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Build your email list from scratch: 6+ proven methods

by | Mar 6, 2023 | Email List Growth, Email Marketing, Grow Email List | 4 comments

EasySendy Pro Sales Rep (ESR): “Hello. This is John from EasySendy Pro, and I’d like to talk about the enquiry you’ve made on our platform just now. Is this a good time to talk?”
Potential Lead (PL): “Umm.. sorry what? I’ve made no enquiry. What’s this all about?”
ESR: “Am I speaking to Claira?”
PL: “No, Wrong Number”.


This is a conversation that has happened to all our sales teams. I know you’ve already recalled such a situation from the past as well.

You see, this was not a forced sales call. Our team had reached out to a person who sent us an enquiry but alas! the contact details were incorrect. We cannot really say if this was intentional or not, but clearly, this is not a contact we’d appreciate in our lists.

We can’t fully avoid such contacts but definitely take proper measures in building a healthy email list and verifying our lists time-to-time. In this post-GDPR era, we all have become extremely conscious about sending out marketing messages because we’d never want to intrude someone’s privacy by misusing data in hand.

Hence, our list building strategies have always been in place keeping in mind that we do only consent-based email marketing. Infact, at EasySendy Pro, we detest all our customers from buying email lists or doing batch and blast cold emailing.

If you are a newbie and are looking for some awesome hacks to building an email list. Here are two things I strictly follow when it comes to email list building:

I. Using web popup forms on our website along with social subscribe buttons on them.

II. Using Double Opt-in methods while capturing email lists.

These two are always on the top priority for me as an email marketer. Let’s get down to 6 best hacks to build an email list from the scratch. You can even use an email finder to find the email addresses of your subscribers.

6+ Email list building hacks you must try

It’s a golden fact that an active email list is one of the most valuable assets you can have. Henceforth, if you’re serious about growing your business, then building a healthy email list must be one of the top priorities. The bottom line is to build your email rather than depending upon any third party because of many authentication reasons.

1. Web popup forms for a healthy email list building

How many websites have you never signed in when they start asking for your information? Yes, the trump card is the web popup which plays the magic. Create a web popup and start asking for questions.

Most recommended starting asking for a first name and an email address so that you can personalize your emails. But be careful while using these tools as asking more information can decrease the conversion rate also.

The primary purpose behind a popup is to collect details such as a name and an email address. There are proven results that, 1,375% more emails were captured compared to a sidebar opt-in form. Have a look at some of the types of popups:

Scroll-based: These types of popups set off when a user has scrolled to a specific part of the page. Like content popups, these also give you the control because you can determine when you want the popup to be present. It can also be tailored to a set audience that always scrolls to a specific part of the page.

  • Time-based Popups- These popups are shown to a user that’s already engaged with the site. The main idea behind setting the time-based popup is to set the popup to work after a set period.
  • Content-Based- It shows up on the pages with specific content, it can be tailored to a particular audience that will visit the page. It increases the conversion rate as it help increases the relevancy of the popup.
  • Scroll based- When you scroll to a specific part of the page, these popups set off. These can also be tailored to a set audience that navigates to a particular part of the page.
  • Side-based popups – They always offer a choice to the user as these are less disturbing and aggressive too.
  • Exit -intent popups- These popups work when a user is about to click the ‘go back’ or close button. These popups attract a customer with an offer to make them stay back.

As shown in the below image, uses exit-intent popups to combat cart abandonment.

We all love an exit popup displayed on the screen as shown below. Lush utilizes it to the fullest and makes it such as to make customers subscribe it right away.

Who doesn’t like a discount? Yes, hence the brand Lessa makes it as the selling point as it gives a discount and a captivating call-to-action. Does it say “Submit my email” or “Subscribe”? No, it associates the subscription with a direct benefit for the user.

Cart abandonment Popups

When a user is going to leave the website, you can remind them about the cart abandonment. The best way to implement the cart abandonment is to achieve an exit offer which is displayed when a visitor leaves the cart.

Presenting a promo code which can be easily used without submitting an email easily convinces a shopper to shop.

There are multiple ways to target shoppers who don’t want to shop and abandon a cart.

Mostly cart abandonment occurs on cart and checkout pages. Hence implementing an exit offer when a visitor leaves the cart or checkout pages can make him stay back.

Present a promo code that they can instantly use without submitting an email. This removes all barriers for the shopper and allows them to apply the code to their order immediately.

These cart abandonment exit popups increase the engagement to a higher value level. In addition to these additional offers, you can also offer free shipping to high-value shoppers.

