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What You Need to Know for Starting Drip Email Campaigns

by | Feb 22, 2023 | Best Practices, Drip email campaigns | 5 comments

Drip email campaigns are a type of marketing automation that allows you to send a series of automated, targeted messages to a specific audience over a set period of time.

Did you know that about 70% of customers report bad emails or spam emails as their primary reason for opting out of a brand’s email lists?

Infact, some have even reported to opt out because they never heard from the brand ever since they subscribed. Then suddenly they received a weird email trying to create a brand-recall!! Yes, as much as it sounds annoying, things like this do happen.

There are several emails that hit your inbox. Makes you rethink the reason why you ever subscribed to their email lists, isn’t it?

Well, such incidents are my learning lessons. I’d never want my subscribers to feel like this. And I know, you don’t want too. Hence, like all marketers, my faith is restored in drip email campaigns permanently.

Why do you need to start implementing drip campaigns?

Drip email campaigns are a series of automated marketing messages. It help in activating your subscribers from one marketing stage to another.

Since these emails are highly targeted and personalized, subscriber conversion rate is 47% more than a regular email campaign. 

Sometimes brands run a series in particular to a season or event. However, every email series should have a frequency capping in order to maintain the charm of that email campaign.

How to build a drip campaign?

If you want to get started with Drip Email Campaign, then login to EasySendy. After you log in, click on the Drip Campaigns tab on the left-hand side under the “Dashboard.”

EasySendy Drip Email campaign Dashboard

Under the ” Create the new list”, there are different tabs called “General Data “, “Notifications”, Subscriber actions”, “Defaults”, “Advanced,” and “Company Details.” Fill in the required details which are required to build a drip campaign.

Under the drop-down menu, click on “Create Drip Template” to create drip templates. Fill in the details required to generate the drip campaign. The “Name”, “Opt-in”, Description”, “Opt-out” are marked as mandatory.

Drip Email campaign

If you want to create drip email marketing automation sequences and autoresponders from EasySendy drag and drop automation builder. Based upon the email clicks and email open of our subscribers, you can take action inside the automation flow builder.
To get started, first you need to add automation email templates inside the EasySendy dashboard> automation campaign > automation email template
After you saved the automation email template from the above step, you can define automation sequence from automation flow builder.

P.S.: But make sure before you pick the right choice to trigger the campaign, you can segment subscriber lists into sections. It’s advisable to do A/B test to optimize your campaigns. You can use different subject lines, CTAs, layouts.
If you are using EasySendy for your drip email campaigns, you can ensure about the A/B test. On the top of it, you can get 250+ popup templates which can be easily added to the website in seconds.

Practices to get started with Drip Email Campaigns

What is your ultimate goal? Is it to enhance engagement or converting first-time visitors into subscribers?
Yes, the answer is a must as it will also define the different marketing strategies.
Understanding the time to use the drip emails is an excellent way for you. Also ensure you reach as many as individuals as possible at the best possible time. So that you can draw more customers and increase the chances of making sales.

Following are the few cases and the examples of brands where drip marketing can become the guaranteed way to attract the right people with the right content to your website or brand together.

1. Setting a Proper Goal

On the first hand, understand your company goals. If you want to generate the maximum conversion from your subscribers, then you must go for a more aggressive approach as well. You can persuade your subscribers by showcasing the features of your products or services and make them one of your customers.

It’s essential to have a clear idea before setting up a drip campaign and know what you’d like to accomplish. For instance, you can have a look at the goals brand- came up with before setting up their lead nurturing campaigns.

Then you can follow-up with various lead nurturing campaigns with relevant content from previous offer downloads. In case if you want to  send a welcome series or move the leads through the re-engagement funnel, you can make use of respective drip email campaigns.

Welcome Email

What attracts you more when you go to a shop for the second time? Yes, the obvious answer is the moment when they welcome you with a warm welcome. The same principle applies to the online business also.

A welcome drip campaign draws in many new subscribers and potential customers with a welcome personalized message which is relevant to the time they subscribed to your mailing list. The best-guaranteed way to make your subscribers remind of your brand is to welcome the users immediately after accepting to your list.

Drip Email by ikea

As shown in the above image, IKEA family welcomes new subscribers  by sending a welcome drip campaign.

Drip Email

In the meanwhile, you can offer the best available discounts to keep them coming back and to boost reputation as a business.

For instance, Hebbit utilized the welcome drip email campaigns by combining it with a discount.

Offers and Promotions

Who doesn’t like paying less to get more? Yes, the offers and promotions work out to drive a sale. These can be use to entice a customer such as promo codes, freebies or exclusive discounts.

