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Top 15 Email Verification Tools for 2023

by | Mar 9, 2023 | Email Marketing, Email Verification | 1 comment

In this digital era, marketers face multiple challenges, and it isn’t easy to manage the company’s social reputation without email verification tools.

You have to maintain a healthy sender reputation in front of internet service providers (ISPs) for driving high email deliverability rates. 

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1. What is a Bulk Email Verification Service?

2. How Does Email Address Verification Work?

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You can impact your email reputation through complaints, spam traps, high bounce rates, so you need a favor from an email verification service to leverage the marketing campaigns.  

Although, email marketing is an affordable and effective marketing way to reach out to the targeted audiences. You have to use a bulk email verification service to maintain the open and conversion rates at a healthy and sustainable level. 

What is a Bulk Email Verification Service?

You can analyze the email addresses from the email list with a bulk email verification service through multiple checks. The process of “list cleaning” confirms the legitimacy of the contact records by omitting email addresses. 

How Does Email Address Verification Work?

You can verify emails as it involves a series of steps that can improve email deliverability. You can maintain the general process on how email verification works and inform them about the verification internet services and their different verification methods and steps.

First, you need to identify the problems and issues before being caught by ESPs or ISPs. Generally, email verification involves checking the mailing list for spam traps, as you can check the email addresses created to gather senders. 

You can use different email verification tools to minimize the email bounce rate. In this article, we have explained some email verification tools for 2023:  

Top 15 Email Verification Tools for 2023

1. ZeroBounce

It is one of the popular email verification tools mainly used by major corporations like Comodo, TripAdvisor.

This tool has multiple integrations along with numerous verification processes. It helps to check the hard bounce emails, spam traps and replaces the fake email addresses. You can help businesses to achieve higher email deliverability through this email list cleaning service.

Some essential features include single email verification, bulk email list verification, key customer data, and real-time verification API. It provides some deliverability tools like a mail server tester, which helps test your email server configurations, and inbox placement tester checks popular email providers for email spam.       

Pricing : You would get 2,000 email verifications at $16 for credit plans and 2,000 email verifications at $15/month for premium plans. Even you can start the freemium plan of ZeroBounce, which comprises a limit of 100 email verifications every month. 

Ratings : ZeroBounce has received 4.7 ratings out of 5 by the customers in the market. 

2. myEmailVerifier

It is a bulk email verification service that removes invalid, junk email addresses, spam traps from your contact list. You can detect fake and disposable emails from your email list. Don’t miss cleaning your email database for improving your email deliverability and reaching out to large audiences.

You can clean your email list with 98% accuracy at reasonable prices. You would get top-notch features, including Syntax verifier, catch-all email checker, Syntax verifier. 

Pricing : You can give 100 email verification credits free of cost and 500 email verification credits at $1.44. 

Ratings : myEmailVerifier has received 4.5 ratings out of 5 by Capterra. 

3. Clearout

Clearout is an email validation & email finder tool that helps marketers to build pre-verified email lists, reduce bounce rates by checking deliverability of email addresses and keeping email lists hygiene maintained. It gives 98%+ accurate results and all email finder results are backed by a confidence score to strengthen your cold marketing strategy.

Pricing: Clearout offers 2 sort of plans ‘Pay as you go’ and ‘Monthly’ & ‘Yearly’ subscription. It offers a free trial with 100 credits. The minimum plan starts with 3000 credits for $21.

Ratings: Clearout has received 4.9 ratings out of 5 on G2 crowd & 4.8 rating out of 5 on Capterra.

4. SalesBlink

SalesBlink is a sales outreach automation suite that offers 99% accuracy which is great in the upkeep of your sender reputation, as the higher the accuracy, the lesser the bounce rate. Moreover, the tool verifies email addresses in real-time.

Also, you wouldn’t require any other software or tool to use this email verifier so feel free to use Salesblink’s email verifier tool. The tool also lets you verify email in bulk, you can drag and drop a CSV file in the bulk email verifier. It lets you verify 1000 emails in one go.

Pricing:  The pricing plans start at $29/mo/user

Ratings: SalesBlink has received 4.7 ratings out of 5 from Capterra & 4.5 rating out of 5 on G2 crowd

5. Bouncer

It provides an accurate and robust email validation and email list verification. With this tool’s help, you can protect your sender’s reputation for improving the open inbox rate. Even you can remove invalid emails from your email list to minimize the bounce rate.5

It comprises features like free email verification sampling and verifies whole batches to reduce the bounce rate. It is a simple and robust tool to integrate email verification API, which developers specially design for removing invalid email addresses. 

Pricing:  After signing up, you can give 1000 free credits for tests. The starting price is $2.50 per 1000 credits. 

Ratings: Bouncer has received 4.8 ratings out of 5 by Capterra. 

6. Xverify

It is an email checker made for the requirement of digital marketing tasks. You can reduce fraud, spam complaints and eliminate hard bounces. It improves the email deliverability for online marketing.

While performing the email validation process, the email validator makes sure that the username gets registered with the domain.

Pricing: You can get 100 free verifications, and then other pricing plans are also there. 

Ratings: Xverify has received 5 ratings from the G2 crowd.  

