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Why Email Marketing is the great marketing strategy in 2023?

by | Mar 10, 2023 | Email Marketing | 2 comments

Are you looking for a great email marketing strategy to grow your business?

This article is written to help you to understand the great marketing strategy for deploying for your business. 

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1 . Modern Email Marketing Trends

2. Email Marketing vs. Social Media

3. The Future of Email Marketing

4. Automation in Email Marketing

5. Strategies to run improved email marketing campaigns

Email marketing is an excellent marketing strategy and the most trusted communication channel available in the market. 

Although 2020 has ended, it is good to know all the news about email marketing to implement in 2023. And you know how this works, you have to renew or die.

According to data from a study carried out by MailRelay, 46% prefer to use email as a communication channel. This is a trend that online businesses and brands must keep in mind at all times so that they can focus their future marketing campaigns.

But do you know how this marketing strategy has evolved in recent years? 

Are all emails effective? 

Will it only be enough to send a weekly email where you tell the latest news about your business?

The truth is that more and more customers are looking for a type of marketing that is more personalized. Marketers need to implement a great marketing strategy that is fully adaptable to customers’ behaviors and tastes without neglecting attractive and beautiful designs.

If you don’t offer them what they are looking for, they will most likely unsubscribe from your newsletter list. Therefore, you must know all the trends that email marketing will have in 2023 to apply them to your campaigns and ensure success.

Learn how it will work in email marketing in 2023

Please note the future trends that this strategy will have because you will need them in everything new that is to come. 

These numbers and the situation with COVID-19 and quarantine measures speak volumes about the importance of videos in marketing strategies for 2023. Providing informational content through visualization created by the best data visualization tool allows you to communicate your message to a large number of people effectively.

The most popular are “live” videos (interviews, demonstration of goods in business, life in the office, the process of creation and production, etc.) as an excellent way for companies to show the people behind their brand; it creates a trusting relationship from customers and “humanize “the brand.

Modern Email Marketing Trends

Email marketing is the best communication technique in digital marketing. Even though it seemed that technology’s advancement was going to mark its end, this did not happen. The mass sending of emails is not afraid of innovation and offers even better results than social networks.

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We will tell you what the new mailing trends are for this year so that you can take advantage of them in your next campaign.

The new professional applications present new functionalities and characteristics that achieve better results with less work. With the updated versions, you can send a newsletter at the right time or get better statistics to account for future campaigns.

Email Marketing vs. Social Media

In an increasingly digitized era where real-time information prevails on waiting times, many wonder if an email has its days numbered or, on the contrary, it is an eternal tool that has the support of the majority.

When you write an email to personal contact or a potential client/subscriber, one thing is clear; you will have to wait for them to read it and respond to you.

It is the main reason why some point out that given the current times, email is becoming obsolete, but as we will see later with data and tables, nothing is further from reality.

The Future of Email Marketing

Digital marketing is becoming increasingly important to promote and enhance our brands or businesses, whether they are established online or offline, or both. Within this world, there is a strategy that continues to be significant and successful: email marketing. And this 2020 brings new trends.

Emails? In 2020? Although many doubt, the application of email marketing – sending emails to contact lists with information about your company, brand, or institution – continues to grow.

The contacts can be from consumers, subscribers, or potential clients, while the email content can vary from advertising, promotions, invitations, and corporate information, among others.

It is a direct marketing platform that has become very effective. Currently, smartphones are associated with an email account. By 2018, Gmail alone – Google’s email service – had more than 1.5 billion users worldwide.

According to experts, it was predicted that the number of email users would increase to 3,000 million across the globe by 2020.

Automation in Email Marketing

Knowing what email marketing holds for you in 2020 is necessary to start planning your strategies for next year. 

Can you imagine a world without email? 

More than 4 billion people will have one email address by 2023. 

It only makes sense for marketing teams to capitalize on it by sending their messages directly to their target audience’s inboxes with so many subscribers.

Today most brands create email marketing strategies to grab the customers and recognize the unique approach that many email marketers take.

