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10 Ways to Implement AI in Email Marketing for 2023

by | Mar 13, 2023 | Email Marketing | 2 comments

Do you believe that emails have become an integral part of digital marketing? 

Yes, you are right! 

But, now you should look into.

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1. Are you familiar with Artificial Intelligence?

2. Integrate AI in Email Marketing

3. Scope of Artificial Intelligence in Email Marketing

Artificial intelligence to improve and streamline your email marketing campaigns. AI in email marketing helps to increase revenue by enhancing the open and click-through rates. You can create winning email campaigns faster; AI in email marketing reduces the time for producing these campaigns.

It’s true that marketers are not aware of artificial intelligence and how it is different from machine learning. 

They don’t need to understand the technology, but they should effectively automate mundane tasks. It allows marketers to spend their time in this innovation and proves AI in email marketing a perfect fit for their organizations.    

Are you familiar with Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a computer science process for building smart machines and it is capable of performing tasks that involve human intelligence and consciousness. 

Though we have already witnessed lots of AI-supported achievements like personalized medicines and smart homes.

But now, AI-powered solutions have helped email marketing to transform. Well, it has played an important role in data analysis, customer personalization, and the design of cost-effective campaign strategies. Marketers should learn AI to upgrade their email marketing strategies and stay ahead in this competitive market. They can use AI-based on the company’s goal, audience type, and budget.

Although, there are some basic applications for stimulating email marketing efforts.

However, email marketing is more powerful with the help of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence gives a boost to marketing strategy for better results. As a marketer, you must craft the right message for resonating with the right audiences and release the communication at the right set of times. 

Integrate AI in Email Marketing

You can’t forget that artificial intelligence helps accelerate sales and take email marketing to a new height. As email marketing campaigns have become more diverse and personalized, you have to evaluate your contact details to send relevant content. In the end, you don’t bombard with irrelevant email campaigns to your subscribers.

With artificial intelligence, you can analyze all the gathered information through communication channels and websites for creating relevant messages.   

Simultaneously, artificial intelligence has all the features which can change the field of email marketing. 

Here are three things you should keep in mind:

a) Detect the right information: Artificial intelligence helps you detect the right set of data for paying attention and ignoring the irrelevant one. 

b) Deliberate attempts: While answering a question or making a recommendation, you can analyze the most predictive attributes against other collected data.  

c) Develop extracted data: Based on AI experimentation and extracted information, you can modify and analyze data for programming and reprogramming.

Incorporating AI in email marketing can bring better personalization, drive higher conversion rates, and boost customer gratification.  

Now, consider how marketers can integrate and leverage AI to channelize email marketing campaigns.  

AI in Email Marketing

Let’s get started with ten ways to implement AI in Email Marketing for 2023:  

1. Craft personalized newsletters

Over 74% of marketers believe that targeted personalization enhances the customer engagement rate. However, artificial intelligence checks customer data and machine learning to predict future behavior based on data trends and previous interactions. You can create personalized emails for customers with the help of data-driven insights.  

2. Make smart segmentation

Email marketers can get access to minute details about subscribers for segmenting them into new and distinct groups. They should understand different subscribers’ interests and preferences for categorizing them separately and sending them different emails.    

3. Drive high deliverability

You can break the email marketing campaigns into hundreds of sub-campaigns for maximizing inbox delivery with the help of AI-powered tools. You can check the historical data before segregating the marketing campaigns.  

4. Create good subject lines

Subject lines are an essential part of a marketing strategy. Generally, good subject lines stand out in the recipient’s inboxes, and they ignore the emails with bad subject lines. AI uses algorithms for generating good subject lines to attract a higher click-through-rate. Well, you can analyze the individual email marketing campaigns for enhancing and optimizing the subject lines.   

5. Understand customers lifecycle

You must be aware that marketers need to take a deep insight into the customer lifecycle for sending contextual emails and making email campaigns successful. With AI and predictive analytics, you can assist marketers in generating insights about the customers. By extracting the data, marketers can analyze the customers’ behavior and interests.      

6. Make your email list clean

You can clean the email databases with AI-powered technology and remove the list’s inactive contacts. Simultaneously, AI can automatically update the phone numbers, job titles, and other subscribers’ details. This process helps to improve the email deliverability across different marketing campaigns.            

7. Automate email copy

With AI-powered software, you can automate and optimize the email’s entire content. This software can use pre-written copy, blog post, curated content, images, and machine-generated content to produce optimized email copy. This automation can cut down on the time and resources and determine the optimal combination of content and make the email campaigns run smoothly. 

8. Optimize the sending time

Email marketers can use AI for optimizing the email send timing at the individual level for different subscribers. AI analyzes the subscribers’ activity history for scheduling the right time to send the emails.   

9. Send smart newsletters

You can create hyper-personalized smart newsletters for making the email campaigns effective. You can automatically curate content for crafting personalized newsletters with the help of AI tools.

10. Email retargeting

With AI-powered software, you can fine-tune your retargeting

strategy to minimize the shopping cart abandonment rate and boost sales revenue. AI can send retargeting emails to different types of customers at an optimal time after analyzing their behaviors. 

Scope of Artificial Intelligence in Email Marketing

Marketers can automate the daily tasks for utilizing the time and resources much better with artificial intelligence. Even marketers can hyper-optimize the marketing campaigns to maximize the return on investment. 


Email marketers should invest in artificial intelligence as it is worthwhile. If you integrate AI in email marketing, it would improve your return on investment and lead to optimum utilization of resources. So, it’s high time for marketers to add AI and machine learning in email marketing strategies. 


  1. Bryan Janice

    Splendid article, I’m overwhelmed to see an article on artificial intelligence and found good ways to integrate AI in email marketing.

  2. Noah Kathryn

    This article is well-written for beginners like us as I was not that much familiar about artificial intelligence. Even, I got to know that how I can integrate AI in email marketing in this article.


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