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10 Strategies on how to use LinkedIn for Email Marketing in 2023

by | Mar 9, 2023 | Email Marketing | 2 comments

LinkedIn is a professional site and has created a strong reputation in searching for jobs and recruiting people from different backgrounds.  

It offers exposure to employees and can be used to build connections and expand your business network. LinkedIn is a powerful platform for generating leads for B2B companies.

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1 . Power of LinkedIn 

2. Add LinkedIn Connections to an Email Marketing List

3. Ten Strategies you can implement while using LinkedIn for Email Marketing to give Sales Outreach

There are multiple social media platforms to leverage your marketing campaigns, still conducting marketing on LinkedIn is not easy. 

Do you have any idea about LinkedIn for email marketing?  

This article elaborates on the best strategies of LinkedIn for email marketing in 2023. 

Over 93% of marketers believe that LinkedIn is the best platform to collect leads. 

So, you don’t need to wonder if LinkedIn can get you traffic, leads or sales. Last year,

LinkedIn evolved into an attractive marketing option with over 722 million users.

Do you know LinkedIn provides an incredible way to build relationships with your connections? 

You can collect their email addresses to build your email list and grow the number of your subscribers. 

However, nurturing your prospects and enriching the relationships are crucial to achieving success in email marketing. Nowadays, the personal inboxes of your leads are overflowing with multiple email messages. Many sales reps have diminished the efficacy of online sales communication, and there we are getting LinkedIn for email marketing to close the sales deal. 

InMail is the direct combination of email newsletters with social media platforms. You have to follow a few steps to get good responses and avoid getting ignored as spam.  

Power of LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is unarguably the most powerful networking platform to develop connections with “like-minded” professionals for sharing knowledge, insights, and wisdom. It is a perfect opportunity to take your business to the global level, and you can capture new leads with proper strategies. You can collect the email addresses of your LinkedIn connections whenever you connect with someone on the platform.  

If you lack to understand the potential of LinkedIn connections, then you won’t be able to build your social network. In the end, you’re missing out on an effective platform if LinkedIn is not being used in your marketing strategies. 

Add LinkedIn Connections to an Email Marketing List

Are you worried about including LinkedIn connections in your email list?

Don’t worry! You can easily add your connections by following the below steps. 

Let’s get started:

1 . You have to post an update on your Homepage to share this information with your connections. 

2. You can compose a message for your small group of connections to make them aware.

3. You can send an announcement to all the members of a group to provide their email addresses.

Well, marketers are honing their best practice for years to provide some fantastic ideas. 

Here are Ten Strategies you can implement while using LinkedIn for Email Marketing to give Sales Outreach

LinkedIn for Email Marketing

1. Concentrate on Target Audiences

Marketers need to do proper research on the LinkedIn members and take their consent before offering them value. You can deliver a message, but if they say No and refuse to receive messages. Then, you have to remove that recipient from the list. You have to develop your list of target audiences before putting the recipients into the email.

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In this way, you can deliver the most relevant messages to the receivers and maximize the open rate.

2. Select the Right Timing

Smart marketers send their marketing campaigns based on the best performing day of the week along with the suitable daytime. Well, InMail relies more on connecting to active LinkedIn members than sending the messages at the right time of the day and week. If you use InMail’s real-time delivery feature, you can view your messages at the top of the inboxes.

Marketers send a sequence of emails aligned with the subscriber’s buying stage for running successful drip email campaigns. You have to align your communications with the prospects’ buying cycle and create the messages accordingly. 

3. Choose a Compelling Subject Line

Subject line explains the email copy, so you need to write a compelling and clear line to grab the recipients’ attention. Personalized subject lines have 62% open rates than regular ones. You have to create an exciting subject line within 80 characters or less.

Keep specific reasons in mind so that your subject lines fit on mobile devices. If you are crafting a subject line for your InMail, mention the reason for outreaching or connecting with the LinkedIn members.   

4. Create Personalized Copy

People ignore generic messages that are not created especially for them. According to the latest survey, emails have an average open rate of 18.8% with personalized messages. You have to boost the chance of triggering responses from the audiences by making it more personalized.

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You need to identify the prospect’s priorities based on the available insights while using InMail for sales navigator. Take a few minutes to match the standard references to mention the common contact name, common LinkedIn group while interacting with the individual.

You can ask for their opinions or discuss the follow-up question about the group posting.     

5. Build your Email List

You have to clean up your LinkedIn profile to look professional and use a custom cover image. Ensure to reach out to new connections regularly and don’t move too fast.

Otherwise, LinkedIn will stop your connection activity. You have to contact people you have spoken earlier and import your personal Gmail address for further communications.   

6. Make it simple, clear, and concise

Most busy professionals read their messages on mobile devices, so you have to keep the message short within an optimum length of 50 to 125 words. By crafting short messages, you can show respect for the prospect’s busy schedule, and it is easy to understand. You need to create the message in plain and easy language to start a conversation with the connections.

7. Provide a reason to respond

Your main goal is to connect with your LinkedIn members and spark a conversation, so you have to try to collect your recipients’ responses. They can give their answers by responding for an opinion and referral. 

8.  Insist audiences from other social platforms

You can cross-promote your company’s LinkedIn profile from other social media platforms and request your connections to follow your page on LinkedIn.  

9. Engage group members with exciting content

You can craft compelling content for your team to share the LinkedIn profile with their networks. Ensure to provide great content so that they feel like sharing it. 

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10. Create your company’s profile

Generate your organization’s LinkedIn profile and keep it updated. Try to craft exciting content on your product and upload it every day. You need to post the latest events and growth happening in the industry. 


Meanwhile, marketers have understood the importance of LinkedIn for email marketing. They should implement the above strategies of an InMail to drive meaningful engagement with the audiences. 


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    Content is exciting and enhanced my knowledge on the strategies of using LinkedIn for email marketing campaigns.

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