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MasterGuide on Real Estate Marketing with Hybrid Email Solution

by | Mar 9, 2023 | Blog, Email Marketing, Email Marketing Campaigns, Email Marketing Strategy | 17 comments

Real estate marketing has evolved to become highly competitive. Consumers have become savvy. You cannot feed anything to them because they have the power of Internet to know what’s fake and what’s genuine.

Across industries, leading brands realise that the screen is the most consistent touchpoint for connecting with customers. ~ Matt Barba, co-founder and CEO of Placester.

Placester, a Boston-based real estate marketing software provider, recently raised a Series D funding of $50 million after the company saw a 300-percent y-o-y growth. What Matt Barba said is essentially true with real estate marketing.

Prints and hoardings are things  feel like the by-gone past. Real estate marketers are now tapping into the digital marketing sector to reach out to potential buyers.

Successful digital marketing has evolved from a patchwork of tools and tactics into a unified operation system reaching far beyond the walls of the marketing department. ~ Matt Barba.

Real estate has always been highly profitable and lucrative business. Courtesy the global connectivity that the Internet provides, consumers now have now learned to separate the unnecessary jargons from the ads.

They now have ample information and scope over the web when they sit to search their perfect house. The competition for real estate SEO and agents have doubled and tripled in a short span of time.

To set themselves apart from the crowd, they will need to put together many online marketing facets like blogging, social media, SEO, and email marketing.


Email Marketing for Real Estate Marketers

We have already mentioned how the competition in the real estate marketing sector is getting fiercer day-by-day. Talking of the various marketing disciplines, emails have long been voted as the best mode to communicate with consumers.

Email marketing for all industries have evolved and advanced. As real estate marketers turn to email campaigns, it is essential to take a look at the current email marketing statistics.


Source: Yesmail Email Marketing Compass Q2 2015: The Rise of Email in 2015

Hybrid Email Solution for Real Estate Marketing: Why?

At present, there are more than 500 email service providers in the market. Most popular ones are Aweber, MailChimp, Constant Contact or ConvertKit or it’s alternative and so on.

Also, there are SMTP relay servers like Amazon SES, Spark Post, Mail Gun, etc. Despite being great in their own domains, they are costly. They might have multiple features to streamline email marketing campaigns for minimum effort and maximum convenience but they are too expensive to scale.

Enter hybrid email marketing solution. This solution comprises of multiple SMTP relay servers, economical and affordable low-end email servers as well as high-end email servers.

Hybrid email marketing solution is a great option for real estates as they help to optimize the email marketing budget, thereby enhancing the ROI.

Using Hybrid Email Solution for Real Estate Marketing

Real estate marketing can leverage the potential of email campaigns and boost their ROI faster. To create and launch effective email campaigns, real estate marketers must follow the below workflow-

Find the correct Email Marketing Provider:

The first step to email marketing in real estate business is to find the right and reputable email marketing provider. This means that that the provider should be such that it should include high quality customer service and excellent deliverability.

A top notch team of email experts will definitely help you in your path of email marketing and will take all the possible steps to make sure your email reaches the subscribers inbox.

Once you are done with this step, now comes the second phase of preparing your email list of subscribers to grow your client base.

Source :

Develop Your List of Subscribers:

Next comes the second stage where you have to build your email list of subscribers for your real estate business.

This will help to gain trust and respect of the potential clients. However, before reaching that stage of success you need a very strong list of subscribers and here are few tips and tricks for the same.

  • You can engage with your audience through “subscribe to newsletter” buttons. The sign-up form should have some information about how they will benefit once they sign up to your company website.

    These benefits might include updates on a new listing, home improvement, decoration tips, home services like painting and interior designing at a cheaper rate, etc.
  • Also make sure to add few columns to the subscription form like name, date of birth and email address (these three are most important). Along with that, you can add a column to ask whether they are buyers or sellers.