Automated Drip Email

Customer milestones make for great reasons to offer a discount to your customers. To add on, it will be a great benefit if you are able to make it personal such that you can recognize the birthday or nurture your relationship by celebrating their anniversary of being a customer.
For instance, see how Nike has utilized email drip campaigns to automate birthday emails.
For instance, take a look at how the brand Nike uses email drip campaigns to automate birthday emails by sending them a discount code for a 25% discount on a product. Make sure that they always offer value to your customers rather than sending them just for the sake of sending a drip email.

2. Effective Subject Lines

What grabs the recipient’s attention at first? Yes, the most overlooked subject lines. Hence if you are planning to initiate a drip campaign, you make sure that there is an effective subject line.
A great subject line is an essential part of an effective drip email marketing campaign. Make sure that you add a factor of personalization to generate more opens and click-through and drive up more engagement with your emails. You must continuously stay up-to-date on spam triggers and remain in touch with consumers’ behaviors, needs, and interests.

Drip Email subject lines

The brand ULTA, created the re-engagement campaigns by using the best subject line like “Hello Gorgeous ..It’s been a while”.

3. List segmentation

Drip marketing includes processes which entail to know your target prospects, especially their buying decision –making process. In every step of the drip email marketing, make sure that you keep in mind about the recipients of the messages. Yes, I am directing you to the point regarding segmentation.
The segmentation is based on various factors such as demographic data and geographic location, to name a few. The qualification of leads against various steps in the lead nurturing can be done into smaller groups.
The best part of segmentation is that it’s very effective to send the marketing messages especially if the process is automated.

4. Test your email templates

You will never get to know whether your drip campaign is useful or not unless you have tested your campaign’s performance based upon the design and copy. Hence create a design layout which is attractive at the same time and with relevant call-to-action. If you are using GIFs and bright colors, make sure these don’t overpower the core part of your drip email campaign.

5. Email Design and Layout

Do you think the bright color or the layout will entice a subscriber more? Both attract a subscriber to different patterns such as layout, colors, and other design elements. Using the right background images can make an email useful. The proper use of these elements can drive the right kind of engagement with the help of robust calls-to-action that use both text and simple graphics to produce engagement.

6. Customer retention

How many customers have stopped making purchases? If it’s a significant number, then it’s high time that you must start sending re-engagement campaign to entice more customers.

A re-engagement drip email marketing campaign may contain sales or perks for potential customers who are willing to make purchase. A relevant call-to-action may entice a user to buy the products they have never purchased from you in the past. Apart from this, you can offer the best exciting offers to loyal customers who have not visited your website for an extended period.

7. Abandoned Shopping Cart Campaigns

There would be certain times where you would not be able to finish the shopping or purchase the items added into your cart. Why lose a customer? Hence it’s the best time to send a drip email marketing campaign to customers who have not processed to buy  the products added in their cart. On top of it, you can solidify your purchase with an attractive reminder to make an additional push for your business.

Entice them with a reason to remind customers about their unfinished purchase which is based on the products they have already added to their shopping cart. The abandoned shopping cart campaigns can drive great brand awareness while you can encourage individuals to move forward by allowing them to generate more revenue and profit.

Nordstorm has attracted many subscribers who may have forgot to purchase the products added in the cart by the means of Cart-abandonment drip email campaign.

8. References

Have you come across a recommendation drip campaign and ended up with more purchases? Sending retargeted drip emails with personalized product or coupon offers is a reliable method for catering to your buying preferences. The more the company knows about you, the better they can predict what you can like or buy.

Send targeted drip campaigns with service-specific recommendations using drips to appropriate user segments

drips based options

Amazon always does the work of giving recommendations to it’s subscribers by offering more options.


Now I hope you would have got ideas about the different practices of drip email campaigns. Hence the next step for you to pen down your requirements and search an excellent email marketing platform. Since everyone wants a product which can give you a relaxed and hassle-free experience. I will suggest you try EasySendy Drip for your drip email campaigns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

⭐What is a drip email campaign?

A drip email campaign is an automated sequence of emails sent to a specific group of people over a period of time. These emails are often personalized and tailored to the recipient’s interests and can be used to build relationships and increase engagement.

⭐How long does it take to set up a drip email campaign?

The amount of time required to set up a drip email campaign varies depending on the size and complexity of the campaign. However, most campaigns can be set up in a few hours or less.

⭐How do I create a drip email campaign?

Creating a drip email campaign involves setting up an email automation tool, selecting a list of contacts, writing personalized emails, and scheduling the emails to be delivered at specific times.


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