Changes to current emailing campaigns

The key to successful email marketing so far has been to manage email content properly:

An educational content serves the reader with useful information.

Also, write and send promotional emails that lead to your product or service. Although in the medium term, since if there is too much promotion, subscribers will unsubscribe; If there isn’t enough, readers will forget what your business is about and won’t become a customer.

People and the internet are changing with the arrival of new devices and standards; your email marketing strategy must reflect those changes.

So, it would help if you got a better idea of ​​what to expect; read on to see how email marketing will evolve in 2020.

Knowing the best tips for email marketing actions will help you extract the most value from your email campaigns. When you use email to reach your customers, you want the most for your open and conversion rates to be high.

One of the tips for email marketing actions to take into account is to take care of the matter. You can send the email and the person’s name; it is the first thing the user reads. Therefore, you have to give special attention in this regard.

The subject line must be clear and brief and focus on a single objective. If you want to achieve profitability in your email marketing campaign, you must write a subject line that clarifies the email’s content. Never write something that has nothing to do with the simple goal of getting users to click on it. It will invoice you in subsequent shipments.

Strategies to run improved email marketing campaigns

Well, you need to know that email marketing goes far beyond the famous weekly newsletters.

More than sending news about the company, email communication should be used to generate relationships and sales.

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Through emails, a company must nurture its potential customers, taking doubts, educating the public.

It is necessary to create a well-structured strategy and monitor the results regularly.

If the company fails in this process, customers will likely interpret your communication only as spam. And not the goal, is it?

To avoid mistakes and guarantee results, the Email Marketing Analyst takes care of points such as:

  • Segmentation
  • Creation of nutrition campaigns and flows
  • Metric analysis

Here we can present how these functions are performing:

1 . Segmentation

Email marketing segmentation segregates different contacts based on reactions, interests, and level of engagement.

For one example, a legal firm may have contacts interested in specific topics related to law. Some law professionals want to keep abreast with the latest happenings. Others may be entrepreneurs who want other law information for their business.

This separation can be done in different lists or even through triggers and smart links.

The same goes for commitment. The most engaged users should go on to receive more in-depth content. After all, they have already interacted with different content and are closer to the time of purchase.

To perform these tasks, the analyst must master the email marketing tools used by the company.

2. Creation of nutrition campaigns and flows

There are several types of emails that the Email Marketing Analyst can process.

For their part, the professional should be in constant contact with the Content Manager or the Marketing Director to learn about its goals and marketing objectives.

Here the analyst must prepare campaigns and a series of emails such as:

1 . Newsletters: These are typically sent periodically to the entire contact base. The content usually has blog updates and company news.

2. Promotional emails: These are emails that disclose some offers (not necessarily promotions and products). You can send these emails to people who have already shown interest in the solution offered.

3. Nutrition flow: Typically, it corresponds to a series of pre-programmed emails with educational content (automatically fired to each person who registers). The objective is to “nurture” the lead, taking it closer and closer to the purchase decision.

4. Marketing Automation: The term refers to a more specific nutrition flow, initiated after a particular user action (for example, clicking a link within the email). Automation can be used for relationships, sales, or even after-sales.

3. Metrics Analysis

Monitoring the results is one of the essential points of the Email Marketing Analyst’s job.

It is from the metrics that strategies can be improved. For this, the professional must pay attention to points such as:

  • List growth rate: Referring to new subscribers
  • List inactivity rate: People who unsubscribe or stop engaging
  • Open rate: Users who open the message
  • Click rate: Users who click on the links within the message


Marketers can adapt the above tips to improvise their email marketing strategies for getting high conversion rates and maximize sales revenue.     


  1. Arthur Gloria

    We all know that email marketing brings a higher return on investment. Through this article, we get to know that email marketing is the best email strategy of this year. Thank you for sharing with us.

  2. Gerald Frances

    We all know that email marketing drives a higher return on investment as compared to other marketing strategies. Through this article, I understood the different strategies for improving email marketing campaigns for bringing better conversion rates.


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