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Hybrid Email Marketing Tool for Startups

Startups worry about one thing all the time. At what budget can they achieve maximum growth and they are always on the lookout for the right communication avenue on the Internet. The web opens up a plethora of options to establish their online brand and email marketing is something that gets them straight to the inboxes of their audience or customers. Emails have almost thrice the number of accounts as compared to social media channels. The most profound reason is that email makes people click and take an action. It is a personalized form of email marketing tool for startups.startup ideas

Why would a startup need email marketing?

There are few basic and may be the most important reasons to choose the best email marketing tool for startups .

  • Email accounts and traffic outnumber social media by far

Email has 3X more user account than Facebook and Twitter combined. Facebook and Twitter combined has 0.2% of emails sent per day. Also, email marketing list solely belongs to you, unlike your fans and followers on social media platform. Above all, it brings in recurring revenue and it the most loyal customer base online (most of the time). This is the only reason why Amazon to ASOS is such a fruitful and widespread email marketing tool for startups.Startups

  • Emails have the power to make people react

It is the most personal and official data where consumers pay more attention when it reaches them directly unlike the Twitter message that they never read or the Facebook post that they often miss. Email is the original notification as we wake up in the morning and check emails. Whenever we buy anything from Amazon, we get the next email which recommends us to buy something based on our present purchase.

We react to 40% off on your next purchase of bags through emails. “(Email) Newsletter is the new Twitter” as said by Austin Kleon.

  • Email drives cross-channel access    

Consumers read emails on their computer, mobiles, and tablets. A startup company will find access to them across various channels and platforms. Emails opened in mobile can come with an app link that will tell them to download the app. Thus, from each device, these startups will obtain data for the consumer’s behavior and will be able to optimize their marketing activities accordingly. They will get an option into their customer’s sphere. Related: 7 reasons why email marketing is smart for small businesses

  • Pocket friendly

One of the biggest reasons by should a startup resort to email marketing mode of marketing for their brand awareness. A startup is always restrained in monetary terms. They will not now have a huge pocket to invest in the traditional mode of marketing. Therefore, email marketing campaign through the number of Softwares like SaaS email, Amazon SES cloud, SMTP relay servers, ESPs, etc. will help them develop their business and reach out to the crowd with less pocket pinch.startup

Why should a startup implement hybrid email marketing campaign to their business?

Hybrid email marketing solution is something that email marketers look up to and is the need of the hour. It is the ultimate email marketing tool for startups as most of the email solutions have their pros and cons (like costing a bomb for the startups, email optimization problem, etc.).Startup-with-Email-Marketing-736x410 Given below are some the important reasons as to why should a startup turn to cloud-based email hosting solution.

“If you have more money than brains, you should focus on outbound marketing. If you have more brains than money, you should focus on inbound marketing.” — Guy Kawasaki

  • Lower cost- One of the biggest reason as to why a startup should restore to hybrid email marketing. Outsourcing email to a cloud-based mail server is just a cheaper option in the world of email marketing. Encompassing the benefits of both the worlds, different emails will have a different cost. Therefore, for a startup the overall marketing cost would reduce as the use of multiple email delivery mechanism to send various types of emails would help in scaling up in economic term.

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  • Easy updates- Things need to a little bit simpler for a startup as they happen to be in the early stages of their business. There will be less of a headache and much time will be saved if the ability to initiate upgrades and configure software from a central point can be deployed system wise.
  • Add subscribers faster- This might not be a very helpful feature for a startup at the initial stage but from the future point of view of business, this is crucial. Hybrid email marketing solution allows the user to add subscribers faster and send large volumes of mail on an ongoing basis.

Read 25 ways to grow your email subscriber list.

  • Expert’s benefits- When a startup will be outsourcing emails to a reputable provider, they will get a team of individuals that will be able to serve as an external email operation team. This will be highly beneficial for a startup as they will be having the touch of experts in their business who will be focused on email deliverability and general email management marketing tool for startups

Amazon SES is a great player in this business. Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) is a cost effective email service built on reliable and scalable infrastructure. has developed this to serve their customer base. With this, Amazon can send transactional email, marketing messages or any other type of high-quality content to their customers. One can also use Amazon SES to receive messages and deliver them to an Amazon S3 bucket, will call his custom code via an AWS Lambda function, or publish notifications to Amazon SNS. With Amazon SES, one does need not have any minimum required commitment, and one pays as he goes and one only pay for what one uses.

