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GetSiteControl & EasySendy – Complete Customer Engagement Solution

by | Feb 28, 2023 | Best Practices, Blog, Cost Optimization, Email List Growth, Email List Management, Email Marketing | 23 comments

In last few years, there has been a humongous breakthrough in social media platform. It includes search engine optimization and mobile marketing for customer engagement.

Does that mean email marketing is close to dying?

Of course not!

In fact, it is running quite healthy and hearty in the world of marketing. Email marketing has proved to be the backbone for businesses of all sizes when it comes to customer engagement practices. No company can think of building their brand name without implementing this strategy.


Here are the reasons why email marketing is so ‘important’ for almost 90% of business organizations to enhance Customer Engagement.

Fastest mode of communication: Social media can spread the word about your brand name. It plays as the customer engagement platforms for the brands globally.

However, you will never get to know how many consumer engagement are happening. Actually, you need to be aware of the fact that how many consumers know about your brand name. To improving customer engagement. 

Email marketing actually allows you to communicate with your subscribers. The prospects in the fastest possible way through emails and increase customer engagement.


With the help of autoresponders, you get the ability to send emails to your subscribers maintaining a proper time interval. Thereby making your brand name known to them.

Source: Gigaom Research

Less pressure on your pocket: I guess this is one of the most obvious benefits of email marketing. Compared to other marketing channels where one have to spend chunks of money on prints. And postages to increase customer engagement, email marketing doesn’t incur any such cost. 

Email marketers consider investing money in Softwares to automate, track and evaluate their emails for customer retention.

Also, they have to spend some more amount for selling their emails at times for more customer engagement.


However, these expenditures are much lower as compared to the expenses that are incurred in other marketing channels.

Produces quick results: Immediacy of emails enables a business to see the results within next few minutes of a particular email being sent.

In fact, email marketing turns out to be the best marketing strategy if a business has the plan of carrying out the sales process within 24 hours. As it creates a sense of urgency and manages to convince the subscribers to take an immediate action.

Most of the businesses will have to wait for weeks until they see any sale taking place. However, with email marketing, this wait is generally eliminated due to its unique feature of producing quick results.

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business growth

Return on Investment: In the business world, what typically matters are the results. With this in mind, most of the businesses choose to invest in email marketing channel. Therefore, it produces a fantastic return on investment (ROI).

According to Email Expert, email marketing actually returns 44.25 Dollars for every 1 Doller of investment.

Thus, with such a significant return, experts consider rather firmly believe that email marketing. It is the best marketing platform to trigger high customer engagement rates.

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Allows businesses to target fans of their brand: In fact, it is the only channel which ask questions to improve customer engagement strategies. Businesses in today’s world consider sending emails to only those subscribers who has signed up to receive emails from them.

This typically increases the conversion rate as businesses target only those people who have interest in their brand. It is not impossible to send unsolicited emails. However, doing so will only annoy the consumers thereby hampering any brand name.

Thus, the above points clearly illustrate why email marketing in today’s world is essential for maintaining a smooth flow of communication between a business and that list of subscribers or prospects. It also helps to develop a customer engagement model for better outcome.

However, email marketing can only start once you have a list of subscribers ready to send emails. Capturing and maintaining a healthy list of subscriber (which you happen to collect rather than buying them from other companies). It can be quite a tedious job but unavoidable.

Without a list of subscribers, there is no starting point to email marketing. Technology, however, has made things easier with the development of internet plugin tools. It helps in creating attractive popups and plugin forms for capturing subscriber email address.

One such tool that has gained enormous popularity and success in this field in no time is GetSiteControl. Therefore, first, let’s get absorbed into the world of GetSiteControl to know the tool properly.

What is GetSiteControl?

GetSiteControl is a set of exceptional widgets which are quite simple to use for website conversion optimization. It enables a business or a website owner to add attractive email capture features to the website in no time for implementing better customer engagement model.

