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19 Exit Popup Proven Formulas That Will Increase Conversion Rates

by | Mar 9, 2023 | Best Practices, Email List Growth, Popup forms | 6 comments

Have you ever thought of a situation where a visitor just browsed through your website page and left because there were no forms to capture this lead ? Your anonymous visitor is gone, and there is no way you can track her/him down!! 🙁 return chance lost!

Yes, it sounds like the worst common thing that can happen. However, a majority of marketers don’t create this common mistake fact at all. All websites have a popup that “pops” up when you are about to click the exit button or back key.

These are the last attempts to create your visitor stick, join and subscribe to your emails to continue updated book.

Meet exit popups again. I am sure you have heard about exit intent popup examples or probably worn one for your website/blog post too. You’d like use exit popups to content upgrade, building  blog post fact for  promote & convince new customers/ visitor’s to opt/access new resource to join.

Exit popup survey are a great way for businesses to capture for building anonymous visitors and convert/ convince them into lead magnet potential subscribers. After that, through proper subscriber engagement, they become customers and later brand advocates.

Often exit popups are clubbed with other normal static forms placed on the website. Use an exit popup on your site pages/ blog posts online which appears when reader might want to leaves by offering a discount code  gift something like limited join contact 14 day money returns guarantee or 14 day free trial limited online tools well.

Do exit popups increase conversions?

Starting from signing up for a newsletter to buying a product and in between, conversion includes many strategies like last decreasing cart abandonment, increasing product sales, targeting email subscribers, ecommerce shopping cart, 14 day trial tools, etc.

The foremost task is to decide/ want an exit intent offer which can get a visitor’s attention and delay its leaving. Understanding the intention of a visitor like- when they came to a website page, how they arrived there and what they are looking?

Once you’re in that zone, you can identify the best offer for them which can make them hold back, convince and subscribe!

One way to do this: Providing a custom offer

Wordsteam created a custom offer for one of their their eBook. By analyzing the navigation, they served a relevant piece of content. Their primary purpose was to move the visitor to a higher converting landing page.

So user can hold back or might be leave your site. A longer time on site and page views per session helped them to improve the site SEO and conversion rate information. The amazing fact is- a study by Wolfgang Digital showed that by increasing time on site by 16%, conversion rates ramped up 10%.

So, keep the evident information which added this method can help and start increasing subscriber conversion results for any business/ ecommerce sector.

Is it difficult to create an exit popup form?

Not at all. With EasySendy, you can add highly customizable Web Popup Forms to your website and capture coming emails to grow your email list.

These popups automatically subscribes your new subscribers to email drips to increase engagement with high converting email.

 EasySendy Pro  allows you to select/display an exit popup form template from a collection of 250+ pop up form templates.

You can add / display them to your website within no time. These forms are easy to embed and can be customized to suit your business & ecommerce sector.

Additionally, you can build your tailored template from scratch operate the drag and drop editor or upload a pre-designed template.

Add social subscribe buttons to your forms and increase for looking conversion rates (by decreasing the time taken to fill up a form) without any problem.

web pop up templates

Far ever We already discussed that exit popup forms show / display results. We also know how to build one for your website easily. Now, lets go over the tried and tested formulae for exit popup forms that has worked for us (and we are sure will work for you too). Over to look  the cheat codes clicks now.

19 Exit Popup Proven Formulas That Will Increase Conversion Rates

Let’s have a look at the following 21 proven exit-popup formulas. Let’s dig in!

1. Personalize your interactions with website visitors

Personalization without fail work out, as it can help you address email subscribers by name, though. The best way to personalize exit popups is to use a headline leaves like “Before You Leave…”

This is one of the most potent messages / question which can drive a visitor towards it. As understand that his or her intention of navigating through the page, you can offer them a top special offer which works.

The personalized messages like “Welcome Back!” help boost conversions by anticipating one  what specific segments of your target audience might may want.

