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Upgraded Version 2 of EasySendy Pro Released

by | Mar 13, 2023 | Blog, Version Release | 10 comments

We know how EasySendy Pro has been helping small and medium businesses to organise hybrid email marketing campaigns that deliver high email open rate and high engagement. It has some of the unique features which make it easier to use. Over last few weeks our product team released more than 75+ new features, 15+ enhancements, 80+ bug fixes and 5+ updates.

A few days back the upgrade process completed and now EasySendy Pro has following new features:

Email Campaign List Filter

This is a whole new feature in EasySendy Pro. This is under Email List > Subscribers. If a customer has sent an email campaign to his list of subscribers, then he will be able to check the status of the individual subscriber under a given period.


Under this feature there are four filters for an email list, namely “Did open”, “Did not open”, “Did click” and “Did not click”. Therefore, This feature help you know whether your campaign is opened and clicked. By the customers for a duration of time. That can be in Days, Weeks, Months and Years.

PS: This new feature will not work for old subscribers/campaign data. It will work with new campaigns.

Campaign Report Chart

Detail email campaign reports were already present in EasySendy Pro. Now upgraded. With few new features in EasySendy Pro dashboard. Inside EasySendy Pro dashboard we already had features including “Subscribers Growth”, “Campaigns Growth” and “Lists Growth”. Email campaign report chart added. It shows Total Email Recipients, Opened, Unopened, Clicked, Bounced and Unsubscribed email subscribers along horizontal bar graph.


Now Email Campaign reports also include Click to Open Ratio (CTOR) statistics and has more options for click stats exporting.

Email List Suppression Feature

Another new feature inside EasySendy Pro application. You can use “Suppression List” feature to suppress the email sending to particular emails from your EasySendy Pro dashboard. For example, you can add the list of emails of your competitors to whom you never want to send any email campaign, even if you have added them to your other email list anywhere on EasySendy Pro platform, they will never receive any email campaign going forward.


You can easily suppress the email address from your existing EasySendy Pro account. To do this, you need to import your email list manually. A detail about this features uses can be found here.

Deep Email Subscriber Activity Filter

Now you can use Subscriber Activity Filter to create a different filter for subscribers based on past Email List, Campaign, Subscriber Source, Activity behaviour and Timeline Duration. Using these past actions of email subscribers, you can View, Export, Confirm, Disable, Unsubscribe, Blacklist and Delete subscribers at once.

Apart from above filters you can also search and filter subscribers along Email Ids, Unique ID, IP Address too. Moreover, similar to Email Campaign List Filter, you can also filter subscribers along “Did open”, “Did not open”, “Did click” and “Did not click” actions across multiple email lists and time duration.


On the same screen now you can “Export All Subscribers” too, where you can easily download total email subscribers with all custom fields and tags.

After creating these filters, you can export email list and import them inside new email list from where you can start sending email campaigns accordingly.

Integration with New SMTP Delivery servers

The new version of EasySendy Pro has added support for four new SMTP delivery servers which include, Mailjet, SendinBlue, Tipimail, and MailerQ. With more option to deliver email campaigns, this new version now supports 8 SMTP delivery servers.

EasySendy Pro Email Subscriber API

The beta version of EasySendy Pro API have been released a month back, and now it is being used by many our customers. Now you can use subscriber list API of EasySendy Pro to integration your application or email list capture plugins.

Detail about EasySendy Pro API is available here.

More Reliable EasySendy Pro-Infrastructure

Now EasySendy Pro has been upgraded with new, more reliable infrastructure which can process a number of email campaigns and sustain more customers without any speed issue.

Here is list of few more small feature and enhancements which have been made in new version:

  • Added [DIRECT_UNSUBSCRIBE_LINK] and [UNSUBSCRIBE_LINK] tags that produce tags instead of URLs
  • Improved ElasticEmail bounce processing rules.
  • Ability to send to only a number of the total subscribers in a campaign and to randomize the subscribers
  • Display and search in lists, campaigns and subscribers by their unique ID
  • Implemented TWIG as the template engine for campaign templates, which means conditionals and much more can be used in the template.
  • Allow to specify why a subscriber unsubscribed
  • Manual email subscription requests approval
  • Added bounce reason/message in the campaign reports for bounces
  • Added the blocked status for campaigns
  • Ability for customers to add their custom campaign tags
  • Added ability to use subscriber custom fields in the list pages
  • Added ability to import large email list from background processing
  • Added company website to list company fields inside email list setting
  • Added [SUBSCRIBER_IP] tag under subscribers in particular email list
  • Added ability to view campaigns sent for particular subscriber
  • Ability added to skip tracking domain validation
  • Ability added to optionally track opens
  • Messaging/Notifications system for customers
  • WYSIWYG email template editor has been updated and improved
  • New user interface and simplified user experience.

Hope you will find above new features and enhancements useful and will make the most out of them.

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  1. Teacher Joseph

    Would love it if you added multiple-user logins for clients. That is what is holding me back from using

  2. Barbiena

    I am looking forward to moving to this version of Easysendy.In past I was using Mailchimp and it offered me some of the features that was quite impressive, but then after looking into Version 2 of Easysendy I am more impressed because of the new features which Mailchimp doesnt have such as the idea of using more than 10 SMTP relays.I really liked it.

    • Ankit Prakash

      Great to hear Barbiena 🙂

  3. Drake B

    Thanks for sharing this.These new features seem absorbing.I have been using version 1 which had good things to offer, now am excited to know what more has been offered in this version 2.

    • Ankit Prakash

      Welcome Drake 🙂

  4. Jamie

    Thank you very much for writing this blog. I have been using the earlier version since a long time now. My business has been hugely benefited by EasySendy Pro. The upgraded version 2 of EasySendy Pro sounds awesome. The new features are really great. Especially the email campaign list filter will give me a better idea. I am looking forward to using the version 2 of EasySendy Pro.

  5. Rosie

    Great article! Email marketers would get a complete understanding of the upgraded version of EasySendy.

  6. Jason Laura

    I’m overwhelmed that you have shared the updated version of EasySendy Pro. It is helpful for many marketers who will use it for small businesses.

  7. Jason Laura

    Earlier I was using GetResponse and enjoyed its advanced features. After reading this blog, now I’m looking for the updated version of EasySendy Pro.

  8. Ryan Cynthia

    Interesting ….previously I used other email marketing software for my organisation…while searching for the latest version of email marketing tool,i got an idea of easysendy pro which is quite impressive… I’m definitely waiting to use the new version of easysendy pro. Thank you so much for updating us about your recent update…


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