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35 Exit Popup Hacks That Will Grow Your Subscribers and Revenue

by | Mar 6, 2023 | Popup forms | 6 comments

 These Exit popup hacks can increase your conversion rates drastically. Contrary to the popular belief that exit popups are irritating and can bring down your conversion chances, these popups have the potential to double up your engagement rates.

An exit popup that automatically appears on your screen exactly when you are about to hit the close button is one great way to retain your subscribers for some more time and make a final shot to get them converted.

I am sure you will hardly come across a website that has not yet installed an exit popup.

Sometimes an exit popup also becomes your medium to understand what your subscribers or customers are looking for, and why they are leaving without completing their subscription or purchase cycle.

This actually happened with a luxury fashion brand in Asia. Malaysia-based fashion brand, Bonia, saw a 28% increase in their conversions after implementing an exit popup. When their subscribers or customers were about to leave, they showed them the following exit popup. Rather, they did an exit survey using their popups.


If the answer was YES, two questions followed – what prevented you from ordering the product today? and What were you looking for? ending with a final call-to-action of Send Results.

  • Bonia did this for two months straight. At the end of the second month, they had over 1,000 answers to analyze. They discovered:
  • Only 15% of their customers found what they were looking for but it was mostly budget that stopped them from purchasing.

    Almost 85% of their customers did not find what they were looking for.

This strategy helped Bonia understand what their customers were looking for, and accordingly reshuffle their website. From the survey, they discovered that the majority of their customers were looking for watches, bags, and wallets.

So, they added the ‘watches’ category on their website, made separate categories for men and women, and simultaneously emphasized on wallets and bags with increased font size. By making these shifts and changes, Bonia was able to spike up their conversions by about 28%!!

Isn’t that amazing?

[bctt tweet=”An Exit popup that is designed keeping the target subscribers and customers in mind, and is equally relevant to the business, can show positive impact on conversion rates.” username=”easysendy”]

Hacking time!

1. Design of the popup

Mostly every online store creates a single exit popup which help customers stay on the page.
You can make the customers stay on the page by offering them the required discounts according to the interests.

Which attracts more customers? A discount or spin and win case. It is the most convenient way to test and analyse the results.

Whenever you implement a popup for your website, make sure that you’re considering the customer and ask yourself “What value does this bring my customer back?”. Following points must be taken care while designing a popup form:

  1. There’s a great chance in using popups for your business, if you’re successfully able to answer that question confidently.
  2. Just a sentence or two can get your question straight to the point.
  3. Make your offer short and show a clear benefit for the visitor.

Not sure what could work? You can promise a discount or a coupon code which entices a prospect and turns into a lead. It encourages shoppers to go through with a purchase they were on the fence about.

As shown in the above images, the Hannahpad Family and The Great Outdoors Co. wanted their customers to receive a discount coupon by asking their details, so that they can stay back on the website.

 2. Give coupons

Have you purchased any coupon code so that to make the purchase? Yes, these practices of giving them a coupon code works out. Tickets are a strategy that gives you an opportunity to make an additional sale.

This tactic works very well to build the strong credibility of your eCommerce store as well as assures that the customer will come back again to shop.

3. Provide the first time visitor with a one-time offer

Don’t you get fascinated by first-time offers? Yes, there are chances that the offers entice the first-time visitors to your store and make them buy something.

In many cases, the first time visitors leave the store by simply browsing the specific category without buying. Hence it’s a great idea to offer a one-time offer that will be valid only for that particular time.

These offers make a visitor think about it again so that they won’t say no to and react to it quickly. This leads to an increase in both conversion and subscribers rate and generates revenues.

Take a glance at the above  shown email pop-ups. As an email popup is the latest conversion marketing necessity. To attract a new customer, this tactic works incredibly for email capture, website traffic conversion and visitor engagement.

On the pop-up, Shywood Eyewear used the tactic to entice the first-time visitors as it essentially gave them a quick sales pitch for their brand and visitor engagement. This pop-up gave a clean look and helped them convert the first-time visitors to turn back to them.

