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EasySendy Pro is a SaaS application, which is providing best email marketing services in the global market. It enables websites to send drip campaigns to the subscribers automatically through email, SMS, Facebook messenger.  

It has different plans which include EasySendy Pro, EasySendy Pro and EasySendy Social for different business requirements. 

EasySendy also offers highly advanced automation features like landing pages, 360-degree lead profiling, website engagement-based email campaigns, lead scoring, and more in its exclusive automation plan which is powered by its mid-enterprise brand Aritic PinPoint.

One of the most important reasons why Businesses trust EasySendy is because EasySendy is fully GDPR compliant. It is a consent-based marketing platform which only allows best email marketing campaigns.

As a small business, you can register and launch EasySendy easily in a few simple steps as it is the best email marketing service provider. 

EasySendy is a cloud-hosted email marketing platform that partners with multiple email sending delivery servers like Aritic Mail, Amazon SES, and more to provide the best email marketing services online. 

You can send advanced email marketing campaigns as well as monitor your campaign performances. 

Before I tell you how EasySendy is helping small businesses get higher email engagement and ROI, here is a brief of the features and plans that businesses can avail. Though, there are multiple email marketing companies in the market. 

Top Reasons Why Businesses are using EasySendy

Like I have mentioned in the beginning, EasySendy has multiple plans designed to suit various business needs. It is free up to 2,000 subscribers and for 30,000 emails. 

However, if you want to send unlimited emails and simultaneously scale up your email lists, you can opt for a paid upgrade.

Paid plans begin at $19/month with EasySendy Pro, which serves all the basic purposes for a successful email marketing campaign. 

EasySendy Pro has features like regular email campaigns, suppression list management, email templates and personalized tags, drag and drop email editor, in-depth email delivery reports, email verification and cleaning, and Facebook custom ad audience sync.

Who can benefit from this plan?

Majority small businesses are opting for EasySendy Pro plan.

This is because EasySendy Pro enables in creating and launching more advanced and targeted email marketing campaigns. 

EasySendy Pro not just helps in creating email campaigns, it also enables businesses to capture email subscribers with its pop up forms.

The Web Pop Up Forms in EasySendy Pro are easy to embed anywhere on your website. 

There are more than 200 templates available in the EasySendy template library. 

All these templates are responsive, optimized and can be customized to suit your business needs. You can preview the templates before making them live.

web pop up templates
Pop-up forms are a good and effective way to capture and build email lists that are genuine.

In EasySendy Pro, your leads are automatically added to your contact segments immediately after they click on the ‘submit’ button on your form. 

You can create page-scroll popups, exit intents, static forms, and more. Add social subscribe buttons to these pop ups seamlessly to pace up your lead capturing process.

easysendy web pop forms

EasySendy Pro helps businesses in not just capturing and building email lists, but also in creating advanced email nurturing drip campaigns. 

It segments your contacts based on lead behavior which makes it easier to create targeted email campaigns. The email campaign builder is easy and advanced. 

You can set multiple triggers like actions, conditions, and decisions to initiate drip sequences. Additionally, you can add subscriber scores to make it easier for targeting.

easysendy drip-automation-flow

Another highlight of EasySendy is EasySendy Social, which is the Facebook Messenger lead nurturing feature. In this, you can directly nurture your Facebook subscribers through Messenger. 

Send messages in bulk, automate replies, comments, and likes, and initiate Facebook custom ads through Facebook script addition. 

You can add the messenger widget on your homepage to directly start conversing over Messenger without making your leads leave your website. 

This feature is another reason why small businesses are opting for EasySendy, because Facebook is the unbeatable social giant in terms of engagement and active users.

easysendy pro facebook messenger marketing app

What else is there in EasySendy Pro? 

  • Advanced email delivery reports
  • Event-based email automation campaigns
  • Email mailbox reply monitoring
  • ReCaptcha forms
  • Google analytics UTM tags
  • Advanced email filters
  • Time-wrap email delivery
  • API and Webhooks

Having said that, I will quickly go over the top reasons why businesses are using EasySendy.

1. Automate email list segmentation based on subscriber actions

It is crucial to know the behavior and interest of each email subscriber to send personalized email campaigns. Using advanced email list segmentation features, businesses can group subscribers based on their interest among various email categories/segments. 

To prepare highly targeted email segments, one can track email clicks and develop segments based on them.

How email open and link click tracking works in email?

With every email sent in a marketing campaign, there is a tiny graphics (1 pixel by 1-pixel clear picture) attached to the email body. 

Whenever the email body is loaded (while opening the email), the graphics too is downloaded, which marks the email open action as true. 

