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Top 15 most followed Email Marketing Influencers in 2023

by | Mar 14, 2023 | Email Marketing | 2 comments

Do you believe that marketers should keep learning from Email Marketing Influencers? 

Marketers should keep themselves abreast of the latest happenings in email marketing. As a marketer, if you are grappling with low conversion rate email campaigns, then start using personalization and segmenting techniques to optimize and drive more subscribers. Well, digital marketing gurus and Email Marketing Influencers have vast amounts of experience.

So, you can follow them to enhance your knowledge. 

Although digital marketing is a vast topic, it may seem difficult for marketers to pace up with this environment’s growing speed. They need to understand the latest digital marketing strategies for business growth. 

It is crucial to keep up with the speed of the most outstanding marketing professionals. You will grow in your career if you ensure to use the most successful strategies for your organization. 

Now, let’s get started with top Email Marketing Influencers in 2023:

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1 . Dela Quist

He is the founder of Alchemy Worx. It is a digital agency that has focused mainly on email marketing.

Along with his teammates, he helps his clients create, execute and run successful email marketing campaigns.

Simultaneously, they help their clients develop the email strategy, track the analytics, create relevant messages, design email templates, optimize email marketing campaigns, and build a marketing funnel.

He is a proud member of the Digital Marketing Association. If you want to learn more from Dela Quist, follow his Twitter and LinkedIn profiles for more detailed email marketing insights.

According to him, people tolerate your email marketing, so marketers should send more emails as it works. Don’t forget to segment and target your customers before allowing your subscribers to tolerate your emails.

2. Justine Jordan

She is a different kind of marketer with a strong background in email design and web design. Justin has avoided traditional short-term marketing tactics and relied more on long-term sustainable outcomes.

You can catch her at multiple events and conferences, where she shares her experience in email marketing tricks, tips, and tactics.

Now, she works as the head of marketing in Wildbit with deep proficiency and intense experience in design, content, brand, email marketing, and event. In 2015, Justine received accolades and was named “Email Marketing Thought Leader of the Year.”

She has also worked in Help Scout as Chief Marketing Officer and VP of Marketing in Litmus. She has gathered experience of more than 15 years in marketing. You can follow her Twitter and LinkedIn accounts for more updates on email marketing.

3. Skip Fidura

Skip is a globally recognized customer-centric digital marketing specialist, blogger, and high-energy speaker with over 20 years of tremendous experience.

He puts complex concepts into the plain, actionable language to avoid buzzwords. Skip mainly focuses more on technology to have real conversations with consumers.

He has worked for multiple brands like Paul Smith, Fred Perry, Copa Airlines and helped these brands to have real conversations with their consumers. Currently, he is working for OverMore Group as Chief Marketing Officer.

He is a member of the UK’s marketing association for promoting the best email marketing practices in the market. You can follow his LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.

4. Becs Rivett-Kemm

Becs is an email marketing consultant with eight years of tremendous experience. She is currently working as a Director of Rivett-Kemm Consulting Ltd, and her teams are helping businesses manage their email lifecycle.

She is even providing email marketing training courses, so you want to learn how to implement smart email marketing strategies.

You can gain an understanding of creating email campaign flows and funnels. Slowly, you can acquire knowledge on crafting good email writing, attractive email template designs.

Don’t forget to follow her blogs for detailed information on email marketing. Follow her Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. 

5. Jeanne Jennings

Jeanne Jennings is a well-recognized email marketing expert with over 20 years of experience. She is one of the best influencers in the email industry. Jeanne is consulting all-sized businesses to optimize their email marketing campaigns and transform qualified prospects into loyal customers.

It would help the businesses to increase their sales revenue and bring a high return on investment. Meanwhile, she also guides the digital marketing students at Georgetown University, which is an addition to her career. If you are a keen learner, follow her Twitter and LinkedIn profiles to understand new email marketing terms. 

6. Matthew Vernhout

He is an email marketing expert with over 20 years of experience. He has influenced anti-spam legislation and focused on managing ISP policies. Simultaneously, he has worked on different email marketing niches, including email security and authentication, email deliverability, email marketing regulations, etc.

He has lump sum experience in promotional and large transactional email campaigns. He has in-depth knowledge of email delivery hacks and rules.

Currently, he is working as chief editor of EmailKarma. Don’t miss to read EmailKarma blogs, which are mainly on email marketing tips, trends, and best practices. Follow Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. 

7. Sydney Aron Sullivan

She is an email marketing expert with an experienced span of 23 years. She is the founder of S2 Marketing for helping clients with email marketing strategy, marketing automation, and campaign management. Well, she has worked for Fortune 500 companies during her ten years of experience as an email and digital marketer.

You can follow her goals to make your email campaigns more optimized and smarter. Check her LinkedIn and Twitter profiles to gather more information on email marketing. 

8. Cara Olson

She is a passionate email influencer with a unique experience with integrations, APIs, and transactional emails. Currently, she is the senior director of partnerships in DEG digital.

You can gain knowledge about customer relationship management, email conversions, optimization from her.

Since its inception, she has guided complex campaigns and integrations for global clients. You can read her articles on Marketing Land. Don’t miss to follow her Twitter and LinkedIn channels. 

9. David Moth

He has a tremendous amount of experience of 10 years in content marketing and social media marketing. Being a managing editor and researcher, he has good knowledge about website content, B2B content, and gated content.

You will learn to create engaging email copies for converting subscribers into loyal customers if you follow him. Check out his Twitter and LinkedIn profiles.

10. Phil Hollows

Phil is the founder of FeedBlitz, an RSS-powered email marketing service. He has in-depth knowledge about email marketing so that he can convert anonymous visitors into subscribers.

He is also a tech journalist, public speaker, and author of a few books on email subscription optimization. Don’t miss reading his book on FeedBlitz and follow his Twitter and LinkedIn profiles.

11. Simms Jenkins

Simms is an email influencer and public speaker with a tremendous amount of experience.

He founded both BrightWave and EiQ, and these organizations are utilized for email marketing techniques.

He was awarded as an email marketing influencer and evangelist by American Marketing Association, Atlanta Marketing Association, and many more. You can follow her LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. 

12. Tom Sather

Tom Sather has a good amount of experience of over 20 years. He is a renowned email specialist, and his main focus is on email deliverability, email privacy, and protection mechanisms.

Currently, he is the chief of research at Return Path and helps clients implement email marketing best practices. You can follow his Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. 

13. Harry Kaplowitz

He is a renowned email marketing specialist with a vast amount of experience in smart email marketing strategies, marketing automation, funnel optimizations, etc.

While working at Windsor Circle and iContact, he has proven his proficiency and in-depth knowledge in email marketing. Don’t miss to check out his Twitter and LinkedIn profiles.

14. Bill McCloskey

Bill is a famous email marketing expert with 15 years of experience. He is the founder of Only Influencers and has promoted best email marketing practices for the past two decades.

He is considered the godfather of email marketing in the Rebels’ Guide to Email book. You can follow his Twitter and LinkedIn profiles for more knowledge on email marketing. 

15. Spencer Kollas

He knows everything about email marketing, including improving email deliverability, enhancing the open rates, and transforming qualified leads into loyal customers.

He is an experienced cross-channel marketing specialist besides his proficiency in email marketing. Don’t miss to check his Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. 


Smart people learn from their mistakes and follow the best influencers in the digital marketing world. You have to keep learning from the best as it doesn’t matter what you specialize in email marketing, search engine optimization, pay-per-click marketing.

Don’t forget to gain knowledge from influencers, as they will provide valuable insights to grow your business. 


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