4. Suggest related posts

For much time, a visitor likes to spend time in an online store? The answer depends upon his/her requirements. It’s better to make the visitors stay at the store for a longer time as the longer time they stay; the better it is for your website.

There is magic behind associated posts as when you upload rich content to your blogs; you can add links to them and recommend posts that connect with the current one that your visitor is currently reading.

You can place these suggested posts in the middle of the content or at the bottom of the page. Hence in this way, there are high chances of your visitor reading the posts and getting clicks on the product page which leads to the product page.

Have you felt hungry and ever been looking for any cooking ideas online? If yes, you would have rarely chosen the first recipe, as it seem like you might be missing some ingredients or time, or even a proper kitchen device.

5. Give them a Few Choices

Many exit popup hacks fail to increase revenue as they don’t offer something that the visitor wants. You might be selling books to a person who was looking out for gadgets.

Hence it’s the better idea to provide them with some options so that each persona can respond to their offers differently. Let the customers select the one in which they are interested in.

As shown in the above image, the customers can drive in according to their interests. But these options definitely make them stay long in  the website.

A person who has read a recipe might feel interested in other related posts also , aka other recipes the food blog has to offer. It can be any other ecommerce website also which allows you to attract you with something that’s come “fresh from the oven”. Why not help him find what he is looking for with the help of an exit intent popup?

6. Free trial

To enhance the engagement level, you can offer free tests or money back guarantee on certain products & services.

Firstly when the visitor signup, you can initiate the email marketing tricks to bring them to buy some products from the store.

This will carry new sales and loads of conversion. These pop-ups attract the customer back to the store. Hence it is beneficial to get the exit popups with free trails.

7. Personalize by Referral Source

Personalization is the key to make your advertisements like exit popups feel less like an intrusion and more friendly. One of the simple ways is to personalize the popup based on the referral source.

In case, when a visitor got to your page through a guest post, you wrote for a specific website. By using the personalization, you can use the referrer detection technology to detect when a visitor is coming from any particular domain, and use that information to customize your exit popups.

personalized email popup

In the above example, Personyze has considered tailoring and personalizing messages with dynamic variables. For example you can insert the keyword the visitor used to fetch some following details such as-

  • Find your site
  • His name
  • His day of the week
  • His city

It increases the connection between the user and your brand and increases the chances of re-engagement.

8. Offer a Content Upgrade

A content upgrade is merely a more in-depth or a higher-value version of a particular blog post. For example, if your blog posts about how to cook” the Biriyani, but in the time when the visitor read your posts, they decide to cook or buy their ingredients.

It’s the moment when you can offer them a free download of a printable shopping list with the exact parts they need for your recipe. They will be pleased with your efforts of providing customers their most quintessential things.

9. Add a Progress Bar

Studies prove that the uncompleted tasks are remembered more than the completed ones. Hence undoubtedly an exit popup which shows a progress bar can help visitors stay back on the website.

A progress bar help users understands how far they’ve gone through a particular process. If you exhibit a progress bar which shows they’ve already 50 percent done, might drive customers to finish the tasks.

For example, you have created an exit popup for a content upgrade. You are required to collect your user’s email address. Whenever the user clicks ”Download”, they get directed to a popup with another CTA. 

The progress bar lets you confirm the content upgrade with the user and if it shows “50% Completed,” and suggest the second CTA.

10. Include a Picture of the Bribe

Brain Dean bribes his customers by including an offer which on his exit popup. These kind of exit pop-ups drive customers to enter their details to utilize the offers.

Images speak a lot. Hence the exit popups were no exception is utilizing models for any online marketing campaign. When you want to decide to purchase a product, you could use images to get people to enter their email address for your free eBook.

An image of the product with its title is more than enough for you to make a robust and appealing look.