2. Proper segmentation goes a long way

How many of you get an email from an insurance company? Yes, but do you think they are segmented based on different factors such as age, family composition, car ownership and a lot more. Every group deserves a different email stream.

This is where the basic segmentation can work wonders for you, as long as you have the groups identified.

Work smart with smarter segmentation

It’s a fact that the subscribers are more attracted when they are better targeted and tailored. If an email is relevant, it makes a better customer experience and helps you build an email list.

The more the relevant message is , the more likely your subscriber is going to like it. It makes a perfect and profitable sense according to DMA, marketers have found a 760% increase in email revenue from segmented campaigns.

Behavioral Segmentation is based upon a user’s behavior with your emails, website and more. As every user behaves differently, hence they can be targeted based on where they stand in the buyer’s journey.

Open and click rate- These rates let you know about the count of people opening your emails. You can divide your subscribers into several activity groups such as who has begun an email list in a week, two weeks, or a month or so.

Start a reactivation program with many captivating subject lines to those users who haven’t opened your emails. Still, if they are opening it, you can unsubscribe them. You can practice regular list hygiene so that you can improve the click rates.

The new customers are typically targeted with a small introduction, and then with the time, you might target them with relevant content to activate them.

For example when a user adds a hard drive to his Amazon shopping cart, but unfortunately didn’t go through with the purchase. You can recognize and send a reminder automatic email. If the user purchases the drive, you can entice him with other products that complement the purchase.

The advanced segmentation in your emails increase open rates, and hence the overall ROI. Based on behavioral and non-behavioral data, you can build different segments to target your subscribers. The targeted campaigns to different segments help encourage your subscribers to take action and enhance the engagement level.

3. Add social sharing buttons in emails 

Email Marketing is an inexpensive and effective way to generate leads. But have you ever thought of increasing your reach beyond your email list size for your business?

If yes, you can easily incorporate social media buttons in your email which can connect to your company’s Facebook page, Twitter account, LinkedIn Profile, etc. It gives your contacts an opportunity to communicate with you in many ways they may not be possible.

This linking to the sites may be your customers’ preferred way of getting new information for your business.

Every mail incorporated with social media buttons gives you an opportunity to connect with your prospects in the social network. Before including the social media, buttons make sure that your customers can easily find these.

Here’s an example of an email send by Gary Vaynerchuk. He added the twitter, Facebook buttons on his email.

Since he produces a new blog article daily, hence he only used to upgrade the signature once a week. He always used to update the name once a week with a captivating call to actions such as ” Let’s connect ” and ” Get to know us” adds a personalization touch which increases the likelihood of them following him.

The bottom line is that many people never use an email signature by including social media buttons. Gary Vaynerchuk does this, and it is fantastic. Check out his Thank You Landing Page.

4. Always use Double-Opt-in method ONLY

You will be required to decide if you want customers to use a double opt-in to your email list or not. A double email opt-in signup requires that a user confirms that he has actively joined your email list. It generates an email whenever a user clicks on the link send to him/her.

It acts as a excellent authentication tool as it eliminates many of the wrong email addresses which gets entered into a system. Another benefit is that it protects the illegal uses.

It insists that the new customers confirm the link so that it can be established.
Quality matters first- If you are using the double opt-in solution, you keep aside the risk of holding the wrong email addresses on your list. A double opt-in email sign up protects your list and maintains the sender reputation also.

A double opt-in email sign up allows marketers to communicate with the subscribers at the time they confirm the email. Hence you don’t need to wait for more details to be filled to contact the subscriber.

After successful signup, you can initiate the communication by giving more information about your brand and asking them to add your email to their list.

In the long run, make the right decision which can protect the quality of your email list and sender reputation also. Determining the double-opt-in with your sign-up process is the first step you’ll need to before you build your list.

5. Facebook ads can trigger more subscriber conversions

If not, then you are not using the incredible way to generate the leads for your business. You can turn a profit from Facebook ads if you want your social media marketing campaigns to generate turns.
Let’s begin.

Over the years, Facebook has become a powerhouse for targeted ads. The best part of these Facebook ads is that you can easily focus customers on the basis of several factors such as industry, age, gender, job title, Facebook ads data & more. They are influential in driving traffic, awareness and even conversions via their email address.

Hence the bottom line is that if you are not utilizing Facebook targeting to build your email list, then you’re missing out on a tremendous opportunity to build your business.

Create a Facebook ad with engaging content that speaks to your target customer. Do you need to understand their pain point which can help you to look out for data which they are looking out for? Hence the lead magnet or the customized ad must call out that need which explains the solution.