Cloud is considered the wave of future. Given the inter-linkages with mobility, big data and social, the world foresees the migration of all enterprise data to the public, private and hybrid cloud model within the next few years, as observed by says Vivek Malhotra, director, IBM Cloud, India/South Asia.

How can startups optimize with a Hybrid email solution?

Startups will be trying to maximize email deliverability and scalability but will also be a hedge against costs and maintain data security. hybrid email marketing tool for startups is where they can have its own in-house and on-premise email system as integrated with a cloud-based SMTPs.

  • Will be able to use separate sending options for different mail streams: A hybrid email marketing solution will allow  to pick the right email marketing tool for startups for each mail stream. An e-blast to all or some segment of their customers will be better tackled via their SMTP relays. Transactional email like shipping confirmation, password reset, payments, etc. might belong to the startup company’s on-premise system especially if they need to be integrated into other in-house systems.


  • Will be able to outsource their email deliverability and hardware without over adjusting their on-premise system: The original advantage of SMTP relays still prevails, and the leading-edge on-premise software products are designed to capitalize on an SMTP’s ability to address deliverability that is concerned about integrating those cloud-based providers. By doing so, a startup can also correct their in-house hardware and infrastructure so that they can handle just those needs that have to do on-premise. This will help them to maintain the business rules of the company for the future prospect.

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  • Will help a startup to achieve scalability: A large volume of messages can spike both predictability and unpredictability across a startup company’s marketing schedule. It does not make sense to maintain an on-premise hardware footprint on a spike or periodic plateaus. A cloud-based SMTP on standby can easily take up the slack whenever or however it happens.
  • Startups will be able to protect themselves through redundancy and recovery: The startups will be able to switch from one hybrid sending environment to another in the case of a failure on either side, as in hybrid sending structure; a marketer has two active sending environments. This can be seamlessly automated, depending on the level of integration between on-premise and SMTP.
  • Startups will be able to gain flexibility and privacy compliance: Even if it is a startup company, privacy should be paramount of that company. Therefore, the cloud-based platform will provide complete security to a startup company as good as their on-premise server.

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“To be successful and grow your business and revenues, you must match the way you market your products with the way your prospects learn about and shop for your products.” — Brian Halligan

EasySendy Pro- In the world of cloud-based email marketing, the best email marketing tool for startups

EasySendy Pro– A hybrid email marketing tool for startups has reached out its hands to help them in quest of email marketing and thereby, brand awareness of all those companies.gig

  • Helps in automating email list segmentation based on subscriber’s action: One of the most important things that a startup company should consider is the behavior of their customers. Based on that, they must send email accordingly. This feature of Pro will generate a new segment in an existing email list, automatically where they will be able to pre-define the email list based on different conditions. This will help in targeting email to a particular group of customers interested in a particular thing. Thus, it will not hamper the brand name as unwanted emails will not be sent to those who are not interested.
  • Re-engagement campaigns: In EasySendy Pro, there is this feature by which it can send emails to those who have opened previous emails as well as to those who have missed in doing so. Therefore, in the case of a startup, it is very beneficial. If they see a person or a subscriber has not opened an email, they will be able to send that same mail as a reminder about that mail which they might have missed the opening.
  • Pay as and when an email is sent: EasySendy Pro is a great email marketing tool for startups. Why? By now it is very clear that a startup company will always be low on budget. Therefore, EasySendy Pro allows the startups to pay only for the emails that have been sent. A startup company can easily choose a payment plan that will be best suited for their business type and can send emails to their customers at an optimized rate.

  • Vast improvement in email delivery and open rate: What is needed for a startup to make their brand recall stronger is proper email deliverability in their customer’s inbox. This will, in turn, improve the email open rate. EasySendy Pro is a helpful email marketing tool for startups which does this work with full efficiency. With the help of different SMTP relay servers, it makes sure that the email successfully lands in the subscriber’s inbox, thereby reducing the chances of it getting spammed and improving the open rate as well.

