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EasySendy X KickBox Integration

by | Mar 14, 2023 | Email Campaigns, Email Delivery, Email List Plugins, Email Marketing | 0 comments

EasySendy is eager to announce an integration partnership with our integration partner at Kickbox.

Now, EasySendy users can clean their email lists automatically inside the application. EasySendy users can maintain email list hygiene by identifying bad or risky email addresses on your list like undeliverable, typos, catch-all, and role addresses via Kickbbox using EasySendy”s advanced cleaning features.

Taking advantage of this new integration is a great opportunity. The Kickbox integration not only supports list checking, but can also stop bad email addresses on your signup forms via a real-time API.

When your email list is verified, you’ll receive recommendations for what email addresses to send to based on your risk tolerance, while still removing all email addresses that are highly likely to bounce.

This way, you can keep your sender reputation strong and continue to reach more inboxes over time

Why Use Kickbox as an Email deliverability platform?

  • Emails are always delivered to your Inbox
  • Filter invalid emails addresses.
  • Reduce Bounce rates
  • Cold campaigns do not harm your sender’s reputation
  • You will grow your open rate and conversions because leads will finally notice your emails…

Our Team has updated our Support content for current and future Kickbox users to help you get started.

Full details on the Kickbox integration with EasySendy can be found here.


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