Are you struggling to augment profit in your e-commerce business and capture new customers?

You need to gear up the email marketing in this ecommerce brand to gather potential customers.  

The e-commerce email marketing industry has been growing very fast for the last few years and increased their sales to help their customers in making the best purchase.

According to the latest report, digital marketing has increased online sales by 714% and improve conversions, so now customer can make purchase of their choice through social platforms.

It has created a new avenue for businesses that want to grow online and ready to introduce an entirely new selling channel for better engagement. You’re missing to segment the process to receive proper shipping from subscriber and build loyal relationships by allowing discounts for audience.

You’ll be astonished to see the rapid growth in the e-commerce group over the past five years as purchase and sell have increased tremendously.

Online retailers are slowly selling their new brand through proper promotions and encourage them to sell in online store. You’ll enhance the sale if you’re shipping to audience through proper promotions and minimize the price. At that same time, they are providing discounts to nurture customer’s mind and improve purchase rate. Simultaneously, you’re increasing the engagement for higher conversion. They want to establish their brand identity and build a relationship with their potential customers on an e-commerce website, as observed by Jack Lowinger, CEO of Cartonomy.

Here’s we explain and make it easy to read ‘how a hybrid email delivery solution is one of the most critical factors for e-commerce email  subscriber and the get the best e-commerce plan’.


e-commerce email marketing

Hybrid email delivery in the world of e-commerce email marketing

Have you decided to set up your own e-commerce business? It looks excellent when some customers and your company start sailing smoothly and grab valuable lead.

Your valuable customers have multiple issues in their life apart from the problems that your brand resolves. So, many company focus completely on selling the products and they are least bothered about the problems their customers are facing. Encourage to send personalization messages in triggered emails, transactional email, welcome email to customers for augmenting sale.  

However, this task of attracting customers through brand name awareness is not that easy; neither is it too difficult if you execute the right mobile-friendly plan in marketing such as hybrid automation to grow customer’s sell.  Although, many ecommerce companies don’t believe in educating their customers and prospects. Companies can even tell stories about their customers and employees to nurture them. You can collect feedbacks from customer and provide them promotional offers. 

Not only that, email marketing has even outsmarted social media channels like Facebook and Twitter and you’ll create gated content to add value to your promotion and increase engagement. It is not all that surprising to generate personalized content and engaging subject in emails for subscribers. If you have a Facebook fan page, then a minuscule percentage of people (around 32%) will visit that page(product pages) to see the updates that you post to your timeline. Facebook will want to buy their advertising to promote your update.

Therefore, it can come under lousy investment for the mall business. Also, it falls into the category of bad investment for small companies and startups to keep inactive leads at bay.

Statistics say that: About 3.6 billion online customers buy similar products from a digital platform.

According to the latest statistics, over 80% of retail professionals firmly believe that ecommerce email marketing is the most excellent tool for customer retention and bring interested leads automatically.

They have also found out that average customer lifetime value (CLV) lasts longer for those who have come back through email than those through online media.  

Ecommerce email marketing does not necessarily mean that it can be part of promotional marketing emails. It should be a combination of different marketing best practices like Regular, Plain text email, RSS Feed, and the Trigger campaigns. Here’s a personalized email example like welcome emails, abandonment emails, promotional emails , order confirmation email , transactional emails ,shopping cart email campaigns etc.

e-commerce email marketing

Less pocket pinch for the SMBs

Small and medium e-commerce marketing businesses will always seek such a form of marketing in an e-commerce platform, which will not cost them a bomb as they have a limited budget. Therefore, it is one of the most pocket-friendly models of marketing whereby they can distribute their brand name to the masses just by a click in their form. 

This form of marketing does not incur extra expenses and things like print or postage costs as well as fees not required in exchange for exposure on a particular billboard, magazine, or television channel. Most of the SMBs should invest in ecommerce marketing as the level of ROI is fantastic and improve conversion rate. The recent research found that “email marketing generates $0.08 in revenue per email.