Follow Right Technology Setup Guide for High Email Delivery There are valid reasons for startups who should be implementing email marketing strategy for propelling their business ahead. It is the most efficient and functional way by which they can keep their email working, thereby building their brand image to others. Being limited by money and time, every startup should turn their attention to cloud-based email marketing campaign for the success of the company in the near future.




I agree ! It is a perfect way to start with email marketing , hybrid emails are the future of email marketing , it can bring great development and scope to email marketers as it increases the productivity and also will be very effective to users.It can attract the customers and drive the traffic to the businesses.I really like this idea.

Ankit Prakash

Thanks Jennet for liking the post.


Thanks for sharing this blog.It seems very informative in terms of email marketing.I agree the fact that hybrid email can grow the startups easily and smoothly.Using multiple SMTP’s can divide the load of emails and also prove to be efficient in terms of marketing.I like this idea.Looking forward to implement.

Ankit Prakash

Great to hear that Becca. Do take the implementation forward.


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I completely agree with what you have written on your blog. Being a part of a start-up myself, I know how crucial email marketing is for start-ups. I have used hybrid email marketing solution and it has helped my business to a great extent. By outsourcing email to a cloud-based email server I managed to operate on the shoestring budget.


Glad it was of a good help to you Elloit!

Peter Sava

Tithi, you are a great writer. I really enjoyed reading your piece. So many points I completely agree with. I completely agree that email is the single most personal relationship medium on the Internet, which is why start-ups must use it. As you said, Facebook and Twitter put together also don’t deliver the same return. Yes and very rightly point, emails have the power to make people react. It is the most personal medium of reaching out to someone over the internet. And since most of the action has happened in the social media space, personal medium’s importance stays untouched.

Diana Gonzales

Truly, achieving the significant growth can be the prime concern for the start-ups these days. We can’t neglect the fact that email has the most number of users throughout the world. Amazon marketing tools are the most significant one.

Rachel Flores

It is beyond doubt, that achieving the considerable growth is the most important concern for the startups these days. Using Social Medias to promote a startup contributes very little when compared to the influence of Hybrid email marketing.

Laura Robinson

Hi Ankith! I love your take on Hybrid Email Marketing Tool. A fantastic article. For a minute I was a little confused but the more I read the more I understood. Indeed emails are the most personal and official data where consumers pay more attention to when it reaches them directly. Thanks for sharing!

Juan Ward

Hey, Ankit, thanks for sharing such a fantastic post! With the help of Hybrid Email marketing tool the main advantages we have is that startups will have the capacity to pick up adaptability and security compliance and also protect themselves through redundancy and recovery.

Louis King

I loved this article, thanks for sharing! Email makes people react and it is perceived as private and official. Since Email drives cross-channel access, it is definitely helpful not only for startups but also well established companies.

Joyce Campbell

Yes, email accounts and traffic outnumber social media by far as Email has 3X the user accounts as Facebook and Twitter combined. Hence email can bring in recurring revenue for startups and is usually it has the most loyal customer base online.

Chris Russell

Yes, a Hybrid Email Marketing tool can solve many issues that startups face that are very time-consuming.

Rickey Washington

Hey, I have a start-up, but at the same time, I am not willing to invest in low-quality products. I have been using your product for a while now. Very happy with the service.

Jason Bell

Undoubtedly this article contains the beneficial information required by any marketer to make a great move in the field.

Jean Torres

Agreed! The Hybrid emails are the future of email marketing which can bring great development and scope to email marketers and increase the products which can be useful for users.

Emily Griffin

Thanks a lot for sharing the blog. The Hybrid marketing tool which has been discussed in the blog is useful.

Douglas Davis

Excellent work with this comprehensive article. I especially agree with your fourth point — A hybrid email marketing solution will allow picking the right email marketing tool for startups for each mail stream.

Lois Peterson

Excellent work with this comprehensive article. I especially agree with your fourth point — A hybrid email marketing solution will allow picking the right email marketing tool for startups for each mail stream.

Louise Parker

Good Article! It provides valuable information on hybrid email marketing tools for startups. I agree with your all points.

Amanda Green

Good Article! It provides valuable information on hybrid email marketing tools for startups. I agree with your all points.

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