Personyze’s uses the tool of personalization which allows the targeting engine to trigger a visitor who arrived from a PPC campaign and is about to leave the website box.

When the questions like “ let What made you exit?” in the exit popup form helps you run a quick survey to discover guide out if the ads or page content was relevant or isn’t have any sense.

2. Real-time Personalized Exit Popups

If you want to target particular one members of your audience with specific popups, then personalization of the exit popup by referral domain turns out to be the every best method.

Depending upon time , you can set a time span and personalise it with “Good Morning” or “Good Afternoon.”The above example express the ability of exit popups included with multiple map markers to show sense the nearest shop based upon real-time visitor location.

From the apparel sites to car dealerships, it helps the visitor know the nearest shop, which is used in increasing the traffic into your every stores well.

3. Offer Upgrades, Suggest Products

Social Triggers else worn this tactic to attract the consumers to get 5000 subscribers point, by asking them to download / gift the free ebook bit by clicking on the “Yes” button. It has successfully gained a number of consumers/ visitors well.

Benefits of exit intent popup button that appears on particular sites & pages screen are usually used to promote/ suggest specific information for interested users and collecting their visual survey reports signup by abandoning annoying pop ups tab.

As exactly a successful call to action is the key to marketing scarcity. You could have gone through many advanced call to action style such as “Read More,” “Find Out Why,” and “Buy Now” are scattered across the web. These CTA’s have been tested time and time again.

4. The Design and the Call -to-action makes a strong impact

The most important key to successfully grow your email list with exit popups is design. The design must stand out so that it grand their attention.

  • Social Triggers is one of the great examples of these present advantage exit popups.

Create proof that the colors and font of the popup are -with the rest of the visuals on your site. The proper design creates a feeling of continuity within your marketing.

The best way is to keep your design as simple as possible while still sharing the necessary imagery. Make sure you test out different variations to find out the best for your revenue.

  • Put Action into Your Call To Action

A great popup headline with a precise mean and concise call-to-action makes a visitor stay and converts a first-time visitor into a customer/users.

The Duct Tape Marketing blog uses this tactic in their exit pop up, as their headline “Grab a copy of – 7 Steps to Small Business Marketing Success. Your Free!” makes a strong impact on the potential consumers to take action before they leave.

The conversions can reach/sell a great number by including a clear and simple verb that invokes immediate action works ideas. Have a look at some actionable corner CTA formulas for your exit popup headline:

  • Get your free trial – start improving [your benefits] today!
  • Learn how to [your offer top benefit]
  • Seize the opportunity to [your offer benefits]

Shinesty Apparel’s design also did the same by using captivating headline.

The headline “emails suck, ours don’t” make shoppers more likely to subscribe.

Shinesty Apparel’s design uses a clear headline where they can highlight their Shopify Plus store design. The Call to Action “Get $10” is incredibly engaging and makes the shopper want to submit their email. It gives a consistent big dollar amount discount.

5. Do more choices attract more customers?

Before creating / adding the exit popup forms, you should understand a customer’s intent, as in some cases they don’t means to offer customers that the customer wants.

According to the different personas, there are far main different responses says.

For example, your website popup form might be offering the best popular newsletter on how to cook biriyani, but maybe the customers would have already mastered that technique.

Hence these techniques won’t be fruitful. The best solution is to offer every visitor a sufficient number of choice item types so that they can choose according to their interests goal as per seasonal days.

Crocs, a shoe brand, believes that, “The more the options, the more the customers. ” It offers customers with a  picture of other related products to giving them other related big options reasons too. So that the customers can be got directed to their favorite types / popular option according to their interest.

6. Images speak more than the text

Did you know 90% of information transmitted to the human brain is visual, and that we process images 60,000X faster than text?

Make sure that you include almost high-quality brand images in your exit popup forms.

An eye-catching, captivating and attention seeking visual can compel any visitor to take a second glance. almost more than posting copy content, you must have images in the exit popups.