This, in turn, increases the website engagement for the visitors thereby increasing the conversion rate.

GetSiteControl has been created especially for the owner and the marketers. Therefore, the set is quite simple where the coding skills have been eliminated.

Just a few clicks away, any user are able to add, remove and edit widgets from a user-friendly dashboard. It will give access to all the widgets.

No designer and coding skills are required. To create professionally looking widgets that will suit the complete look and the feel of the website.

GetSiteControl firmly believes that the visitors who are spending less than a minute on a particular web page. It must come across the most valuable content as quickly as possible. Thereby encouraging them to stay longer on the website.


Therefore, they have come up with such a solution to improvise the customer engagement cycle.

With the introduction of GetSiteControl, you must have by now understood the fact. It will help you in capturing emails of subscribers or contribute to increasing the conversion rate through the smart widgets.

However, integrating this tool will not allow you to send emails to your list of subscribers. Therefore, integrating such tools with hybrid email marketing solution is just the combination of best of both the worlds.

Hybrid email marketing is comparatively a new concept in the world of email marketing. However considered to be the backbone of email marketing in the future.

One such tool that is available in the market. EasySendy helping businesses of all sizes in the quest of attaining a successful email marketing campaign.

EasySendy is an online saas product designed for online gig creators and small businesses. It is an email marketing platform that comprises of different pricing plans for different business needs:

  • EasySendy Pro, a basic email marketing plan.
  • EasySendy Pro, the most popular plan among small businesses.
  • EasySendy Automate, for advanced and enhanced email marketing (powered by its mid-enterprise brand Aritic PinPoint)
  • EasySendy Social, which is a Facebook messenger Campaign automation feature.
return on investment

To get started with EasySendy, you need to have an account with it. In the free version, you can send upto 30,000 emails to upto 2,000 subscribers. Once done with this step, the sender can get down with the task of sending emails to his/her list of subscribers through an API key.

Being infused with the technology of micro-deliverability of emails. EasySendy takes a special care about the fact that the emails reach the subscriber’s inbox successfully. Thereby increasing the email open rate and click through rate.

In turn, the flow of ROI from email marketing also improves. In addition to this, it allows the users to optimize their email marketing budget. It allows its users to send autoresponders campaigns without any cost. Thereby the users gets to send 30,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers for free.

With GetSiteControl integration, EasySendy lets you succeed in email marketing.

Let’s see how GetSiteControl will be a bonus being used with EasySendy. First, we will go through the widgets that this software has taken up to provide its users in the journey of email marketing.

Types of GetSiteControl Widgets

GetSiteControl contains a handsome group of widgets which the users will find of great use on getting integrated with it. Below I am listing the widgets that are present with this tool.

Subscription Widget
  • Subscribe Widget: One of the most tedious tasks of email marketing. It is collecting a quality list of subscribers to execute better customer engagement ideas. Thanks to GetSiteControl for introducing this fantastic widget.

    This widget is a customizable opt-in form that will help you to build a healthy list of subscribers in no time. You will be able to create popups, bar or button for their website. The list does not end here. Along with these, you will also get the benefit of adding custom images and adjust the colors to match their website design.

    Perks: You will be able to build an email list of subscribers and maintain a healthy relationship with them. The widget will also boost the collection of more leads through the website. Users create that & with the use of prominent email sign-up forms and a clear call-to-action.
Contact Widget
  • Contact Widget: Yet another customizable form, contact widget will help you to communicate with the website visitors. It is crucial for a business organization to maintain two-way communication with the website visitors.

    In this way the business will be able to invite the visitors to pour ideas and suggestions, ask questions, report problems or even place orders via the form.

    The business will be able to make their visitors feel more comfortable by placing in front of them a quicker way to contact them, inquire about their products and services or simply for placing an order.

    Perks: This widget will provide you a better customer engagement as you will be allowing your customers to place their problems and queries with ease, thereby solving their problem in no time.

