequency, and content by doing A/B testing regularly.   


We hope you have acknowledged the importance of an unsubscribe link and why you need to include it in the email newsletters. Simultaneously, you need to maintain a clean and legitimate email list for bringing email deliverability.  


  1. Jordan Madison

    Yes, unsubscribe links are essential in email campaigns to maintain a clean and legitimate email list. Earlier, I missed including unsubscribe link in my email, but now I have added it broadly to remove inactive users from my list.

  2. Jesse Teresa

    Previously I was not aware of the importance of unsubscribe links for your email copies. Yes, you are correct that marketers should know the unsubscribe rates for improving the conversion rates.


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