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Email Marketing Growth prediction 2023 to 2027

by | Mar 10, 2023 | Email Marketing | 2 comments

Email Marketing is the key to the heart and, to the wallets, of your customers. It sounds pretty great, but it’s true.

How true is it? 

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1 . Importance of email marketing strategy 

2. Advantages of an email marketing strategy

3. Best practices of email marketing 

4. What was the impact of COVID-19 on your email marketing campaigns?

5. Email marketing predictions for 2023

According to the latest data, email marketing has projected return on investment of 4,300%, so it is the most effective marketing platform for marketers. Are you curious to understand the email Marketing growth prediction? 

Email marketing is the centerpiece of any brand’s marketing strategy. During this pandemic, email marketing has acted as the most helpful platform to reach large audiences.  

It is not a bad investment!

And the best part? It does not require deception, manipulation, or grand techniques in computer programs to achieve results. With some ideas to share and some essential online tools, you can start using email marketing to build a strong relationship with your ideal audience and grow your business with happy customers.

Importance of Email Marketing Strategy 

Email is a part of our daily tasks both for professionals and as well as for consumers. 

Who doesn’t have an email account that they check almost daily? 

Currently, email is one of the most critical communication channels.

This communication channel represents an excellent opportunity for companies and professionals. By adding email to marketing actions, we improve our product’s reach and visibility, converting more customers continuously.

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Email marketing allows us to reach a large group of people. And if we use useful tools, it will allow us to personalize the messages and adapt them according to the client’s needs by performing segmentation.

We are going to see the reasons why it is essential to carry out email marketing actions. The main one is that your competition ensures it is making it and profits with those actions.

According to the latest studies, over 3.9 billion email customers are using email marketing daily.

You can optimize email marketing campaigns for a higher return on investment and incorporate it into another marketing mix. Try to visualize email marketing on a large scale for analyzing the email marketing growth prediction. In this way, you can accomplish the following goals of effective email marketing strategies.  

Advantages of an Email Marketing Strategy

1. Develop long lasting relationships with customers: During this pandemic, you can send emails to build relationships with the consumers. You can send them empathy messages to show care and enhance the consumer experience. 

2. Access a large audience: Through email marketing, you can reach out to the prospects and customers from anywhere and anytime. Audiences can check their mobile devices from wherever they go.    

3. Create effective email campaigns: You have to identify the demographics, requirements of target audiences to refine the email content and craft an effective message based on the buyer’s persona. 

Best practices of Email Marketing

Kickstart this year with long email marketing practices for executing long-standing strategies.

1. Don’t violate the CAN-SPAM Act:If you don’t follow the CAN-SPAM Act’s regulations, there is a high risk of getting your domain banned. Ensure to comply with the CAN-SPAM acts for your companies so that your email strategy doesn’t enter into spam and dishonesty. You need to avoid false and misleading header information. 

2. Reach out to large audiences: When it comes to marketing, there are different types of strategies you can choose from for generating brand leads or driving sales conversion. You need to understand your goals, who you are targeting, your ideal customer, follower, and business partner.  You don’t know upfront which communication channels to choose to get the most out of your campaign.

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Word of mouth can work for a small local business ,but you have to reach out to many people who may not even know you are in the market when it comes to marketing.

3. There’s one thing every marketer needs to know: While all your customers may not be there on social media, virtually everyone reads their emails frequently. When it comes to the B2B market, email is still the fastest and most effective communication channel for transmitting and receiving data. Therefore, email marketing can be the most profitable platform if you know what you are doing and how to tailor your strategy to your audience.

Sending different emails is time-consuming, but it yields higher open and click-through rates. 

4. Check out on mobile devices: You need to optimize your emails for different mobile devices as most people view them on smartphones. The view of emails is different on mobiles as compared to desktop. Even try to create exciting and short subject lines to entice the reader for opening the emails. Please be careful with the font size so that the readers don’t have to zoom in and read the emails.

Make sure to use big images as they may not load on different smartphones, and put your CTA at the top to grab the readers’ attention.   

5. Check emails on different screen types: Emails look different on desktops as compared to mobile phones. Some marketers prefer to preview the inbox version of your emails on mobiles, desktop. This helps to understand the preview version of emails on different devices.  

6. Maintain updated list: You need to keep your email marketing list updated to track the bounce rates. If you maintain the latest list of unsubscribers, then there is a high possibility to minimize the bounce rates. Try to remove recipients who have not engaged with your email campaigns for the past few years. 

7. Revise email campaigns frequently: After running an email marketing campaign, you have to wait for a week to analyze the performance. Based on the results, you can understand what worked well and where improvements are required. 

What was the impact of COVID-19 on your Email Marketing Campaigns?

With the unprecedented impact of this pandemic, email marketing campaigns are getting affected badly. In more fragile economies that were still in the process of recovery, such as Mexico, the challenge is even more significant.

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Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) generate around 78% of formal jobs in Mexico. In this pandemic scenario, these companies face many challenges: improving cash flow management, reinventing the business model to go digital.

Above all, transform the Marketing department, which is often considered only a cost, instead of a Marketing center for acquiring income in a predictable, scalable, and sustainable way.

Email Marketing Predictions for 2023

Marketers are taking advantage of the new trends for preparing the upcoming strategies for this year. Here are some predictions for marketers to watch in this year:   

1 . Automated email sequences: You can create a sequence of emails that are deployed through trigger forth for sending emails automatically. Delivering emails to the right people at the right time can be time-consuming without the help of email automation.  

2. Investment in qualified talents: Use the right tool for taking the email campaigns to the next level. But you need to invest in the right set of people for building brand loyalty and keeping the audience engaged. 

3. Use animations: You can use free design tools for incorporating interesting elements into your email campaigns. Even, you can mix animations with standard texts to get your full message load on the devices.  


This pandemic has made a huge impact on email marketing and helps platforms for reaching the right audiences. Email marketing would rule the digital market this year as brands can enhance their reputation with proper strategies. 


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