In the above image  shown, the brand the Coffee in a cone  has utilized a captivating image with a button called ” limited 10% Discount” attracted customers to exit popups. Even of they want to leave, the colorful exit popups asks people to get a free proposal.

7. Offer More Value or Discount

Offer your customers exit popups with special discounts or add value to your refund.
She Simply Shops gives their visitors a custom proposal by making it more personalized. Construct large exit intent popup worth & unique to see result of position group completely.

The above image of exit pop-up gives discount and sales offer on their website articles. These discount coupons help different people to get a coupon code benefit when they enter their email address.

8. Push to a demo

An exit popup visual offering a free demo can attract many email new users. It can draw / tell the biggest customers goals with an instinct to learn about the products or understand it. For example studies, if you attempt to bounce offering a demo benefit can kind make you keep stay back/ buy on the website contact.

When you make a attempt to bounce from the ExitBee’s site visual, you’re prompted with an exit intent popup encouraging( happy ) you to schedule a live product demo.

It uses a friendly photo and bring offer a quick no-pressure option to learn more about their product.  All in all, landing exit intent popups work the best when you’re able to personalize as much as possible pick directly.

The ExitBee offers to enable the high level personalization for your popup campaigns running based on different kinds of targeting such as behavioural targeting, page level targeting and got number of visits enough numbers to come as days.

9. A segment to a specific newsletter

How about getting a newsletter about the content you all the time wanted to read? Yes, everyone will love to read their certain favorite topics. This popup is most noteworthy for its extra approach.

GQ, the fashion brand especially offers comes with the the specific newsletter rather than offering customers a sign up for a general email list trying will effect.

popup form

10. Offer Customer Service

There are two words which can consistently grab the most attention: free customer service and discount.

The best-practiced method of exit-intent popups is to give a visitor another chance to allow them to revisit the page. If he/she consider purchasing one of your products, then it’s the best time to allow them to have a talk with an expert before getting started.

Sumo identifies that an engaged conversation can increase more human conversations. For this reason it offers free call with their expert member when a visitor shows an extinct intent instead done.

On Sumo’s website, they have made the A/B testing very easy with a few clicks so that they can test the words to increase the conversion. It also tests the images and offers on the published popups. Customers can easily increase their conversion rate, hence paves the way for more sales. This is the powerful decision/tips taken quickly.

Exit intent

11. Give a course away for free

The captivating titles or headlines always work out, as Ryan Robinson has practiced it by offering a free course rather than a lead generation form. By implementing these free takeaways, you can target bouncing visitors, provide  deliver them of value, and collect emails. Win, win!

12. Launch a quiz

Who doesn’t like the quiz? Irrespective interrupt of age groups, street folks love to answer the quiz. Hence including a questionnaire in an exit pop-up is not a bad idea. A questionnaire is a fantastic idea to increase time on site and reduce the bounce rate.

Neil Patel, the most another acclaimed content guru and founder of blogs especially QuickSprout and KISSmetrics, always includes a showing headline that hooks( distracted ) his readers (example most of who are digital marketers).

He then gives a rationale for why you should take his quiz or leave the site and a time value for how long wait problem it will take for signups desktop campaign.

13. Make the smart move by making customer know new features item

Are you still getting bored by doing the hard work to run exit popups? Sound bored? people stop feeling bored! If yes, then make a smart move as the powerful Trip Advisor. According to their website arrow, they offer helpful tips to Travellers with the wisdom of the crowds/visitors/users to help them select the place where to stay, how to fly, compelling money cashbacks on shopping, shopping point pages what to do and where to eat ebook and downloads guess insights survey trial & effort strategy in campaign to ready make purchase, buy & join  .

On the first hand, speaking unlike it started serving the customers by selecting the hotel on their site .

