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List of Email Series to Onboard Client for Marketing Agency

by | Mar 10, 2023 | Email Campaigns | 0 comments

Do you know engaging content converts visitors into subscribers? 

You can take the help of signup forms and compelling content to collect the email addresses of your visitors. With the use of that, you can send an email series to the onboard client. 

Many subscribers are not well-versed about your products, so they don’t understand what your brand is selling. In addition, some people are confused about whether your company is reliable enough to handle customers’ requirements.

So, marketers need to plan appropriately before sending out transactional emails. They need to create strategies for creating email series for the onboard client.   

This method is called customer onboarding. You can send out effective email marketing campaigns with the help of email automation tools to segment your contacts, design emails, and track email analytics.

The email onboarding process is the first place to showcase your business as customers will devote their time and money based on that. 

Importance of Customers Churn

Many customers stopped showing interest in your company’s product or service after a certain period. No matter how profitable a business is, almost every owner is faced with a situation when a client leaves. We will look at some reasons why this is happening:

1) Budget

Sometimes a business runs out of money, or an entrepreneur needs to cut back on value-added services to provide a bigger budget for something more substantial. This scenario is, of course, pretty harsh.

But it is at this point that you must offer the client a compromise to pay less money for a smaller volume of services. Of course, in this case, losses are inevitable, but you will retain the client, which is the main thing.

email marketing budget from marketing agency

2) Indicators

If a customer does not see the financial performance indicators, or ROI, of your products and services, they are unlikely to stay with you. Agree; it’s not his job to calculate the return on investment, but yours.

Take the time to calculate ROI and do it regularly if you want to ensure a positive customer experience for your company.

Customer onboarding helps describe the process users go through from their journey to becoming customers.  

Customer satisfaction and experience are now critical factors for all organizations, without exception. Some of them have optimized touchpoints so flawlessly that you can’t imagine a better experience for customer service.

In the financial services industry, customers are at the centre of the entire business. This philosophy is at the heart of the ambition of most financial institutions, and as such, they continually improve their methods, attract and retain customers, and build their loyalty. 

Over 74% of customers will revisit your website if they find it user-friendly. 

This is because customers expect the same convenience (customer experience or digital experience) in a financial institution from other companies (such as Amazon and Facebook). Both companies have long been active in investing in high standards for premium digital technologies.

Now, everyone is focusing on real-time with an omnichannel presence, putting pressure on banks, which are forced to provide a similar experience for the entire life cycle of the customer adaptation process.

Around 50% of customers will stop visiting your website if they don’t find it exciting and relevant.

It is important to ensure customer loyalty and reach new potential clients as it is the main objective of all digital marketing strategies. However, it is not an easy goal to achieve as there are specific methods that you can take to capture new customers and keep your existing ones happy.

Email is the most effective mode of communication as 4.3 billion people use it daily. 

You can communicate with your consumers directly and inform them about your products or services. Even you can consolidate their trust in a mutually beneficial way for proper customer onboarding.

If you want to minimize the churn rate, connect with loyal customers who stay with you throughout their buying journey. A well-designed email onboarding sequence creates the first impression on new prospects and helps to greet them.   

Here are some of the list of email series to onboard client for marketing agency

1. Help your Customers

You can quickly help your customers understand your brands before purchasing to understand the utility of the products and services easily.  

2. Add Videos

You can use videos well for the subscribers to help your survey’s growth. After that, we can use unwanted videos to see this view.

3. Enhance customer engagement

You can leverage personalization in your email content to increase the open and click-through rates.  

4. Deliver good welcome email

The welcome emails are an essential part of your sequence as they will set the tone of the onboarding process.

5. Follow-up with customers

You can follow up with your old and existing customers all the time to understand their buying journey. Accordingly, you can send them emails to nurture them with the prior requirement.  

6. Offer Value

You can add suitable value to make things run smoothly and engage your subscribers so that they show interest in repurchasing your product.  

7. Put right call-to-action

You have to set reasonable goals which call-to-action would be suitable for your business as that will help you to attract your subscribers. You need to create the right content to help the subscribers navigate to the offers. 

8. Subscription Confirmation

You can use email automation tools to add double opt-ins in your emails. Based on that, you can send a subscription confirmation once a new visitor fill-up their details on your website.

9. Confirm suitable communication platform

You can take your subscribers’ confirmation, which platform is the most convenient place for communication. 

10. Optimize mobile-friendly emails

You can optimize onboarding sequences for your subscribers. Most recipients like to open emails on mobile devices, so you need to create responsive templates to make the emails look good on smartphones.       

11. Highlight Customer Benefits

It is always better to showcase the benefits of products or services to the customers. So that they get better clarity about products before selecting for their business.    

12. Motivate customers to visit websites

You can encourage your customers to visit your website so that they wish to buy your products and services again and again. So, you need to prepare your content based on that. 

13. Add an unsubscribe button

You have to include an unsubscribe option in your emails to help the subscribers if they don’t want to receive your email newsletters. If you miss adding an unsubscribe button, then they may put your emails in the spam folders.  

14. Send Thank You messages

You can send thank you messages to your customers for showing your gratitude towards them. This kind of gesture would help to build a long-lasting relationship with the subscribers. 

15. Send a reminder message

You can send reminder messages to your customers for finishing the onboarding procedures. Ultimately, this would help your brand to stay at the top of their minds. 


Companies should follow email series to onboard client to retain the old customers and develop a long-lasting relationship with existing customers.   


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