8. GetProspect Bulk Email Verifier

GetProspect is another tool that can help you validate emails before the start of your campaign. Being the universal lead finder, this software helps define whether the emails are valid and even find new email addresses by domain and name. The GetProspect email verifier offers in-bulk and single verification modes, considering the following factors to analyze the validity of emails: FX records, domain health, code response, SMTP providers, etc.

Notably, the GetProspect is beneficial for large campaigns and targeted research within a small outreach activity. With it, you can verify up to 20 emails by simply typing them into the specific section or uploading the CSV file, offering you flexibility.

Pricing: You can proceed with 100 verifications for free. The different paid plans offer you 2 000 verifications for $49, 10 000 verifications for $99, 40 000 verifications for 199$, and 100 000 verifications for $399.  

Ratings: GetProspect has received 4.3 out of 5 from Capterra and 4.5 out of 5 from Cuspera.

9. BriteVerify

This tool performs email verification in real-time without delivering the email messages. You can use email verification API for landing pages, web forms, and mobile devices to act in real-time.

Do domain validation, send a bulk email verification with the help of this tool.

You can directly use the drag-and-drop editor for designing the email templates and send them to the email list. 

Pricing: You can get 250 K verifications at $0.01. 

Ratings: BriteVerify has received 4.7 ratings out of 5 by Capterra. 

10. Bulk Email Checker

It is an SMTP-based email checker and web application for performing real-time email verification. You can integrate bulk email checkers with Google Sheets. This tool comprises some advanced features like deep cleaning SMTP test; even you can filter against blacklisted addresses and disposable providers.

This tool offers data security through two-way encryption methods. 

Pricing: This tool is free for ten email addresses per day, and many available options depend on the email validation numbers. 

Ratings: Bulk Email Checker has received 5 ratings from Capterra. 

11. Email List Validation

This tool verifies the email list for hard bounces, invalid emails. It separates high-value and low-quality addresses. You can ensure that emails are sent to real people.

Email list validation includes risk validation for high-risk keywords and TLDs, inactive, invalid, or parked domains, removes email addresses with invalid syntax. 

Pricing: The pricing plans start at $19. 

Ratings: Email List Validation has received 4.5 ratings out of 5.  


This tool helps digital marketers in leveraging email marketing campaigns. You can verify, clean the email list for boosting email engagement and drive higher conversion rates. You can achieve outstanding ROI by minimizing hard bounce rates with the help of this tool.

At the same time, you can verify bulk and single emails. It has certain features that get integrated with SendGrid, MailChimp, Mailer Lite. Even you can easily browse, filter, and search the email list. You can even provide detailed insights for email list deliverability and perform real-time email verification.

Pricing: There are many plans, but you can get 100 free verifications. 

Ratings: Bounceless has received 4.3 ratings out of 5.

13. Verifalia

This tool is an online email tester for providing an API and validating the incoming email addresses. In the end, it will be real-time validation and perform email list verification.

You can verify the email without sending the message. It comprises real-time email verification, email list cleaning, mail exchanger test, syntax verification, and domain & DNS check.

Pricing: You can perform 25 validations daily, and you can take the free plan.  

Ratings: Verifalia has received 5 ratings by Capterra. 

14. Quick Email Verification

You can use this email verifier by email service providers, startups. This tool comprises features like bulk email verification, provides a REST API for integrating into the application. You can use this API for real-time email verification.  

Pricing: You can get 100 email addresses free of cost.

Ratings: Quick Email Verification has received 4.3 ratings out of 5 by G2 crowd.  

15. DataValidation

This tool helps in email marketing and maximizing the return on investment. Email service providers, companies, and startups use email testers to verify a single email address and email list. This tool comprises features like email verification API for your website.

Pricing: You can increase the number of verifications and reduce the per verification cost.   

Ratings: DataValidation has received 3.9 ratings out of 5.  

16. Email Marker

This tool provides email cleaning services and email verification. You can boost the return on investment of email campaigns with the help of this tool. This software offers a real-time API to integrate into the application for real-time email verification.

It comprises features like syntax check, identifies the duplicate records, spam trap control, and domain validation for invalid, inactive, and parked domains.  

Pricing: You will get free services for 150 email verifications. 

Ratings: No Ratings


It is a perfect solution for marketers, sales reps, startups, recruiters who rely on email outreach or outbound research. This tool deducts the time for collecting leads and candidates. It is your perfect CRM for efficient contact management and robust cold outreach.

You can find more convertible leads, verify contacts, track your lead’s progress, and automate cold outreach with the help of this tool.

Pricing: You can get 1000 credits at $33 per month. 

Ratings: has received 4.6 ratings out of 5. 

18. Pabbly

It is smart recurring billing software that manages online subscriptions for its subscribers. Basically, this tool is helpful for software sellers, B2B SaaS companies, subscription service providers, and those who sell monthly services. 

Pricing: You will get unlimited features at an affordable price, so you can take the subscription plan of upto 50 customers at $9/month. 

Ratings: Pabbly has received 3.2 ratings out of 5 by the G2 crowd.  


You can compare the pricing and ratings of different email verification tools to purchase the best tool for your business. 

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