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EasySendy Pro Beginner’s Guide to Email Marketing

by | Feb 27, 2023 | Best Practices, Blog, Email Marketing, Email Template | 27 comments

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol or SMTP, as it is called, is the server used by most of the email service providers for sending emails. Whenever an email is sent, the email service provider connects to an SMTP server, communicates with it using the SMTP protocol and then, delivers the email message which needs to be dispatched.

The SMTP server, in turn, transfers the email to another SMTP server in which the recipient email address is based so that the email can be delivered to the recipient.

This blog gives a Beginner’s Guide to Email Marketing making it more feasible for you to send emails.

Beginner's Guide to Email Marketing

What is SMTP Relay?

An SMTP Email Relay Server is configured to provide a high volume of transactional or marketing emails for businesses to subscriber’s inbox without getting labeled as spam or junk. SMTP Email Relay Service providers have an extensive infrastructure of relay servers and IP Address pools. 

An SMTP Email Relay Server uses a variety of methods and configurations so that their bulk emails are not viewed as spams by the ISPs. The different ways in which they do so can be found out in one of my earlier blogs “The concept of Micro-Deliverability of Emails.”

Any server sending emails needs to be warmed up once it is deployed.

Warm up is required because the ISPs (Internet Service Providers) fighting the worldwide spam menace starts blocking emails from any email server which suddenly starts sending bulk emails, assuming them to be spam.

How to use SMTP Relays?

As such, the sent emails will not be reaching their supposed recipients. To counter such measure from the ISPs, the email server, once deployed, needs to be warmed up initially, before they can start sending their maximum email volumes.

SMTP server warmup is the activity of starting initially with a small volume of emails. It gradually increasing the amount of the sent emails up to the maximum volume within a timeframe of a couple of months.

This allows the ISPs to monitor the emails sent by the email server and makes sure that the email server is sending genuine business emails and not spam.

The warmup process helps create a good reputation for the server sending emails so that the emails sent by the server is not viewed as junk or spam and thus can be delivered to the subscriber’s inboxes rather than in spam folder or not sent at all.

Using SMTP Email Relay Server is also cost-efficient as most of the SMTP servers charge the users on a “per-use” basis. It means users pay only for the volume of the emails that they send through the SMTP server.

There is no such thing as initial one time or infrastructure costs. Moreover, the users need not maintain or manage the servers at their end.

Also, the email service providers provide many features to the users who are beneficial for email marketing activities. You can find detail about the delivery server comparison here.

Beginner’s guide to email marketing

In Beginner’s Guide to Email Marketing With EasySendy Pro. You need to add an SMTP relay server which finally delivers email campaigns to subscriber mailbox. So, from EasySendy Pro dashboard, email campaign goes to your email delivery server and then, the delivery server makes final delivery of emails. You can refer this small graphic:

Beginners Guide to Email Marketing by EasySendy

Set up & run email marketing campaign with EasySendy Pro:

1. Signup with EasySendy Pro as First Step To Beginner’s Guide to Email Marketing

The first step in Beginner’s Guide to Email Marketing is to Sign up and create a free account with EasySendy Pro. You will have to verify your email to complete the signup process.

EasySendy Pro free account gives you ability to upload 2,000 email subscribers of yours for free and send 30,000 emails each month through EasySendy Pro to your SMTP email delivery provider.

After the email verification, you will land upon delivery server configuration page. This page will look something like –

easysendy delivery servers

Now, you can click on the email delivery server which you want to configure with your EasySendy Pro account. After correct configuration, you would be able to send email campaigns from your EasySendy Pro dashboard.

This is the first step of beginner’s guide to email marketing with EasySendy Pro.

2. Signup with SMTP relay service provider, connect and activate

In case if you have not decided which delivery server you want to choose for email delivery. You can refer this comprehensive SMTP relay selection guide for the same.

If you are using SMTP relay for the first time then, you can use SparkPost, which is easy to configure and integrate with EasySendy Pro.

Sign up an account with SparkPost from here and follow this easy integration guide to:

  • Add email sending domain name into SparkPost account
  • Verify domain name with DKIM and SPF records
  • Add abuse and postmaster emails to email sending domain ( optional )
  • Add SparkPost account in EasySendy Pro Delivery Server
  • Validate Delivery Server in EasySendy Pro account ( complete guide )

According to the steps mentioned above. You are all set to upload email list and create email campaigns.

3. Import email list

Go to Lists -> Create new List -> Start creating.

How to add new list at EasySendyPro

Proceed to add / upload/ import your email list of subscribers, in this CSV file format. You can follow the complete subscriber import guide from here.

4. Create and send email campaign

After you have successfully created an email list filled up with email subscribers, you should move ahead to create an email campaign for the first time.

Click “Create new campaign” from the left menu of EasySendy Pro dashboard and start with building an email campaign. Let’s say you want to build a regular email campaign. Select it and proceed.

Types of email campaigns in EasySendy Pro

On next screen fill in campaign details as required: Campaign name, campaign group, subject, and tracking details. Next step is to add the list to which you want to send under “recipients” step.

Then you go ahead to pick the email template and customize it under “templates”. Last step os to confirm all the edits and changes you’ve made.

easysendy email campaign

5. Interpret the email campaign report:

Based on your sent email campaign, now you can check the campaign report overview of the sent email campaign. Do observe the email open rate, bounce, complaint, and link clicks, along with other detail.

Based on the report, you can use campaign re-engagement feature to re-send a nudge or the campaign again to unopened emails after a gap of few days.

This was the basic beginner’s guide to email marketing with EasySendy Pro. Refer to for advanced and more elaborate email marketing tips and tricks for email marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ What is mean by email marketing?

Email marketing is an online forum to promote products or services and build relationships with potential customers through email.

⭐ Is Email Marketing Easy?

Email marketing is the most powerful and easiest online mode of communication for promoting your products or services to increase sales.

⭐ What are the types of email marketing?

Email marketing is a highly effective online marketing strategy for sending messages to visitors. There are three categories of email marketing:
a) Email Newsletters
b) Behavioural Emails
c) Transactional Emails

⭐ How I can start email marketing?

Before starting an email marketing campaign, you need to select the best email marketing service provider; then you need to collect authentic email list to send bulk email newsletters. You have to set up a compelling warm greeting to welcome the new subscribers. Don’t resist to reuse beautifully-designed professional email templates with well-written and persuasive email copy.


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