    However, do not add too many fields in the form. You might lose the potential customers. Make the subscription process short, simple and precise.
  • To attract sellers, create a page for them so that you can guide them as to how to sell a particular property. If you want to attract buyers, create a separate page for them so that you can buy them all the way to buy their dream house.
  • Also, make your company website attractive. You should use proper graphics and text on your business website. There should be proper images of flats and properties with good color and brightness to the image.

    There should be requisite information regarding each property on your website. It should be an entirely hassle-free website for the user. Also, use mobile friendly email template.
Source :

Leverage the power of social media:

  • Facebook Page: If you have a Facebook page, the chances are high that all those potential buyers who till now have not been following your real estate website might start following your Facebook page. You can provide a link to the Facebook page which will land them on the page mainly designed for the new subscribers.
  • Twitter: You can also encourage your Twitter followers to sign up to your email list. Provide a link to the signup form in a tweet. Let them know the hands on benefits they will be having by signing up to your email list.
  • Promotional Offers: This is especially for all those subscribers who will be visiting your website for the first them. Allow your subscribers to have some hands on benefit on signing up to your email list for the first time. This will attract new visitors to your company profile and will convert them to regular visitors.
Source :

Do Real Estates Require Email Marketing Solutions?

Real estate marketers are doing everything to attract and retain consumers over the web. Hence, it isn’t surprising that email marketing campaigns are an integral part of any and every real estate marketing strategy.

Here are few noted reasons why email campaigns can be beneficial for a real estate business. 

It’s measurable: In this type of marketing, as a realtor, you can measure or determine the ways in which your email efforts are impacting the business by reviewing information like open rate, click rate and traffic to your website.

Proven ROI: Email marketing delivers a return of 4300%! And it’s true. 

Popular among the mass: It has been found that 74% of real estate consumers prefer to receive commercial communication through emails. Think about it- If you have to send emails to someone, they will have to come to you or sign up to your company website.

This, in turn, will prove that they are interested in something that your company is offering them.

More work in less time: As a realtor, you will have a busy life. You will have to maintain your relationship with your clients as well as conduct house tours. If you set up automated email messages, staying in touch with your clients will become hassle free.

        Source :

ESP Solutions To Facilitate Real Estate Marketing

There are numerous ESPs available in the market for example Mailchimp, Aweber, Arcticmail and so on.

How ESP solutions can leverage your real estate marketing efforts?

  • Private IP address or shared IP with very few users.
  • ESPs offer both online and offline customer support and training
  • They have multiple high-speed connections to the internet through more than one source and redundancy.
  • ESPs offer a variety of user-friendly reports like click rate, open rate, and deliverability access.
  • They comply with the customers the CAN-SPAM ACT and makes it very easy to do.
  • ESPs enable list segmentation by demographic and other areas.
  • They should also allow A/B testing to see which version gets the best result.
  • ESPs offer free trial offer.

ESPs and SMTPs: Issues Faced by Real Estate Owners

Despite being useful, ESPs and SMTPs have few drawbacks that can hamper real estate marketing.

  • High cost of sending an email: For a real estate business, sending marketing emails to subscribers through SMTPs and ESPs can become very expensive. For ESPs the price increases with increase in the volume of emails.

    This makes it tough for the real estate business to send marketing emails, especially for the SMBs from this industry. Thus, they fail to reach to the potential buyer on a large scale.
  • Optimization of email delivery is absent: They also do not offer optimization of email delivery. There is no assurance that the email will land in the subscriber’s inbox. 
  • Campaign re-engagement cannot be done: It does not offer the benefit of campaign re-engagement which might just become very complicated for the realtors while sending marketing emails to their customers.
  • Micro-segmentation cannot be done easily: Micro-segmentation also becomes tough for the real estate email marketers. Thus, they find it tough to send emails to a particular group of people based on interest and choice.

Advantages of Using a Hybrid Email Solution

Having noted the challenges of ESPs and SMTPs, it is obvious marketers will need a hybrid solution. A hybrid email solution can combat all these issues, especially the delivery issue.

