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10 Email Newsletter Series ideas for Podcast Launch

by | Mar 10, 2023 | Email Newsletter Series ideas | 0 comments

Email marketing is the most powerful way to connect with your followers deeply, and no one can take away your email list, unlike your Facebook page or online community. Well, email marketing is a better tool in acquiring new customers as compared to Twitter and Facebook. 

Although there are different methods to promote your podcast, one meaningful way is through an email list.   

You will need subscribers to market your podcast and increase your following with proper guidance on building an email list. Once you get a considerable amount of listeners who wait for your newsletter, try using these email newsletter series ideas for podcast launch to generate more engagement. 

It is precious for a podcast host to be aware of the latest technology and industry news and the proper podcasting email newsletter series to help you stay on top of industry trends and best practices.

Podcasters need to access the best information available without having to examine it themselves. Below are two types that may help in the email newsletter series for podcast launch: 

1 . Podnews

Podnews is for true podcast enthusiasts who want to receive a daily newsletter on the latest podcast related information. James Cridland offers content every weekday that is global and as comprehensive as possible. In addition, James writes comprehensive industry news, including annual podcast trend predictions.

2. Internal podcasting

Inside Podcasting’s weekly email newsletter, you can feature a top ten format with podcasting trends, great podcasts on the scene, show reviews, tips for podcasters, and industry announcements.

Why is using email marketing for podcasts a no-brainer?

After all, it is the preferred marketing strategy of many organizations; over 81% of small businesses use podcasts as their primary customer acquisition formulas.

However, you can see positive results with local email marketing, which you must get right.

Best practices for email marketing in large organizations don’t always translate well on a smaller scale.

However, not having a national or global reach does not put your business at a disadvantage.

Local email marketing

Email marketing is about communicating with current and potential customers through a series of emails to persuade potential customers to interact with your business.

Local email marketing is similar.  Again, this is the strategy of choice if you are a small business with a regional reach and customer base.

Local tactics businesses use to attract potential customers that will differ from global companies can be intimidating at first. 

That way, you have an interested audience, an incentive for them, and more information for you. And that’s not a bad idea for a new tradition either.

Although you will find multiple ways to promote your podcast, one crucial strategy is through an email list. 

Here are ten email newsletter series ideas for podcast launch:

1. Teaser content

You can send a teaser email before sending an announcement email that notifies your subscribers of new content. Your subscribers will get to know that something interesting will be available soon from your brands.

Teaser emails help to create a curiosity among the subscribers before you publish the original content. Your subscribers will be tensed to listen to it by the time you announce a new podcast episode. 

Teaser emails leverage the mere exposure effect, and this effect is a psychological phenomenon where exposure to something makes us grow familiar with it. You can make your subscribers comfortable by mentioning your upcoming podcast episodes before publishing them.

Well, your subscribers will remember it fondly when you will announce the new episode in a later email rather than learning about it for the very first time. 

2. Make an announcement

You can send emails to announce your recently published podcast episodes, and this is a crucial step for promoting your podcast to your contact list.

Your email recipients should be the first people to tell you about the new episodes, and these people are your biggest fans. Your biggest goal should be to get subscribers to click wherever you want them to listen to their episodes.

Meanwhile, announcements can be of different forms, including sending simple, personal messages with a link. 

3. Concentrate on values

While promoting your podcast to your email list, you need to ask this question, ‘How does my email newsletter add value to the recipients?’ Your subscribers listen to your podcast because it adds value to their life either in entertainment or education.

So, you need to mention the value they will receive while listening to the podcast episodes. You can give a quick overview and provide them with a bullet-point list of the covered topics as they add a lot of value by dropping the name of their guests.   

4. Send unclicked emails

You need to click a link in your email for making your subscribers listen to your latest episode. You want them to open your email newsletters. You can send another email if they don’t open your first email newsletters.

However, there are many reasons for not opening your emails by the subscribers. Maybe your subscribers don’t find your subject line compelling, or perhaps they have been busy when your email newsletters arrive in their inbox.

You can deliver a second email if they don’t open the first email, which helps convert your subscribers into listeners. Meanwhile, many email marketing tools provide you with a one-click option for resending your emails to subscribers. Ensure to change the subject lines, and delivery timing as last email newsletters didn’t work.   

5. Frequency of emails

Email marketers often worry about delivering too many emails and sending quite often to their subscribers. If you deliver many emails to your subscribers, there is a high chance of unsubscribing your email.

If your subscribers don’t care about your brand and content, they will unsubscribe from your email newsletter. So, you can send weekly emails to your subscribers without bothering them. You can even send an email at least once every week if you fail to publish a new podcast episode every week.

You can send them additional content from the Internet if you don’t have a new episode for engaging them.

6 . Track your performance

Marketers need to measure the performances of email marketing. You won’t be able to improve the open and click-through rates if you don’t count the performance of email marketing campaigns.

Well, you can measure the email metrics through two critical ways, one is the open rate, and another one is click-through rates for promoting your email list.

7. Send more content

It is crucial to explore promotional content while promoting your podcast to an email list. This kind of content adds value to your subscribers’ lives without directly promoting your episodes.

You can share content related to customers’ feedback or testimonials, you can even answer listeners’ questions, launch additional products, and highlight one of your sponsors.

8. Mention your podcast

Well, you are building a dedicated list of show fans, keeping your existing database informed. You have to check whether these marketing lists exist for product updates, and audiences might also be interested in your podcast’s unique content

9 . Build email’ list

You can send regular emails to your subscribers about teasers, exclusive content, and new episode releases.

10. Include call-to-action

You have to check the number of emails your team sends in a single day, and you can add a link to your podcast based on that email signature. 


You can do many things with podcasts and regular email campaigns for sending automated welcome email campaigns. Podcast email marketing helps to build long-lasting relationships with listeners.   


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