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12 Email Campaign ideas for Product Launch

by | Mar 10, 2023 | Email Campaigns | 0 comments

What is a Product Launch Email?

Emails are powerful marketing tools as it shows a company to go out of its way to surprise us. You sure know what we’re talking about.

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1 . What is a Product Launch Email?

2. Ways to create a Product Launch Email Campaign

Every day, users’ inboxes are filled with emails from companies that invite them to test products, download ebooks and discover news, among many other topics. All of them fight for the attention of users and achieve their goal by selling. So, we need to think of some email campaign ideas for the product launch.

Email is the most effective tool that we have, but it is essential to have strategies to hooking your recipients with them. This article will show you some email campaign ideas for product launch to make a difference, improve your results, and achieve loyalty through your newsletters.

Today, companies and brands have a wide range of ways to communicate with their audience. You can mainly thank social media platforms. However, email represents a highly effective direct communication channel capable of creating and consolidating relationships with audiences. 

create a product launch email campaign

Ways to create a Product Launch Email Campaign

What makes the iPhone the most anticipated and desired product of the year? We know that smartphones are no worse than Apple products, but nobody cares about their releases and updates.

It’s all about an appropriate advertisement for your product launch.

Apple advocates anticipation and prospective desire to buy and use its products. How?

The brand presents the best ad email examples and subject lines to grab attention. Below, we’ll reveal Apple’s secret that makes its campaigns so unique.

If you look to launch a product with email marketing, you have to come this far. You have come to the right place. Bringing a new product in front of audiences is the best time. After spending weeks, months crafting this novelty that your audience will love, you deserve to convey it with pride, and you may be feeling a little eager to spread the word.

It’s never early to think about promoting it wherever you are in the development process. It is not early to think about how you will enable it. And as part of that plan, there should be a place to launch a product with email marketing.

When it comes time for introducing a new product or collection, most brands take the simple approach. And what approach is it? They send one or two emails to your entire subscriber list.

Although this approach works, there is a much better way to do it. You can use email to build anticipation and excitement before your product launch. It will help you create buzz and ultimately sell once the product is available.

Over 66 per cent of consumers have purchased as a result of an email. Thus, you want the most effective tool in your promotional store, and developing an email strategy will be critical. After all, you can do more than email your subscribers to announce that you are here.

Let’s get started with some relevant email campaign ideas for product launch:

1 . Initial cleaning:

Yes, you read it right. An initial cleaning before launching yourself with any other type of campaign can significantly help your results to be much better in the following. You will be able to analyze some specific metrics for this email marketing strategy that will allow you to detect which users show better behaviour that does not benefit you. 

When an email reaches the subscriber’s inbox but does not open, don’t be afraid to “invite” your less (or not at all) active subscribers to unsubscribe from your list. After all, they weren’t giving you anything. Of course, do not resoundingly say goodbye. Try to use a sense of humour or a closer wink to prevent the subscriber from being offended.

Sometimes, they serve as a wake-up call with these emails, and the subscribers return to show interest. What’s the use of having thousands of recipients if they don’t open your emails? You are not interested in having a database with subscribers not interested in your product.

2) Welcome email:

This type of email is essential for building trust with your subscribers, and its content and form must be appropriate.

Remember that if you have found a new subscriber, you have the advantage that users are more interested in what you have offered. You can take advantage of it for creating the strategy.

Of course, the users who have subscribed to your list may not know you. You can introduce yourself and talk a bit about yourself and your brand to start building that trust we are looking for. You can take advantage of this submission to show who you are, what you do and, most importantly, how you can help the user.

Take note of some other extra tips that you can apply in this welcome email:

  • Thank you for that subscription
  • Present yourself
  • Share some content from your blog or another helpful resource
  • Offer some extra incentive
  • Generate expectation
send welcome email to build trust

3) Share blog updates:

The email marketing campaign is the most effective tool among other social media platforms.

You can use your emails as an extension of your blog, and every time you have new content, let your subscribers know and give them access from the comfort of their email. It is an excellent way to prevent your subscribers from forgetting about you. If you also offer them valuable content adapted to their characteristics, you will reinforce the reasons they wanted to subscribe.

Remember, you have their previous interest, and that is why they wanted to be part of your list. Please take advantage of it, prepare an effective content of value and give them reasons to remain committed to you.

4) Announce the launch of a product/service:

You can notify your subscribers of the launch of your brand’s new product or service as it is a perfect way to keep updated with everything which you offer as a brand.

If you use this strategy before that news is implemented or officially made public, you can generate excitement and make it even more attractive.

Another option you can consider is allowing your subscribers to exclusively have access to this new product or service before anyone else.

5) Follow up (a sale, a course):

With this example of an email marketing campaign, we have room for a manoeuvre, especially in the case of e-commerce.

The email marketing strategies for online stores are many, and, with the help of retargeting, they are usually very effective. 

In the example below, from Knockaround, we see a great cart abandonment tracking strategy. In addition, you can remind yourself that you have a product in which you showed interest.

provide sales and follow up with your subscribers

6) Make a survey: It is the most effective email you can deliver to the subscribers. You can use it for collecting more information from your recipients for adding more value to your database. 

take survey for email campaigns

7) Ask for a review, rating or opinion:

Another strategy you should consider is asking your subscribers to rate their experience with your brand and enhance recommendation marketing. You can ask to leave a review or assessment on your Google My Business listing, Facebook page or even on your web pages. 

In this type of strategy, it is advisable to do it with caution and ensure that whoever you ask for comment should go in a positive way.

take reviews and ratings

8) Give visibility to your social networks: It is another way to encourage your audience’s engagement with your brand. You can even refer to other social media channels for allowing them to connect with you.

give visibility to your social networks

Simultaneously, you can organize an exclusive campaign for this objective or include it in your other campaign elements. 

9) Refer to actions on specific social networks: We can refer to specific actions on social media platforms, and below are the examples:

  • A contest or giveaway
  • An action of participation: game, puzzle, survey
  • A debate
  • A live broadcast

10) Offer a discount or exclusive advantage: From time to time, it’s okay to consider sharing with your subscribers some kind of exclusive discount/offer or some other kind of benefit that is exclusive for your subscribers.

11) Share some products: First of all, let’s remember that the excess of commercial content can negatively affect our email marketing strategy since it can generate a certain rejection. Therefore, let’s not abuse this content!

In the case of ecommerce, it is a very common strategy, but for other types of brands or businesses, being too commercial can harm us.

12) Announce new collaborations or partnerships: With this other example of a strategy, you can take advantage of a specific association or collaboration with a brand that is ‘friendly.’

make new partnerships


Companies should understand their users’ needs so that they present the Email Campaign ideas for Product Launch more effectively. They should focus on each new brand’s values and no matter which direction your emails take.

Ensure to connect with your readers about what makes your product worthwhile. 


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