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Email Marketing and the Apple iOS Update 2023 | Apple vs Marketers

by | Mar 13, 2023 | Email Campaigns | 0 comments

Recently, Apple has announced the launch of its new privacy features for iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, and Mac computers, designed for Ios 15, watchOS 8, macOS Monterey, and iPadOS 15.

Are you surprised to see the new Apple iOS update?

Most of the email marketers think about the open rates, and it is most likely to be turned over by the users.

Do you know that changes to the iPhone creates an impact for the subscribers who read emails on mobiles?

Over 96% of the recipients planned to leave the tracking disabled when Apple released iOS 14.5.

apple ios update 2021 and email marketing

Apple has made changes in the two features: Mail Privacy Protection and Hide Email Addresses. It is going to impact email marketing.

Here are the new features you can have a look at:

Mail Privacy Protection

Mail Privacy Protection will allow iOS 15 email users to privately load the remote content and not disclose the IP addresses for Apple IOS update. This result will block the sender’s ability to track opens and mask the subscribers’ IP addresses, which helps to determine the physical location.

Although some email service providers like EasySendy Pro, Constant Contact, MailChimp insert an invisible pixel image in outgoing deployments. You can track the open rate with the help of an idea, and it is valuable information for email marketers. In addition, it results in impacting the subject lines and subscribers engagement for Apple iOS update.

Email marketers will now be blind towards open email rates for iOS 15’s Mail Privacy who have opted-in to that protection, and other users are still trackable on Android devices and desktops.

Most subscribers open emails on smartphones, and iOS will contribute a more significant share in that market.

Over 98% of users have the privacy not to disclose their email if Android adopts similar privacy options.

Meanwhile, the mail privacy protection of iOS 15 cannot be enabled by default and subscribers who have opted-in. Senders can see a decline in the open inbox rates, and the impact extends beyond the pre-headers and subject lines. Well, a user’s engagement affects marketers’ segmentation tactics.

mail privacy protection for apple ios update

They frequently purge inactive subscribers, and database cleaning is essential because it improves overall email deliverability.

Deployment with many inactive recipients can end up in spam folders as internet service providers assume those emails with little value. Recipients who open less might receive fewer messages from different creatives. It has become challenging to delete inactive subscribers with Apple’s new privacy update.

Nevertheless, you have to analyse open rates by domain, and it can help you identify ISPs who have blocked emails and altered the email deliverability. Marketers lose this ability with the new iOS email privacy option.

Hide Email Addresses

Another new feature of Apple is hiding my email, which is available on iOS 15, iCloud settings, and macOS Monterey. With the help of Apple-generated randomized addresses, you can allow your visitors to sign up for different email offers in place of an actual email address. Nevertheless, you can see Apple sending emails into the user’s primary email account.

Well, users can remove this email address to prevent its spread across the web. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to convey if a new email sign-up is a legitimate account or not. It will create an email deliverability issue, and subscribers can delete their email addresses.

hide email addresses for apple ios

How does iOS affect email marketing?

However, this will have a significant impact on various email marketing strategies and help to improve the open rate.

“While the open rate as a metric is easy to pivot away from, there’s so much within a healthy email program that’s reliant on open data that will have to be pivoted,” said Mandi Moshay to Omnisend.

Many email campaigns and automation workflows got affected, and you have to update retention and reengagement marketing as it depends on open rates as an engagement metric. You can even see deliverability tracking to get affected which emails get to the recipients.

Segmentation will have to adjust based on customer engagement and conditional splits by opens. This segmentation will also impact list hygiene so that you can determine how much your subscribers want to receive your emails based on the open rate.
If subscribers do not show the actual IP addresses, you can disable open tracking and IP-based geo-segmentation.

It will require a lot of changes, but it’s not the end of the world. The difference between a poor marketer and a good marketer is adapting quickly to any condition.

According to Val Geisler, the Apple operating system privacy updates will impact email tracking and somehow email marketing in three different ways:

  • Subscribers are aware that they can hide their email addresses.
  • Apple can hide IP addresses.
  • Apple users can opt out of email tracking.

What can you do after and before the Apple iOS 15 update?

You can prepare for the Apple iOS 15 update as it will be essential to help us set benchmarks for the new data. You will have to lean on to measure engagement, specific behaviour, and email deliverability. The full release of Apple iOS 15 is most likely to fall in September or October. Well, this gives marketers around four to five months to prepare and below are some steps.

Implement A/B testing

You can start executing A/B testing variations of your email subject lines for your core automations now, and you can find out the winning version before the update. In addition, you can shift to measure the effectiveness of subject lines while measuring the open rates. You can do A/B testing of your content and calculate the click rates for engagement tracking as it is increasingly important. Ensure to provide the recipients with the most optimized email possible. You can even clean your list of inactive contacts for managing the email deliverability and improving the conversion rate.

Clean your contact

You can control your inactive subscribers to manage the email deliverability by using the open rate data. You can even implement new solutions as it is the best way to gauge your customer engagement and schedule these actions in advance to use data.

Focus on conversion rates

You need to be aware of the goal of your email campaigns, and most of the time, marketers focus more on clicks and conversion rates than engagement. Now, we have to lean on these email metrics more than before.

Emphasize more on engagement-based segments

You have to expand your engagement based segments, including clicks and purchase history, so it is essential to have highly targeted engagement segments.

Add new channels

You have to add new channels to your marketing strategies. Otherwise, you will be behind the industry. You have to emphasize channels like Push, SMS notifications for expanding your reach.
Web push notifications had a 28% conversion rate in the last year.
Ensure to use these channels in your omnichannel automation workflows to resolve the lack of complete data.

Embrace creativity

Marketers have to adopt more creativity to understand the customers’ product preferences for building more innovative promotions.
Try to provide value to customers as the ultimate goal of an organization is to increase the sales conversion than open rates.


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