11. Objections act as a major hurdle

There comes a situation when your customer may not be able to buy the product because of some objection, and if you could overcome that objection it would be the last nudge they need to make the purchase?

The biggest objection is the worry of the shoppers when they regret it later after buying, which can be overcome by offering some money back guarantee.

12. Give a Reminder

Have you come across lines such as “Wait! You still have these items in your cart…” or “Wait! Don’t leave without you…” and then show images of the items they are about to leave behind.

These cheesy tactics make a shopper go through the products in the cart once more, which can be easily made available with the help of an exit popup.

Guess what GlobeIn is doing with their popup? A good offer and a simple call-to –action always work. That’s what GlobeIn uses to convince shoppers to complete their purchase.

As shown in the above example, the brand wants to attract customers by giving them a reminder of the items left in the basket , so that they can select some to continue shopping.

13. Offer a Surprise Discount

There are many advantages of offering a discount in an exit popup such as you can provide a refund in exchange for the visitor’s email address and you can quickly collect a coupon which rarely fails to raise their email address at least so that you can market to them in the future.

Here’s an example:

Is it sounds simple to offer a “surprise” offer? But nailed it as converts 4.7% of the users who see this popup into subscribers. Not bad!

14. Offer Free Shipping

As shown if you add a coupon code with a last date, the exit popup showing “free shipping” does wonders.

Free shipping still continues to be the primary motivator for purchasing, according to eMarketer. Hence Brooks Brothers’ utilized it brilliantly. It gave potential customers a solution and offered a strong incentive to complete their order.

The magical words of “Free Shipping” does wonders when a customer only wanted the facility of “free shipping “to finish his shopping. It’s better to give the free shipping code directly on your shopping cart page which will prevent shopping cart abandonment. Hence, people might try the facility of free shipping facility in exchange for an email address.

15. Create Scarcity

The conditions of scarcity always drive a maximum number of folks. As shown in the image, the messages like “ Hurry – only six are left,” makes the customer check the cart once more and finish their urge to buy it.

Less product numbers always create demand and low supply creates scarcity. Create a sense of scarcity in your exit popup by including supply levels or numbers. Observing that still there is just one jacket left in their size would definitely convince customers to make the purchase.

16. Add Urgency

When there is a question of urgency, it gets the ball rolling by defining a deadline: you get the offer before this time, or you miss out. Hence you can use the limited time discount with yellow and a red arrow as people do make mistakes in decision making.

17. Adding a countdown timer

Guess which is the most convincing ways to convert a visitor now? Yes, displaying a time-limited offer does wonder. The brand Xero Shoes has offered a coupon which expires after 3 minutes. It offers an irresistible incentive to buy today.

Have you received 2 products for the price of one? Yes it is one of the smart tactics used by Kate Somerville team. The importance of timing plays the magic.

18. Suggest Popular Related Products

When you have a wide range of products, it is beneficial to recommend other products too which are related to the one that the shopper is viewing. Suggesting another product can be helpful for the customer to select according to their requirements.

If you mix the most popular items in an exit popup, it makes a gentle reminder for other shoppers to browse those too. Hence if you suggest your favorite things in an exit popup, it can make a visitor stay longer on the website.

Muubbaa uses the headline, “Most Wanted” to reinforce the desirability of their clothing.

19. Offer More Value

If your customers are leaving as they are not able to offer them the right product, then you offer them an upgraded version of your product. For example, you can add many amenities which must be served free of charge.
The exit popup is the last chance to capture those leads, hence make sure you offer freebies or a good bonus.

29. Present a Survey

Surveys are the great way to analyze the complete website, and if exit popups are used to do a study, it’s like a cherry on the cake. The surveys which doesn’t make sense are not worth to be included on the home page.

If you’re asking visitor’s time, then don’t expect them to fill out a survey form in seconds and make sure that you give them in exchange.

21. Give a Quiz

Quizzes have always been the most attractive sources as they provide personalized information based on how the user responds. Personality type quizzes are especially popular.