    Also, in this way, you will be able to gather customer feedback on a regular basis that will actually lay down the platform based on which you will be able to carry further development program for your business organization. All these practices can improve your customer engagement rates drastically. Happier your customers, more will be their engagement.
Promo widget
  • Promo Widget: I guess this is one of the most important widgets that GetSiteControl has come up with. Promo widget will you to create the customizable notification that will direct your visitors towards the next page of your website.

    This widget is useful whenever you will need to show your visitors some kind of alert or notice, promote a new product, driving their attention towards the most important content, share company updates or simply take them directly to the purchase page.

    You will be able to create popups, bars, buttons or panels within few minutes.

    Perks: You will be able to show notifications that will grab your visitors attention in no time thereby increasing the chances of conversion rate.
serve widget
  • Survey Widgets: Every business organization irrespective of their size carries a survey which is an excellent way to know the demands or the needs of the subscribers.

    Adding this widget to your website will help you to get an instant feedback about your organization’s product features, marketing strategy or pricing of the products and services.

    Perks: This widget will help you in understanding your customer’s needs thereby allowing you to take steps towards the fulfillment of such needs. By doing so, your organization will earn a good name regarding customer service thereby building a platform for them to trust your brand name and enhanced customer engagement.
follow widget
  • Follow Widget: This clever widget will allow you to easily add social media ‘Follow buttons,’ ‘Follow Us’ bars or website to your website. You can also image and adjust them according to the mood of your website.

    Perks: Creating a unique Follow widget will allow you to make a prominent presence on the social media platform thereby helping you to gather valuable feedback from social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
share widget
  • Share Widget: Share widgets are one of the most smartest widgets that allow you to spread your brand name among mass of people. Use this tool to attractive sharing buttons, bars or pop-ups for your website to encourage your visitors to create awareness about your brand name.

    Perks: This widget will make your website content shareable thereby driving traffic to your website, and also you will be able to experience free advertisement as your customers will be spreading the word around.
chat widget
  • Chat Widget: Every website, of course, needs this feature on their website. Thus, GetSiteControl has solved the problem of creating this widget and embedding it on your website.

    You will be able to answer you website visitors queries and clear their doubts instantly. This action drives more traffic to your website. It increase customer engagement thereby increasing the conversion rate of your brand name.

    Perks: Setting up live chat on your website will increase your customer engagement level with your customers, thereby boosting customer satisfaction level and promoting sales.

    Also, answering questions from website visitors will increase goodwill of your brand name thereby creating a strong base for your website visitors to trust you and win more customers.

Thus, GetSiteControl is a perfect powerhouse of widgets and a great weapon for the email marketers.

Featuring the Features

exit popup

GetSiteControl is not only a set of widgets but also has a bunch of features that further claims to the email marketers in the quest of attaining a successful email marketing campaign.

  • Exit Popups: Do you want your visitors to stay on your website page a bit longer? Then this feature is a complete solution to your need. Exit popup will typically lower your site’s bounce rate by showing your visitors a custom message which will appear as a popup when they will be all set to leave your website page.targeting
  • Targeting: This feature will help you target visitors based on their country, device, browser, OS, traffic, new or returning visitors, etc. This will allow getting hold of interested visitors or prospects only, without hampering your brand name. However, make sure to show widgets on selected pages only.customer target
  • Smart Triggers: Widgets are a great way to capture a healthy list of subscribers and maintaining a relationship with them. However, this strategy can backfire your email marketing strategy if you use too much of widgets all over your website.

    Thus, with this feature you can have full control over your widgets behavior. You will be able to choose to start and stop widgets based on scrolling, based on time set by you, on a specified date or day of week.
  • Custom Images: You website is the only place from where you will be able to collect maximum list of subscribers. Thus, work hard on making your website look attractive enough to increase traffic.

