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How To Use Email Suppression/Blacklist List?

You can use “Email Blacklist” feature to suppress the email sending to particular emails from your EasySendy Pro dashboard. For example you can add the list of emails of your competitors to whom you never want to send any email campaign, even if you have got added in your other email list anywhere on EasySendy Pro platform.

You can easily suppress/blacklist the email address from your existing EasySendy Pro account. In order to do this, you need to import your email list manually.

Follow these steps to suppress the email address of your choice.

How to Import all the Email Address in Suppression List :

1. Go to List >Email Blacklist > Import .


2. A pop-up box will appear on the screen, upload the CSV file.


How to Export all Suppressed Email Address from Suppression List :

1. Click on list > Email Blacklist > Export.


2. Download and extract the .CSV file accordingly.

How to Suppress single Email Address Manually :

1. Go to list > Email Blacklist> create new.

2. Then fill all the required fields manually and click on “Save Changes“.


Note: You can also “Remove” the Blacklisted Email Address whenever you want.

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