In other words, it added potato-carrot mash to their list of products run. As they cannot write it to exhibit it or still missed it, whatever they worn an Exit Intent Popup to let past website page visitors know about the bold news and purchase leads as quick per today chance.

14. Free shipping works out!

A recent today study cover shows that shipping costs are the #1 reason comes for shopping cart abandonment left.

You can include added free shipping including discounts in your exit popup people will love that, and later you stand to recover 44% of targeted shoppers including to abandon their vehicles funnel thing.

exit click popup

The first way is to give the free shipping coupon code note right inside the exit popup thing, as shown below to obvious engage based:

One study proved to seem that a discount rules attracts most highly to focus likely 25-to-34 years old, while free shipping is more appealing for special amongst personal last 56-to-65-year-olds. The Brooklinen used this tactic to hope and love to drive more traffic on google url.

15. Ask a question to get the feedback

Other than another simple exit pop-up choice, there is no other way to receive a feedback than by kindly asking someone who want to exit featured line.

In the below example/practice, it away exhibits “When one bird catches two stones”. How did the expression go away?

The above simple example illustrates the combination of gaining that converts the final lead generation tests for marketer to give along with valuable feedback text resources technology details.

16. Overcome objections

Objections do work when it is made compelling so that the consumer ask no longer feels nervous about the purchase. For example, first when people are confused regarding the count of products, they won’t be able to figure out how to use your product text message details immediately.
The major objections may be style bit as –

  • Limited funds: “Maybe I can’t afford this right now.”
  • Concern over the difficulty of using product or service: “It’ll take too long to figure out.”
  • Simple Competition: “I’ve been using this other company for years.”
  • Fear of change: “Using something new will be uncomfortable.”

17. Know how Skechers nailed it with the help of Social Media

By showcasing on the social media platforms, many brands have gained a lot of sales.  Make sure that you make your customers convince to follow on social media.

The Skechers have nailed it on the social media platform by using a captivating popup to direct people on their Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram accounts etc.

It’s a both win-win state as it can boost both immediate sales, and generate leads for the future. The Exit-Intent Popups can be direct speaking much effectively used to collect amount of emails ask insights etc.

18. Combination of free shipping AND a discount

A combined free shipping AND coupon code offer message is an excellent alternative to a free shipping offer or discount coupon. This second offer adds value on their opt exit intent popup and gives the visitor a reason to give them a try test.
Spoiled Brat’s advertisement emphasizes their no membership fee which attracted many people.

19. Stay connected 

Sending latest news message and updates solution benefits is a great method of increasing audience level. These newsletters make prompt exiting visitor’s with a sign up for their mailing list. exactly the great subject lines like “ the latest trends, tactics, testing process and thought leadership for conversion and creates post-click optimization offers a brand promise of no-spam to address any reservations a visitor might have about submitting an smart email or maybe download forms access.

Wilson Street Gifts & Decor utilizes the tactic of making the customers sending them updates or news once they opt sign up access/ test.


Exit popups can increase your conversion rates when you show them relevant offers or an exclusive takeaway. Anything that can add value to your visitors is a great way to trigger a conversion. The exit popups are your ultimate attempt to show your visitors that they will get only useful details from you, not anything random!

PRO TIP: Try not to show an exit popup to your subscribers or customers. It is useless and a lame attempt. So customize your exit popups accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ Do exit popups increase conversions?

Exit-intent popups are the best methodology for lead generation strategy and increases the conversion rates drastically by targeting the interested users.

⭐ Is it difficult to create an exit popup form?

Exit Popups reduce the bounce rates and improves the conversion rates. It is not difficult to create single exit popups for the website.

⭐ What is an exit pop up?

An exit popup is a web page that is available on the visitors’ screen while navigating away from any website. It displays a message to stop the users from leaving the website.

⭐ Does exit intent work on mobile?

Exit-intent popups are available for mobile devices, but you have to double click on the mobile browser to switch between two browser tabs.


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