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Upgraded Version 3 of EasySendy Pro Released

by | Mar 2, 2023 | Blog, Version Release | 4 comments

EasySendy Pro Version 3: We are constantly working towards making EasySendy Pro – a simple and effective hybrid email solution. A few days back we had released the upgraded version 2 of EasySendy Pro for our users.

We are happy that you found the upgrades valuable. More-so, we received a lot of feedback. And the very first priority for us is to provide an unmatched experience. Keeping all these in mind and based on your feedback, we have now released our third upgrade for EasySendy Pro.

We know how eagerly you were waiting for the Twilio integration for SMS campaigns, and to launch email campaigns based on date events. Finally, the wait is over.

Now you can send your SMS campaigns through Twilio right from your EasySendy Pro dashboard. And about that event-based email campaigns – We have added that too!

A lot of things have been added and updated on EasySendy Pro. First, we will talk about Twilio integration.

Twilio for SMS Campaigns

Twilio provides simple APIs to help you launch SMS-based campaigns in a snap. Whether you are looking to send out promotional alerts or conduct surveys or send app download links via SMS, you can do it all from your EasySendy dashboard.

All you need to do is, sign up on Twilio and chose the number of campaigns you wish to send.

How to use Twilio in EasySendy Pro?

To send SMS campaigns through Twilio from EasySendy dashboard-

  1. Register and login to Easysendy Pro account
  2. Register and login to your Twilio account
  3. On your EasySendy Pro account, go to SMS Dashboard -> Delivery Setting
  4. Next you have the Application setting. To know the details of dealing with this section, hop onto our detailed document on SMS delivery through Twilio.

Bulk export of basic statistics of email campaigns

We know how important your email campaign metrics are. It is the numbers that help in testing and creating email campaigns that yield maximum revenue. In order to make things simpler and easier from our end, we have released a new feature wherein you can export email campaigns statistics in bulk.

You don’t need to open each campaign report separately to know about your campaigns. However, you will only get to access the basic performance statistics for your email campaigns. For more in-depth analysis, you will have to go one-by-one.


Share campaign statistics

You can now share the campaign statistics with your team members, clients, or anyone you want to without having to share the credentials. You will simply need to generate a password and enable the campaign statistics sharing feature.

The other person will then be able to view the statistics with the help of the password that you will provide.

P.S. The external person can ONLY VIEW the statistics, nothing else.


All new email campaign reports

Campaigns reports are visually more enriched and more detailed. Now you can see how your campaigns are faring based on each country in form of pie charts.

Also, you can get detailed reports on the type of device your users are using to engage with your campaigns. While you can see these details in form of a pie chart, simultaneously you can also get an overview of your campaigns in form of bar charts.


Emoji support for campaign subject

We understand the need of emoji to enhance a statement. So, we have now enabled emoji support for your campaign subject. Any emoji combination will now turn into actual emojis representing the emotion, like this:  😉 or 🙂 or 🙁 .


Yep! all the power to you and your emojis now!

Event based email campaigns

You asked for it, we made it. Sending out campaigns based on events was till date missing. No more! You can directly send email campaigns aligning to upcoming events based on date or anniversary, as added in in the uploaded email list.

We have made it easy to upload the event dates into your list. All you need to do is start email campaign around it.

Completely new user interface

We have polished and fine-tuned a lot of things to make your experience worthwhile. The new user interface includes removal of minor glitches and addition of a lot of new features that were either on hold or were not yet added.

Advanced Filters

You can filter your subscribers based on the campaign start and end dates. Along with this, we have added enhanced filters like unique ID, IP address, Status, and sources. Based on these filters, you can segregate and create new lists

More Statistics, More Power

Like we said, we know statistics play a crucial role in enhancing your email campaigns. As a result, you can now get statistics based on email opens, click-throughs, bounce rates and delivery of emails on your campaign listing page.

Visually enriched performance graphs

See how your campaigns have performed over a time period of 24 hours with the all new performance graphs. This is a crawling graph that keeps updating round the clock. Hence, you can see live preview of how your campaign is performing in 24 hours’ time.


‘Send this Campaign’ Feature

Often in a campaign, not all subscribers engage in the same way. While some will open your emails immediately, others will take time. And then, there are those who will not open your emails at all.

After waiting for sometime (say 48 hours atleast), you can use the ‘Send this Campaign’ feature to send out a follow-up campaign ONLY to those who have not opened your email in the previous campaign. (You can also use this feature to send to ONLY those who have opened your email). This purpose is mainly to send more targeted emails based on the subscriber’s behaviour.

Not just this, now you will also have the power to pause the delivery of each email after it is sent, if needed.

Custom Template Tags

You can now add delivery servers type and delivery servers ID tags. For instance, you can add custom tags like [SUBSCRIBER_OPTIN_IP], [SUBSCRIBER_OPTIN_DATE], [SUBSCRIBER_CONFIRM_IP], [SUBSCRIBER_CONFIRM_DATE] .

Not just this, you can also add random content inside email templates with the [RANDOM_CONTENT] tag

More Power to Your Email Campaigns

We have also added few more features to enhance your email marketing campaigns and improve the campaign performances in general.

  • Multiple campaigns for subscribers who have opened/unopened previous campaigns
  • Campaign started at will, only change when the campaign enters processing for the first time
  • Scheduling campaigns according to the Day of the week
  • Sending only RSS campaign when newsfeed gets updated inside RSS feed
  • Detailed Ariticmail SMTP reports
  • Multiple sending domain support in Ariticmail SMTP
  • Hourly quota while sending email campaigns

For now, this is all we have. However, we are still working on polishing the features and making EasySendy Pro version 3 an unmatched experience. If you think we have missed out on any updates, let us know in the comment section below.

We will surely make it a point to include in our next upgrade (which isn’t very far). Also, we hope the new upgraded EasySendy Pro version 3 adds value to your campaigns. For any feedback or report, feel free to connect with us anytime. We are available round the clock! 🙂


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