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10 Email Strategies to make your Campaigns Stand out using Email Marketing

by | Jan 2, 2023 | Email Strategies | 0 comments

Do you know that email strategies have changed over the past few years?

It’s true that what worked five years ago now no longer works for marketers. 

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1 . What is Email Marketing?

2. Benefits of Email Marketing

3. Some email strategies to make your campaigns stand out

Email strategies are the essential part of any marketing strategy. It is the most cost-effective way to promote your products and services. 

“Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches—at scale.” – David Newman.

It is estimated that in 2023 there will be 4.3 billion active email accounts.

For that reason, email marketing is one of the most exciting and effective marketing strategies that you can use in your companies.

However, you may feel thrilled by the many social media channels that are available to ensure a high sales revenue.

We are not going to focus on the different social media channels as email marketing. It helps in achieving more sales revenue than others. So, we can assure you that email marketing is the best way to fill your sales funnel with potential customers. 

nurture subscribers with good email strategies

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing helps to send emails to your current and potential customers to increase sales.

But it is not about delivering a bulk of emails when you feel like it, but about developing a content strategy according to prior planning, aligned with the general objectives of your business. 

“Make the customer the hero of your story.” – Ann Handley

The foremost thing that you have to keep in mind while conducting an email marketing campaign is that without an email list, you are not going to get great results.

“A small list that wants exactly what you’re offering is better than a bigger list that isn’t committed.” – Ramsay Leimenstoll

Yes indeed. It is important to gather the emails of the people with the latest RGPD and data protection laws. If you want to contact your subscribers by email in a legitimate way and with prior consent, prepare accordingly.

perfect email marketing strategies

Benefits of Email Marketing

Although you might have doubts about whether or not it is convenient to do email marketing for your business, most of the competitors are fully involved in this marketing strategy.

Many online stores periodically send newsletters to their subscribers to do content marketing with those who are part of their email list.

While others, for example, send discount coupons by email or send messages to their customers’ mailboxes with new utilities or functionalities of their products.

Over 35% of marketers send 3 to 5 emails every week to their subscribers.


email marketing advantages for marketers

Some email strategies to make your campaigns stand out

Now that you have a better outlook of what email marketing is, we have even given you some clues on making an email strategy more valid. Now, it is convenient that you should learn some essential basic concepts.

Let’s get started with the top email strategies that help your business to stand out among other competitors:  

1. Send welcome emails: A welcome email is the first email your subscribers receive once they subscribe to your newsletter. This type of email is the first contact between you and your client, your opportunity to surprise them gives them an idea of what is to come and leaves them wanting to receive the following email. 

Generally, the average open rate of welcome emails is 50% as compared to other email newsletters. 

You can begin the conversation with your subscribers with the help of a welcome email. Slowly, you can send them more promotional offers, email newsletters about the brands.

According to the latest data, segmented email campaigns get 94% open rates whereas 38% of click-through rates.  

deliver welcome emails to subscribers

2. Plan email marketing campaigns: You can schedule your email marketing campaigns beforehand to avoid any obstacles at the last moment. You can create email strategies based on past performances to improve the open and click-through rates.   

3. Select the right email frequency: You have to choose the right email frequency for your email marketing campaigns. However, different brands have different optimal values for sending email newsletters. You can select the email frequency based on typical customers’ buying journey and profiles. 

4. Implement best practices of email deliverability: You can follow some guidelines for giving your subscribers better reasons to opt-ins and set clear expectations. You can use some responsible methods to build your email lists by verifying email addresses before delivering the messages. 

Over 78% of marketers can observe an increase in email engagement in the past few months. 

email marketing best practices for higher deliverability

5. Add sender’s name:  You can add the senders’ name in the email messages to make the email copies more authentic and avoid them from entering into the spam folders. You can even include the subscribers’ names in the email copies to make them personalized.   

6. Avoid noreply@ address: You can use the format “” in no-reply email addresses, and many businesses use this format for sending emails to subscribers. This helps to prevent customers from flooding the email inboxes with unnecessary responses. 

7. Add compelling subject lines: You can create attractive subject lines for your email copies to get people to click through the email copies. If you add compelling subject lines, it will help increase the open and click-through rates. A good subject line helps to add curiosity to the audiences and maximizes the email metrics. 

Over 80% of marketers believe that we can increase customer retention with the help of email marketing. 

8. Use confirmed opt-in: You have to include double opt-ins, and you can officially add it to the email marketing. You can add double opt-ins as the confirmed opt-ins and avoid spam addresses from the email lists. In this way, you can maintain a clean and legitimate contact list.   

9. Add unsubscribe links:  You can include unsubscribing links in the email copies to attract the right amount of subscribers for your email copies. If you skip adding unsubscribe links, your inactive recipients will put your emails in the spam folders, and it will hamper your email reputation.  

10. Generate lead magnets: You can make and break the lead generation success and it may play a crucial role in developing a customer value optimization system. 


Although, email marketing continues to deliver the best results as compared to other forms of marketing.

But it’s high time to update your email strategies to make them more effective and send targeted messages to your subscribers, and it would help improve the campaign performances. 


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