Since, a hybrid email solution uses multiple SMTP relay servers, it can ensure high inbox delivery without hampering the email quality.

  • Flexibility in Routing Emails to Different SMTP relay servers: A hybrid solution will help the real estate email marketing server to route their emails through various SMTP relay servers.

    By doing this they will make sure that they route emails to the more engaged subscriber through economical SMTP relay server and less engaged ones through the expensive ESPs. But the overall deliverability rate will get better.
  • Cost Effective: Hybrid email marketing is budget friendly. Different types of emails have various kinds of cost. Therefore, with the use of hybrid email marketing solution, the realtors can cut down the cost based on the kind of emails they are sending. 
  • Better customization and analytics: They offer the benefit of better customisation and analysis for the email campaigns. Marketers can easily opt for segmentation and campaign re-engagement.

    Also, they can review the click-through rates, open rates, and email deliverability rate, along with the number of spams that might just take place.
  • Performance enhancement: Incorporating hybrid email marketing enhances the performance rate of the realtors in terms of email marketing campaign. The deliverability rate will be higher as the emails will be sent through multiple SMTP relay servers.

    This will ensure that the emails land in the subscriber’s inbox. This directly will help in boosting the overall ROI. 

EasySendy Pro: A Hybrid Email Solution for Real Estate Marketing

EasySendy Pro stands out from the crowd with its advanced yet cost effective email solution.

It is a hybrid email solution for marketing team of all sizes and customer-base of any number.

As an email solution, EasySendy Pro is highly scalable and tailored to suit any and every business. Narrowing down to the benefits EasySendy Pro can offer to real estate marketers, here’s the list-

  • Improved Email Open Rate due to multi channel email delivery: Micro deliverability is a new concept in the world of email marketing campaign. It breaks down the deliverability of email by domain or ISPs or SMTP relay servers.

    It then segments the email list based on the result to attain best best deliverability and enhanced performance. The best hybrid solution will ensure 96% deliverability of the real estate marketing email in the subscriber’s inbox.

    This might just fluctuate based on the ISPs as well as time. However, hybrid solution will improve the overall email landing rate thereby improved open rate and click through rate in the real estate email marketing campaign.
  • Automate Email List Segmentation: This feature enables the user to automatically generate a new segment in the existing email list. By doing so they can pre-define the email list segmentation based on different condition.

    For example, if a real estate business is using EasySendy Pro, it will allow the email marketer to predefine segment conditions like subscriber’s interest in house with ‘swimming pool’or ‘garden’. 
  • Cut Down Email Marketing Campaign Budget: EasySendy Pro lets marketers pay for only sent emails, thereby making email marketing campaigns pocket-friendly. They can choose the payment plan as per their requirement and pay only for those emails that they send every month through multiple SMTP relay servers.

Ready to Use EasySendy Pro?

Real estate marketing is growing at a steady pace. To keep up with the competition and stay ahead of the curve, real estate industry is swiftly adopting digital marketing. The most important facet being email marketing,

EasySendy Pro is a well-designed solution for real estate owners and agents. After all, the right kind of email marketing platform is the first step to a great email campaign! 

⭐What is a hybrid email solution?

A hybrid email solution combines marketing automation and traditional email marketing, allowing businesses to send automated emails based on user behavior and preferences.

⭐How can real estate companies benefit from a hybrid email solution?

Real estate companies can use a hybrid email solution to nurture leads, automate customer segmentation, and target customers with personalized content.

⭐What features do hybrid email solutions offer?

Hybrid email solutions offer features such as dynamic content, automated campaigns, and reporting tools.

⭐How can I get started with a hybrid email solution?

To get started with a hybrid email solution, you’ll need to sign up for an email service provider such as EasySendy pro and set up your email campaigns.

⭐How much does a hybrid email solution cost?

The cost of a hybrid email solution depends on the features and services you choose. Some providers like EasySendy Pro offer plans for as low as $19/month.


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