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All you need to know about the Email Segmentation – 10 Effectual Strategies and Tips

by | Mar 10, 2023 | Email Segmentation | 0 comments

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1 . What is Email Segmentation? 

2. Importance of Email Segmentation

3. Advantages of Email Segmentation For Your Business

4. Best Practices of Email Segmentation 

What is Email Segmentation? 

Email segmentation is the segregation of email subscribers into smaller groups based on different criteria. It helps send personalized emails to your recipients based on interests, geographic locations, purchase history, and many more.

Marketers can cater to other contact lists with relevant messages. So, you have to create segments based on an individual’s interests and preferences. 

Although, many businesses still believe that their email subscribers should get the same content with minimal effort. Most subscribers who are part of your email list put the emails into the trash as those marketers send irrelevant messages.

If subscribers receive generic messages, then they are not receiving valuable information from the brand. That’s why email segmentation is essential for different businesses, whether it is B2B or B2C.

“A small list that wants exactly what you’re offering is better than a bigger list that isn’t committed.” – Ramsay Leimenstoll.  

Importance of Email Segmentation

Email segmentation is the cornerstone of an effective email marketing strategy. If you are crafting email newsletters for a specific group of people and sending the emails without email segmentation, it’s a waste of time and money.

So, savvy marketers understand the value of segmentation and agree with the below statistics. 

If you segment the content, it will lead to a hike of 760% in sales revenue. 

Meanwhile, over 39% of marketers can see better open rates and a 24% increase in the sales lead.  

Well, many marketers use simple demographics like age, gender for grouping their subscribers. 

Advantages of Email Segmentation For Your Business

Proper segmentation of your contact list can improve the ability to engage your audiences with personalized email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing is essential to achieve success in your business, and prioritizing your audience is crucial for increasing the conversion rates. If you target a specific part of people with email marketing content, it is part of a business tactic.

“Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches – at scale.” – David Newman. 

Best Practices of Email Segmentation 

You must have understood what email segmentation is and its importance for different digital marketing strategies.

Nowadays, there is fierce competition, and customers expect businesses to understand their concerns and cater to them personally. It is highly crucial to segregate your subscribers’ list and make your emails more relevant. 

Let’s get started with some of the email segmentation best practices, and you need to follow them rigorously.

1 . Demographic segmentation

You can start your email marketing segmentation by demographic data for collecting information like age, gender, income, and company position. Through this information, you can get details about the people about their needs and interests.

You can collect more information about your people through the sign-up process, and you will have more options for demographic segmentation

2 . Display Quiz Results

You can create quiz questions or take surveys for collecting data about your customers. With the help of surveys, you can get valuable demographic information and gain insights into individual preferences, tastes, and beliefs.

If you want to send out survey questions to your audiences, you will get many responses. However, there are different ways to create custom surveys for your people. 

3 . Engage your email

Engaging your email is the primary method to segment your list, and it has a significant impact on your overall results. Open and click-through rates are the critical metrics for tracking email marketing services.

You can segment your audiences based on active and inactive users. Well, you can remove those subscribers who have not opened your email for the past few months. Then you can craft some specialized campaigns for reengaging your inactive subscribers.

You can focus on some subscribers who can engage and target them specifically.   

4. Geographic location

There are different methods for using geographic location data. You can even make proper segmentation by geographic area a valuable tool for businesses.

Companies can use geographic information, including regional advertising promotions, personalized travel directions, time-based email messages, and location-specific content.  

5. Past purchasing experience

You can segment the audiences based on past purchases, and it helps to optimize the targeted audiences.

The simple way is to send out email recommendations for similar accessories that would go well with the previous purchase.    

6 . Cart abandonment

Cart abandonment is essential in e-commerce businesses, and whoever adds products into their carts will not purchase them in the end. That’s why cart abandonment emails work tremendously well for many brands.

Similarly, it isn’t easy to convince every customer to purchase the products. Due to distractions, people stray from their virtual shopping cart or sometimes don’t have their payment information on-hand due to distractions.

If you remind them through emails that their products are still waiting for them in their shopping cart, they can successfully recover the sales.

7 . Use opt-in and out messages

Nowadays, most experts recommend a double opt-in process, and people are signing up for overloaded emails.

A double opt-in is a process of delivering a confirmation email to a person who has signed up for your email newsletters.

Visitors have to click a button to confirm that they want to receive messages from any company. Marketers need to keep their double opt-in emails short and sweet.   

8. Select Position in the Funnel

You can segment your audiences based on the sales funnel, and it is the most valuable way to customize your messages. However, customers at the top level of the funnel would receive different targeted notifications than those at the bottom level.

If you have signed up and interacted with certain email content, then you can use that information to determine their interest level. You can even send targeted emails for that product or service.

You can deliver them follow-up emails for reminding them about the left products.    

9 . Check customer satisfaction level

If your customers are satisfied, it would help you with email marketing and improve your overall business.

The best thing is to find out the buyer satisfaction level, which is the Net Promoter Score. You can deliver an email to your recipients asking them how satisfied they are with your business.  

10. Analyze customers’ behavior

You can customize your emails after thoroughly understanding your customers’ behavior. Need to keep in mind certain things like personal likes, visited pages, and analyze your customers’ buying journey.

You can collect information about your customers through a questionnaire or feedback form before delivering them personalized emails.  


Email marketing segmentation isn’t a tactic available for different brands with some advanced marketing automation software. You can even start targeting your audiences with some simple email marketing services and easy segmentation strategies. 


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