Here’s an example of an exit popup quiz from Healing ADD on finding your ADD type, which attracts customer and make them answer and stay back on the website.

When quizzes are mixed with exams, they take their quizzes to uncover who they are by psychological theory.

22. Offer a Done-for-You

Offering a done for you on an exit pop-up according to the customer’s requirement drives a lot of attention. A Word Document,fill-in-the-blank PDF template, an Excel spreadsheet, a Photoshop file, or even audio clips can be offered to the customer.
If the product demands any rework, then be free to offer a complete done-for-you service. Firstly put yourself in your visitor’s shoes and think “What can be done to make the work easier?”

It can be concluded that you can save a lot of time or frustration; to get the perfect “hook” for your exit popup.

23. Use the Word, “Wait”

The word “Wait” does wonder by adding a factor of curiosity among the customers. Just before they are going to close the deal, ask them a statement with “Wait.” The exit pop-up form with a statement asking for “Wait” makes a true statement with the customers.

24. Keep the message short

In the below shown exit popup, the words attract customers and make them follow.

Only if you can make your customers happy, it will be hard for them not to get the partying offer.
In case , when the humor fits with your brand , you can entice customers for the exit popup!

If you are not good in words, make sure you use the right words and make your customers notice it. Just like the way as Gleam are doing it. “Psst, Before You Go” we can be more closer friends.

25. Offer to Chat

If you can’t offer 24-hour live chat to support your website visitors, then an exit-intent popup takes the form of a live chat so that they can collect the queries and clear them.

It is hard to ask customers make the first step. But if they take the initiative to start, they will take the next difficult action too. Hence practically if you want to make it possible you can make use of a button. Your customers may find it irresistible to become the subscriber if used a call-to-action.

26. Give a Yes/No Choice

Choices make a person more in control, hence if you need to make the “right choice.” It’s vital to make the color of your call to action button in bold so that to make the visitor understand the message.
The button copy is essential also; hence many marketers go beyond the line by writing your copy that sounds too pushy or condescending.

27. Use Social Proof

For making the decision, we tend to look out for others then only Social Proof is approached.
In some cases, you could use someone else’s numbers as an example to point out the others results as an example. Make sure you add some positive points of a happy customer which can entice other people too.

28. Use Your Credentials

Any special certifications or qualifications can give visitors greater confidence in your authority and expertise. Hence you can include this in an exit pop-up, which can make people follow authority figures. You can position yourself as the expert so that you can drive attention from the visitors to take action.

29. Use Numbers

Numbers always have the focus -grabbers. Use popup copy with numbers with smaller units if you want to give the impression of more significant amounts.

30. Use Arrows

Do you know arrows are awesome design components. They direct the reader to look at the exact location.

Here’s an example from a popup at RazorSocial:

You might not even realize that when you see the arrow in the lower left-hand corner, it subtly points you in the direction of that first form field.

You can use arrows throughout the design to guide the reader toward your CTA.

An excellent popup design can also help you increase conversions on your exit pop-up in the same way as an excellent copy.
You must focus on the information to be highlighted rather than the complete report. Arrows can comprehend information better than written directions. You can drive great attention by using exit popups to direct attention towards your call-to-action.

31. Use Animation

One of the greatest ways to gain attention is by using animation.
An excellent exit popup combined with a directional visual cue is an excellent conversion tool.

32. Ask to Follow You on Social

You would have seen many exit popups asking for social media communication. In most of the cases, folks are ready to connect through social media rather than email address. Such exit pop-ups get excellent attention.

33. Assume the Close

It’s a smart move to stop asking the interests of a visitor to take action and assume that they do.

A simple registration form on Neil Patel’s website asks merely for details. He never asks people to buy webinars.

34. Include testimonials

Include testimonials on your mini sales page i.e. the exit pop-up form which can convince visitors by using recommendations from your customers and subscribers. Testimonials have the power to convince your visitors along the simple psychology – If they are saying its good, it must be good!

