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EasySendy Integrates with ZeroBounce

by | Mar 14, 2023 | Email Campaigns, Email List Plugins | 0 comments

Build the value of cleaning email lists. Start Today with ZeroBounce API and services. The ZeroBounce API for EasySendy gives you a simple and reliable way to clean your email list directly on the EasySendy Platform.

EasySendy Integrates with ZeroBounce

Running your entire business with two to three significant apps is no longer possible. In contrast, people prefer standalone tools that help them perform specific functions smoothly rather than a solution that lets them do everything but isn’t exceptional at any of it.

Automate your business email marketing! 

Deliver branded emails encouraging your brand identity and advancing your conversion and open rates.

Trusted by more than 2000+ Email leaders, marketing coaches, and ecommerce experts worldwide, Hybrid Email Marketing by EasySendy combines email marketing with user-generated Integration tools to engage your consumers/Subscribers/users and develop trust in your brand.

Clean Email List instantly with the ZeroBounce API

EasySendy partnership with ZeroBounce
EasySendy X ZeroBounce

Maintain Email List Hygiene – 

Collect your Emails List with this EasySendy app, and Scrubbing your email list will help you to convert more leads into potential customers. Looking for an Email Marker,

Email List Verify, Xverify,, Reciprocal alternative? Look no further because Easysendy can replace all your email marketing automation efforts in a matter of minutes.

11 easy ways to Integrate ZeroBounce on EasySendy

Drive Integration adoption with EasySendy

#1 login with a Zero bounce account.

#2 Choose the API – Key & Info and go to “Your API Key.” 

#3 click on “Create new API”

#4  To create a new API Key, click on “+ Add Additional API Key” on the top left of the page.

#5 set the “Active state” of the key to either yes or no. Once complete, click on the green check mark to create the key or the red x to cancel.

#6 After creating the key, your new key will be listed 

#7 Go to the EasySendy account.

#8 Go to the “Email verification” option in the left menu and choose the “Providers” option.

#9 Choose the email verification provider as “Zerobounce”.

#10 “Enable” the Zerobounce provider as “YES“.

#11 Then add the copied API and choose the “check zones” when exactly you want to run the email validation and click on “Save changes“.

What makes ZeroBounce the best email list cleaning service

  • You can get 100 free monthly validations.
  • 24×7 active  customer support team
  • Easy to  monitor the Blacklist email address
  • Quickly get 15+ email  validation Tools

Note: Our Freemium plan includes access to all our available API Integrations to run advanced email campaigns. Once the free trial limit is exhausted, your Freemium account will be billed according to your tier unless you cancel manually.

Together, EasySendy and ZeroBounce will boost your campaign productivity. ZeroBounce is pretty easy to set up; here’s a quick guide.

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