In 2021, the Direct Marketing Association came up with this incredible estimation that the email marketing typically gives an ROI of 40 pounds for every 1 pound of spend. Isn’t this remarkable?

Various e-commerce email delivery solution

There are different email marketing solutions that the SMBs can choose from depending on their business. Here’s the same concept applies to the e-commerce business, whereby they can benefit from the various marketing solutions to increase sell.

These provide email service provider to its customers, which include many other services other than sending email messages through automation tools. Such features and functionalities are campaign management, segmentation, cart abandonment etc. They provide such services carefully through SaaS Solution. In ESPs or SaaS solutions, the price will keep on increasing, so you’ll begin to send large volume of mails to every interested reader.

  • Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) Relays

SMTP relay servers provide services whereby the customer can send messages to identify subscription lists and break the entire loophole matter. However, this entity lacks other essential features that are primary and critical to successfully lead a marketing campaign like campaign management tools, list management & segmentation, insights into email delivery reports, etc. These, too, are cloud-based services. SMTP relays include Amazon SES, Mandrill, Send Grid, MailGun, etc. SMTP is more cost-efficient than other email marketing solutions and helps to design seasonal recommendations for segment.

smtp relay servers -hybrid email delivery solution

  • On Premise MTAs (Mail Transfer Agents)

These are something created within the organization and found operating button within the organization premises, whereby it provides email messaging services for promoting the brand. Just like SMTP, these lack front end management features for an e-commerce marketing segment. These include Port 25, Power MTA, Green Arrow. They have visibility, granular control, and configuration compared to a SaaS solution. On-Premise MTAs are cost-effective when many emails have sent.

Advantages of using Hybrid Email Delivery Solutione-commerce email marketing1

  • Improved Email Open Rate

Due to the multi-channel email delivery system, the open email rate also increases to a large extent when you’ll offer smart discounts. Email infrastructure plays a significant role when it comes to high email delivery, conversion rate and open rate. Only through correct incorporation and implementation of free technology such as hybrid email delivery improves inbox deliverability, emails open, conversion rate and helps in website optimization.

Using eye-opening subject, interesting story lines, sending welcome emails will also improves your conversion rate. So you’ll try to create right subject line for your emails with some interesting news, exclusive story from the industry before deploying emails to subscribers. Even, you can speak history of your industry to make your customer’s familiar about the market. You’ll offer discounts to make right promotion for your product and augment purchase because the good newsletter feel like great way to get attention from the email subscribers.

Marketing strategy like:- Marketers offer a  discount and free shipping to new subscribers because they not only offering free shipping but also giving them a way to activate it. It is their marketing automation process to keep dispatching these kinds of series [cart abandonment email, order confirmation email, transactional emails, shopping cart email, first purchase email] throughout the customer journey and win back new subscribers and existing customers attention.

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A hybrid email marketing solution enables the email marketer automatically to generate a new segment inside the existing email list. It helps them to predefine the email list segmentation based on different conditions. In the future, they can use this segmentation to send automated email campaigns at various categories and collect feedbacks based on the customer’s interest in a particular new product by adding call to action button, welcome email or sending cart abandonment emails to users. Simultaneously, you’ll offer them with discounts and analyze their behavior based on their buying method. 

hybrid email delivery solution

  • Cut Down Email Marketing Budget

A hybrid email marketing solution (hybrid email delivery solution) is ideal for small, medium, and large enterprise businesses. The use of most efficient and suitable relay servers out of numerous SMTPs serves at their best, thereby help you build and  increase the mail deliverability rate to a large extent and thus improving the overall ROI. Follow the blog post to optimize your email marketing budget. Here are some quotes boasted by industry experts:

Are you limiting your reach to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest? Don’t forget about YouTube: compared to other social media platforms, YouTube has the highest pages per visit, the most extended visit duration, and the lowest average bounce rate. (Shareaholic)

Email marketing has an ROI of 3,800%! (Diving Point)

Email marketing is so effective– in fact, its customer’s acquisition rates have quadrupled over the past four years. 