With every download of the graphics in the email body, the email open counter is increased by one. In case the graphics are not downloaded because of whatsoever reason, the email open counter will not be increased by one and the email will be marked as unopened.

Yes, can also check blog post on how to calculate email open rate.

Every email sent in a marketing campaign will have some links in their email body, to redirect the subscriber to some relevant websites. 

Whenever any of the links is clicked, and the subscriber is redirected to a destination link, the email will be marked as “clicked” or “link opened”. In case the website is unable to load, even though the email link was clicked, the click will not be registered as “clicked” or “link opened”.

Subscriber list upgrade/downgrade based on email opens:

This feature enables the email marketer to upgrade or downgrade his subscriber’s list based on the emails that are opened (or not opened) by the subscriber email. 

The email marketer can choose to copy automatically or move an email to another list that has been opened (or not opened) by the subscribers.

Add Action upon Campaign Opens

As an example, this feature enables the email marketer to prepare a new list of “active” email addresses out of the original email list which has been opened by the subscribers so that those “active” subscribers can be further engaged effectively if required.

Subscriber segmentation by custom tags based on email opens:

This feature enables the email marketer to segment further their subscriber’s list based on the emails that are opened (or not opened) by the subscribers. 

The email marketer should choose to create a custom field tag in the email list and has the option to update the field tags with specific values in case the emails have been opened (or not opened) by the target list of subscribers.

Subscriber segmentation by custom tags based on email opens

As an example, if an e-commerce business is using EasySendy, this feature enables the email marketer to segment subscribers across different brands, product categories, gender and age, based on the email open activity. 

These segmented emails can be further engaged with targeted emails if required.

Subscriber list upgrade/downgrade based on link clicks:

This feature enables the email marketer to upgrade or downgrade his subscriber’s list based on the links that have been clicked in the email body by the subscribers.

The email marketer can choose to copy or move to another list such emails from which the subscribers have clicked a link.

Subscriber list upgrade downgrade based on link clicks

As an example, this feature enables the email marketer to prepare a new list of “interested” email addresses out of the original email list from which a link has been clicked by the subscribers so that those “interested” subscribers can be further engaged, if required.

Subscriber segmentation by custom field based on link clicks:

This feature enables the email marketer to segment further his subscriber’s list based on the emails from which the subscribers have clicked a link.

The email marketer can choose to create a custom field tag in the email list and has the option to update the field with specific values in case the subscribers have clicked a link from the email body.

Subscriber segmentation by custom field based on link clicks

As an example, if a hyperlocal food delivery business is using EasySendy, this feature enables the email marketer to segment subscribers, across different cuisines and age, based on the links clicked from the email body.

These segmented subscribers can be further engaged with targeted emails if required.

Automate email list segmentation

This feature enables the email marketer to automatically generate a new segment inside the existing email list, where they can pre-define the email list segment based on different conditions.

Later on, the email marketer can use this pre-defined, automatically updating email segment to send email campaigns at once.

Subscriber behavior based segment preparation and sending relevant email campaign improves email open rate 15x times.


For example, if an e-commerce business is using EasySendy, this feature enables the email marketer to pre-define segment conditions, like subscribers interested in product category “shoes” and gender is “female”.

Later on, the marketer can send an email campaign of shoes targeting women instantly to the segment.

Re-engagement campaigns – Send emails to unopened subscribers

In EasySendy, there’s a feature using which you can send emails to subscribers who have either opened your previous email campaign as well as those who have not opened your email campaign.

Campaign re-engagement feature drastically increase your email open rate by up to 150%.


This feature allows you to give your subscribers a nudge so that they are reminded of your new email and thus increases the chances that the emails will be opened. This re-engagement feature can be added to your email campaign process while creating an email campaign.

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2. Drastically improve email delivery and open rate

For high email delivery and open rate, emailing infrastructure plays a great role. Correct incorporation of technology and proper implementation improves email inbox delivery and open rate drastically.

EasySendy facilitates best email marketing services for small businesses for best practices.

Micro-Delivery of Emails

Micro-Deliverability is a relatively new concept in the email marketing domain.

It involves drilling down into deliverability by domains, or ISPs or SMTP delivery servers. After segmenting the email list or campaigns based on the results to get best deliverability & performance for the marketing campaigns.

The best email delivery servers have the overall deliverability rates of above 96%. But these deliverability rates keep on fluctuating based on ISPs as well as time.

By carefully tracking these fluctuations of deliverability trends based on ISPs and time. One can route their emails for different segments using email delivery servers that deliver the best performance for that particular part. 

Thus, using more than one email delivery system (Hybrid System) can significantly enhance your email marketing performance.