35. Don’t show popups to your existing subscribers

If someone has already subscribed to your email list, don’t show them your popup. It can annoy them and make them leave faster. Instead of wasting your exit popup, you can try showing them a different kind of popup that aligns with their purchase behaviour or browsing behaviour.

Since they are already subscribed, you might want them to take another action so that they move closer to converting into your customer. Try using a different lead magnet for such subscribers to see a difference.

Reading these case studies always make me believe that I can do this too. But the challenge is, where to begin, how to do, and what practices will give me results? Let’s address all three questions, one at a time now.

#1. Where to begin?

I’d say start with EasySendy Pro, because there is a host of amazing popup templates that you can use to build your ideal exit popup – in less than a minute. There are over 250 ready-to-use templates that you can customize for your business.

easysendy drip web pop forms

Alternatively, you can upload your own HTML version or create one from scratch using our editor. But that’s not it about our exit popups on EasySendy Pro. Here’s what you get:

  • All the popups are easy to embed. Embed them anywhere on your website. Integrate your EasySendy Pro account with Google Analytics and start tracking your forms.
  • You can add social subscribe buttons to your exit popups so that your visitors can finish subscribing in a few seconds without having o manually enter their details. This is one great trick that always work in the favour of a brand. After all who’d not want to do less work and get more?!
  • The drag and drop editor makes it easy to add elements on your exit popups. You can also add a follow-up popup like a Thank You popup immediately after your exit popup for those who subscribe.
  • You can monitor your exit popups according to the visitor behavior. Based on their browsing pages, show relevant exit popups. You can also stop your exit popups from popping up to returning visitors. This helps in providing your visitors a smooth experience on your platform, and also increase the chances of conversion.

#2. How to build an exit popup on EasySendy Pro?

It is only a few steps long. Get your free trial account today to get started.

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After you log in using your credentials, go to Web PopUp forms option. You will see three options: PopUp forms, PopUp form Templates, and Settings. To go to the template library, click on the second option.

web popup forms

The Pop Forms option takes you to the list of popup forms that you have already built, or the option to start creating a new one, as shown below. You can duplicate an existing form template that you have previously built, or build a new form.

popup forms

To build a new template, you will be redirected to the template builder, which looks like this. Here you have to specify every element you need and also all the contents that you want to showcase.

pop template builder

If you want to avoid all the hassle, just click on Pop Form Templates and do to the template library directly. Select your choice of template and start customizing it as per your needs. Once you are done, you can preview your template to see everything is working fine. Hit the Save button, then save and close button to exit.

#3. What practices to implement?

We are done with the “where” and “how” part. Now, I will tell you about 35 exit popup hacks that almost all businesses use (including us at EasySendy Pro).

After going over several case studies, and encountering multiple exit popups, here is your ultimate cheatsheet to build amazing exit popups.

I hope this list adds value to your popup strategies, especially when you start building an exit popup. Is there any hack that you have tried and seen result, but is missing from this list? Tell me in the comments below so that I can keep updating this list.

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Frequently Asked Questions

⭐What is an exit popup?

An exit popup is an overlay window that appears on a website when a user attempts to leave the page. It typically contains a message encouraging the user to sign up for a newsletter, discount, or other promotional offer.

⭐What are the benefits of using an exit popup?

Exit popups increase website engagement and help to convert more visitors into customers. They also help to increase the size of your email list and boost overall revenue.

⭐How should I design my exit popup?

When designing your exit popup, it’s important to make sure it clearly communicates the offer and encourages the user to take action. Make sure to include a compelling headline, clear call-to-action, and attractive visuals.

⭐What should I include in my exit popup?

Your exit popup should include a compelling headline, clear call-to-action, and attractive visuals. You should also include a brief description of the offer, as well as any personalization or targeted messaging.

⭐How can I track the performance of my exit popup?

You can track the performance of your exit popup by using analytics tools such as Google Analytics. This will help you to identify which offers are performing well and which ones need to be optimized.


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