71% of mobile purchasing decisions get influenced by emails from companies. (Adobe)

  • Sending email with high-speed (working)

Sending marketing emails in the e-commerce platform as a part of an email campaign has become such a complex phenomenon that it has almost grown out of reach for small and medium businesses for sending volume emails to the subscribers.

ecommerce-email-marketing-budget-hybrid email delivery solution

Hybrid Email Delivery Solution from EasySendy Pro:

EasySendy Pro is a web-based email marketing software  that follows the concept of hybrid email delivery, thus helping small and medium businesses who are into e-commerce. It allows companies to reach their subscribers through quick emails.

It ensures high email delivery into the subscriber’s inbox, resulting in a high open rates and higher ROI. The micro-deliverability factors can drastically change the email deliverability rate by building email strategy  for the e-commerce customer as they deploy emails on a bulk basis every day. For example:- delivering emails to users by informing about product recommendations & details, welcome email, discount/ seasonable email, pop ups form email  and cart abandonment emails to complete their purchase.

Therefore, they need a quick ecommerce marketing strategy that will not only land the email in the subscriber’s inbox but also improve the open email rates and the click-through rate. Given below are the features and the advantages:

  • Pro has this unique feature whereby the user can swap from one SMTP relay server to another SMTP relay server as per the need of the business. Therefore, this is an excellent advantage for the e-commerce business as they can choose or any from an existing SMTP relay server to another SMTP relay server as per their choice and need painlessly. It will also help them to deliver emails in a large quantity at high speed; that would also be cost-effective email.
    hybrid email delivery solution- EasySendy Pro
  •   Pro always focuses on improving the open email rate. Again a significant advantage for the e-commerce email marketing campaign as the more the open email rate & conversion rate will grow, the more profit they will gain. So take advantage of the given opportunities.
  • Pro also has the feature to execute micro-segmentation in the existing email list. It is particularly beneficial for the e-commerce business as they will be able to send marketing emails by adding call to action button to their subscribers based on their interests or gender.
  • Pro also has an advanced feature to personalized email in  the email campaign, which is yet again, another advantage for the e-commerce business.
    hybrid email delivery solution- EasySendy Pro
  • Last but not least, Pro has the hands-on benefits to optimize email marketing budget. It is a crucial feature, especially for small e-commerce marketing businesses, as they tend to send emails in bulk to their customers. They will only have to pay for the sent emails.

Advanced Features of EasySendy Pro For E-commerce Email Marketing

  • Pro has been added with the feature to export all subscribers at once from all lists, and the user can also add company websites to list company fields.
  • The user can manually subscribe to request approval in the email list.
  • EasySendy Pro has been ad combined with the feature whereby a customer get started by adding  custom campaigns based tags, thereby enabling every data under that tag to appear at the same time.
  • The user can even retry sending a campaign in case of a failure.
  • One can also optionally track open.
  • Pro has also been added with more options to click stats exporting.
  • Customer register form gets combined with captcha.
  • Also, one has the advantage now to display and search in lists, welcome  email campaigns, and subscribers by their unique ID.

Hybrid email marketing solution, which allow the core functionality to be maintained in the cloud while accessing data from the centralized location play a significant role in meeting the tough challenges ahead. With hybrid email delivery solution, the e-commerce marketing business can have the best of both worlds. Take a look on the e-commerce marketing campaign will be combining the security of in-house, on-premise technology and pairing it with the convenience of cloud email to help e-commerce retailers communicate with the customers in a broader aspect throughout the customer lifecycle journey. If you want to send an email newsletter, Keep in mind that if you are creating some email strategy  for the first time means taking the first step towards the success.



Ankit Prakash is principal founder of EasySendy and Aritic. Ankit is a passionate and determined entrepreneur; building successful Internet product since 2006.


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  16. Great Article! Even with all of the new marketing technologies and tactics available to us, it’s still the simplest and the most cost-effective that works best – email marketing!

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