    Therefore, add custom images to create attractive and professional looking widgets for your website. You can choose the image from your existing gallery or upload your own.customisation-platform
  • Customization: Use this feature create widgets of your choice. From bards to popups to panels–you get the benefit of customizing the look of your widget that will suit your website mood.

    You can also add custom images, choose colors, images, and animations to make your widgets look more attractive.
  • Autoresponders: You can create custom messages that will be sent automatically to those who have subscribed to your newsletters, completed a survey or used your contact forms. In this way, you will get rid of the task of sending these messages manually thereby saving some time for yourself to carry out other important work.responsive_design
  • Mobile Responsive: I guess this is one of the most vital aspects of email marketing, making it mobile responsive. Therefore, even the tools which are used for carrying out email marketing campaign must of be mobile responsive as well. So is GetSiteControl.

    The widgets that are present inside GetSiteControl are perfectly mobile optimized. It features big, touch-friendly call to action button for a great mobile user experience.Customer Engagement
  • A/B Testing: This feature will allow you to create several versions of the same widget. Leave the rest to your website visitors to determine which is the best version and what colors, layout, texts and call-to-action will work best…

The widgets mentioned above and set of features are a great gift for the email marketers. They can now easily achieve a successful email marketing campaign without going through any complicated process.

EasySendy & GetSiteControl- Complete Customer Engagement Solution

I have already mentioned above that EasySendy and GetSiteControl has teamed up with each other for executing more customer engagement activities.

In the words of an email marketer, they have integrated with each other to allow mutual users to send a better email marketing campaign.

The notes mentioned above will surely render that. However, before all that you need to integrate these two tools first. Let’s go through the step by step process of integration.

  1. First and foremost step, you will have to create free account with GetsiteControl as well as EasySendy and verify them.
  2. Then go ahead and add GetSiteControl script to your website footer.
  3. Once done with that, you have to choose an email delivery server of your choice and configure it with EasySendy. For details, you can refer to the blog here: EasySendy- Beginners Guide to Hybrid Email Marketing
  4. Once you configure the email delivery server with EasySendy, you need to generate a new EasySendy API key, which you will have to add to GetsiteControl site settings > integrations setting page ( Copy EasySendy Public Key ).
  5. After completing the integration process, you will now be able to generate a widget inside GetSiteControl panel based on what type of website look you want.
  6. Then, choose a list of subscriber from EasySendy for that particular widget; where emails captured from widget will be collected and passed to the selected Pro email list.

Pro Tips: You can create autoresponder emails inside EasySendy to send emails to your list of subscribers automatically maintaining a proper interval and time span between each email.

Finally, being done with the steps mentioned above, you can now collect or grab list of subscribers using different widgets of GetSiteControl and then you will be receiving autoresponder emails from EasySendy which come under the various free plans of EasySendy.

Wrap Up

In this whole blog, I have mentioned each and every detail about GetSiteControl.

Therefore, I can wrap up this blog with the note that this tool is like a magic tool which is perfect for capturing a quality list of subscribers and developing on-site customer engagement by the website owners for the website visitors.

Businesses like individual marketers, startups, online gig creators, Affiliate, NGO, Education, E-commerce, Agriculture and Food Services, Social Networks and Online Communities, Beauty and Personal Care, Daily Deals/E-Coupons, Entertainment and Events, Government, Marketing and Advertising, Non-Profit, Recruitment and Staffing, Restaurant and Venue will now be able to use GetSiteControl to capture list of subscriber, thereby using EasySendy to send autoresponders and regular campaigns smoothly, allowing it’s users to experience a ‘thumbs up’ email marketing campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ What is GetSiteControl?

GetSite Control is the cloud app for website optimisation and adding elements to increase the website engagement and conversion rate.

⭐ What is Easysendy?

EasySendy is a hybrid email delivery service provider specially designed for small businesses to execute different email marketing campaigns in order to engage the audiences.

⭐ What is a customer engagement strategy?

The customer engagement strategy is a process to augment customer satisfaction by engaging in positive interactions with their buyers.


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