To support Micro-Deliverability in Emails; currently, EasySendy allows integration with email delivery gateways like Amazon SES, SendGrid, and more. Micro-deliverability of the email through multiple SMTP gateways provide a high email open rate.

You can check our post on email micro-delivery.

Email relay server optimization

When an ISP (Internet Service Provider) notices a sudden outflow of emails to a great volume from an IP Address. It was not sending emails earlier and was dormant. They immediately begin monitoring the emails from that IP Address, assuming them to be spam messages. 

IP warming is a term used to describe the process of starting with a low email volume initially. And then slowly to build up the email volume over time. 

The goal of IP warming is to create the reputation with the ISPs as a genuine and legitimate email sender. This is the recommended process for new customers with a new dedicated IP Address. Starting slowly also gives time to debug and resolve any reputation related issue. This can impact the sender’s email sending reputation of the IP Address in the long run.

It is recommended to start the warming process with a low email volume. Slowly keep on increasing the email volume.

Normally, the warm up period is between 6 to 8 weeks. It is best to divide your peak volumes by 8 and keep on increasing your email volume by 1/8 of the peak volume every week for the next 8 weeks.

Proper warm up process builds real email sending reputation through SMTP relay providers. And this again helps in proper optimization of email delivery.

Add Proper SPF and DKIM records

An SPF (Sender Policy Framework) record is published by the domain owner. Stating which email servers (IP Addresses) are authorized to send an email for the specific domain name. 

The recipient email server verifies the sender address with the information published by the domain name owner to make sure that the email is coming from the authorized servers. 

Only when the details match, the emails will be delivered. If your domain name has the correct SPF record. You can be sure that an unauthorized entity is unable to send emails on behalf of your domain name.

A DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) record adds a digital signature to your outbound email headers.

It uses a private domain key to encrypt your outgoing email header. This adds a public version of the key in the domain’s DNS records.

The recipient email server can retrieve the public keys and can decrypt the received email’s header. They can make sure that the email sent from the particular domain has not been changed on its way.

The digital signatures are invisible to the end users. They are verified by the servers rather than the email senders or receivers.

In EasySendy, businesses need to add required SPF and DKIM records on their domain name according to their delivery server choice and rules.

Also, both should be verified properly, so that high email delivery rates could be achieved.

Add tracking domain

The link through which “email open” and “link click” tracking happens are enabled by default to use either “” or “” domain names. 

These two tracking domains are shared across EasySendy customers. You can further improve your inbox delivery. You can build your unique email sending reputation by adding a new tracking domain of your own. This should also have proper SPF and DKIM enabled.

For example, if you are having a business website located at “” domain name, then you can use email address of the format “” to be used for your email address, add tracking domain “”. Update DKIM and SPF records on domain name “” and “”, accordingly, to achieve the best email delivery rates.

You can check our post on the importance of using custom domain.

3. Optimize email marketing budget with use of hybrid technologies

Use optimal email relay servers, increase the RoI for your business

Use the most efficient email relay servers (based on the micro-deliverability aspect) out of the many SMTP servers at your disposal. Enhance your email deliverability rates, thus increasing the overall RoI for your email marketing.

  • Pay only for sent emails

According to your email campaign requirement, EasySendy helps you optimize your email marketing budget. Choose a payment plan that is specially customized for your business type. Pay only for the emails that you send each month through the SMTP relay services.

  • Send email campaigns to targeted set of subscribers

Using “Automated Email List Segmentation” feature, send customized emails to your targeted subscribers. Enjoy better Email Open Rates as well as Email Click Rates for your marketing email campaigns. This again helps you maximize your email marketing RoI.

4. Create Professional email templates 

With the help of drag and drop editor, you can create business email templates to grab the attention of the subscribers. You can define your products through the email newsletter.  So, don’t miss to add the brand logo and other unique features of your product in the newsletter. Every time, if you make use of the same template, then it would build a brand consistency with the newsletter. So, finalise a business email template with your brand logo and graphics to utilise it every time.  

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ What is Easysendy Pro?

EasySendy Pro provides a unique feature of drag and drop email template editor for sending up to 2000 email subscribers and 30,000 emails per month.

⭐ What is Easysendy Drip?

EasySendy Pro is the powerful email marketing tool to build automation drips based on different conditions for increasing open inbox rate.

⭐ How can I start using Easysendy?

You have to create a free EasySendy account for sending 2,000 emails to the subscribers without facing any hassle.

⭐ How much it costs?

If you want to use paid plans of EasySendy, then pay $19 per month for sending hybrid emails and boosting the conversion rates.


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