The only solution the audience can approach is that they need to give their email address to get the solution from your side. After the implementation, the sales sequence will exponentially increase. You can now have a steady stream of targeted emails which can be helpful for you’re to create the automated sales funnel through email marketing software.

A clear call to action button helps welcome customers with an initial email when they first enter their information as they end up with directing to the marketer’s landing page. Hence the combination of targeted Facebook ads and automated email sequences is a powerful combination which allows you to grow your business.

Have you ever clicked on the quiz which asked you to enter details on the Facebook?

Of course, the quizzes are one of the most under-utilized but most attractive lead magnets. Take the example of Warby Parker, as it has utilized an opt-in form to get their target audience to make them enter the details. The customers are required to register their necessary details so that to see the results. Hence, it helps in building credibility and authority for your business, as well as brand awareness in the news feed.

6. Start Listening! It’s useful

Are you listening to your customers? No, then you are lagging behind by missing the most important things for your business. It helps improve the development of the product, marketing operations, marketing and a lot more. Getting qualitative feedback from your customers is the prominent task and email is the best way to do it.

Some months ago, I observed that my website’s churn rate was on the high side. Hence I thought of improving my product so that more customers can approach. Hence I sent an email to my whole customer base asking for 1o minutes of their time to have a chat about their experience.

Within a couple of hours, I received many responses offering advice about the product and how it can be improved to serve customers in a better way. I realized that many of my customers rejected the product as they were not happy with some of the features.

I managed to make my customers understand the different hidden features which opened new scales of marketing for me. Henceforth this is the valuable feedback you can utilize to grow your business, increase revenue and growth.

These useful insights can be quickly received by simply sending the right emails to the customers. But make sure that the email sent is well designed, personalized, focused with a captivating call-to-action which creates a substantial impact on the customer.
Getting feedback is one of the great insights to grow your business, and the best part is that it can give you information about where your product is lagging behind the others.

Live chat = MORE SELLING!!!!

If you are thinking about the different ways to increase the conversion rates, then you have approached the right tactic – live chats.

This is not a surprising fact that live chat is the preferred engagement channel with most of the customers getting satisfied with it, as compared to other traditional channels like phone calls or email.

It is the most cost-effective method of giving customer satisfaction, hence many marketers find it as the most preferred one.

Customers feel happy when they can solve their problems associated with the product or service. On the other hand, even marketers also feel so glad as they gain the confidence and trust of the customers easily through live chats.

If you are interested in enhancing the customer engagement level , we have brought the Facebook messenger engagement within the EasySendy Pro tool. You can easily use to deliver messages to your Facebook subscribers directly on Facebook messenger.With just a single click, you can deliver messages to multiple subscribers.
EasySendy Social setup automated comments and likes for your Facebook page comments to drive engagement.


Have a look at some form designs that go for longer form approach with many fields.
Take the example of a Salesforce , which included six custom fields, three dropdown lists, and three tick boxes.

Let’s have a look at the case study which illustrates that the form length impacts conversion rates.

Now take the example of Conversion XL, which brings up the testing of field length. When he reduced the number of fields, it resulted in a 14% drop in conversions. But the optimizer tried putting all the relevant fields back in and testing the different variations of field labels, which resulted in a 19.21% increase in conversions.
Hence the short forms with relevant details often beat their longer counterparts. The number of form fields is one of the best factors to be consider in this process.

Apart from these, several other methods to use for Email List Building –

  • – A/B testing campaign copies
  • – Blog creation for email subscriptions
  • – Including customer reviews and testimonials on website and landing pages to trigger subscriptions
  • – Free demo options [most suitable for product companies]
  • – Hosting co-marketing events like webinars, seminars, podcasts, etc.
  • – In-person offline events
  • – Mobile app based events or offers

Over to you now

Use these above mentioned to start growing your email lists. Implement every method to understand  which works best for you. Try using email capture methods across your website, blogs, social media platforms, and offline stores as well (if applicable). Decide the methods which work best with your customers.Create as many digital touch points as possible for your subscribers to opt-in.

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐What are some email list-building hacks?

There are many email list building hacks, such as providing value to your subscribers, segmenting your list, creating and optimizing landing pages, offering incentives, and utilizing social media.

⭐How can I provide value to my subscribers?

Providing value to your subscribers can include sending them helpful information, such as tips, guides, and tutorials related to your industry. You can also offer exclusive discounts and promotions to your subscribers to show them that you appreciate their patronage.

⭐What is list segmentation?

List segmentation is the process of dividing your email list into smaller, more targeted audiences. This allows you to send personalized emails to each segment, which can help increase engagement and open rates.


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