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Email Marketing Strategy to Send Emails on Old Email List

by | Mar 7, 2023 | Blog, Email Marketing Strategy | 27 comments

Email marketers often cringe at the mention of sending emails to an old email list while running email marketing campaigns.

However, many times due to legal reasons or other business related strategies, you have no option but to deliver emails to an old list to make things in order and resolve problems for effective email marketing campaign.

There is email marketing strategy to avoid the inherent risks while sending out emails to an old email list and getting more leads. While sending emails, you can also place informative and enough questions to make the email campaign perfect.

It’s important to improve the open rates and click through rates/ ctr in mobile email and every email. 

You found these questions after conducting in-depth research and place interesting tips to keep subscribers engaged with email program in mobile devices medium and make the email service better.

In this case, you can even add offering to give a reason to the subscribers for purchasing the new product. It gives them satisfaction and includes discounts as a best email marketing strategies idea. 

What is email marketing strategy?

An email marketing strategy is a perfect method which helps marketers to utilize the consistent resource for nurturing recipient. It achieve desired marketing growth with email advertising.

It seem we’ve to convert and sell significant leads into loyal customers for increasing the conversion rate, open rate and take social action automatically through email marketing campaign. Let them choose how often they want to hear from you. However, industry or whether a firm is B2B or B2C..

How email marketing strategy benefits your business? 

A complete strategy is important for multiple reasons. It helps to create targeted messages for email campaigns to promote your brand.

You must be having a complete email marketing strategy in place to take forward the market for loyal community. It give relevant ideas and messaging in group to grow your email list to boost click through rate and open rate.

It’s important to plan out message email strategy when to send time-based promotions for increasing the conversions and executing your effort in the right direction.

When your writing are created in the right direction for the industry, then you need to focus more on personalize messages to engage your subscribers. It work on the success for open rates of your email campaign. 

You can take a look at the first name and find the best way which comes to email. Then, you have to search for a great way to get started in message email design. You have found little money and cost wise convenient tool.   

Email marketing strategies spell out all the world class marketing tips which can help to make the services more achievable. A company needs to have a well-established communication channel to give it in the right sense. It makes the email campaigns more successful.

email marketing strategy to-send-emails-on-old-email-list

Risk vs. Reward

If you need to deliver emails to an old or inactive list for legal issues in email marketing campaigns to user, then you can scroll down to the next email strategy step depending on the requirement.

In this way, you can implement strong email marketing strategies to stay almost quick for the true subscribers. This means including important items in the email copy and embed special and personalized thought to make segment.

However, if it is a choice, then you need to pause before hitting the ‘send‘ button. It comes to an end if you are sending less important messages. There are high chance to take several steps as many addresses are dead ones, and sending out welcome emails to such a list can put your life brand reputation forms at stake.

Through this method and tactics , you are growing your marketing emails menu list. Along with that, you’ll do considerable damage to the deliverability and the entire

[su_tooltip style=”bootstrap” position=”north” content=”email marketing campaign strategy”] marketing strategy email email campaign performance[/su_tooltip]

Apart from the above-mentioned damages, your existing active email subscribers may also experience the effect of such a hard campaign, but on a negative note in hand.

So, you must use an awesome email marketing strategy to make sure that this email campaign. It will give you more rewards prospects in exchange for the risk you are about to undertake. It also sends back lumpsum amount in return ( ROI) as you know 50% emails are open in mobile device. Don’t forget to join header line that’s connect insights of an email.

Figure out running unique campaigns process for buyers in a specified location based on regional events code as per their interest. Try to add amazing elements in the purchased form to build relationships. Develop Filters emails for more engagement.

If you’re sure, it’s important that subscribers read and analyze the ways to reduce the negative effect. Then, let me clear your doubts with some powerful email marketing strategy to make your email marketing tactics case more effective by segmenting features.

Email Marketing Strategy to Send Emails on Old Email List

Opt for a Valid Clean List

Email lists that are old and inactive often play host to addresses of unknown consumers and spam traps. It is important you opt for a list validation service software. It also removes all such unwanted available addresses in marketing email channels.

Marketing emails require to be personalized to the reader behavior and loaded with amazing graphic and responsive video to gain traffic attention. It will benefit your brands.

Have you ever made and run your list through the validation service just before sending emails? If the ratio of unknown users and spam traps is high on your list, then be alert before making the email campaigns. Proceeding with such a list means inviting spam traps.

List validation services like Datavalidation and Writeverify, provide such feature, which predicts how much percentage of emails are invalid. It needs cleaning to put the active and happy subscribers in the list.

After that you can send emails to everyone in the contact list to make them reading everything in the emails. Even you can say important information so that your subscriber goes to the inbox to check out.

email marketing campaign strategy to Send Emails on Old Email List

Be extra careful with IP addresses and domains

After cleaning your list of unwanted IDs, the next point of concern is the segmentation of your list. For an extended period preferences, an appropriate detailed segment has been specifically set aside for receiving your emails and encourage someone reaching to your inbox. It makes you experience uncomfortable and you won’t allow anything to enter into your inbox.

Hence, exactly there are possibilities that your old list will now trigger(engage) spam complaints and also have very little engagement. Such situation can alert the mailbox providers, hampering your IP address and domain reputation badly.

Therefore, you must use a simple email marketing strategy. Be very careful with the relevant IP addresses and valuable domains that you will use to send the email. This is one of the most important email marketing strategy to be followed. You can opt for these two basic approaches:

  1. Opt for small volume campaigns stretched over an extended period. Send these [su_tooltip style=”bootstrap” position=”north” content=”email marketing strategy”]campaigns[/su_tooltip] with high-engagement messages to a list of quality subscribers.
    This brings a balance source- you’ve a larger portion of products to counterfeit the bad rather than analyzing wife individual. This will not just minimize the effect. It will also make it to the inbox as you apply smart strategy to make overall email campaign effective.
    To get better results, you must select high volume IP addresses. It easily send wide messages for understanding the psychology of per person. For moving the information in the right direction.
    You will need to watch your placement very cautiously. If you see a dip, then you must pull back, or try the other approach mentioned next. Few more tips are mentioned in our Email Marketing Optimization power blog page by adding landing pages box.
  2. You can designate a particular IP address. You use this IP address to quarantine mailings to the inactive list. If you are looking for improvement to send an email to a large number of the inactive or old subscriber. You will have to sacrifice an IP address to ensure safety and performance of other IP addresses matter.
    If you are taking up this approach, then first you must send the email to your most recent or best addresses. These will have more chances of making it to the inboxes and become more visible to the eyes of subscribers. As later your automation feature continue to send. Mailbox providers will either route your emails to the spam folders or block your messages.

With EasySendy Pro; you can quickly switch SMTP relays to optimize your email delivery through the various grade of IP addresses and sending domain setup of your choice; a detail which has been discussed in this blog post- Reasons why Businesses are using EasySendy Pro.

Run a test, if you can

Instead, you can tried and tested methods is another important email marketing strategy. If you have the option, then you can try an experiment with a small portion of your list. Monitor the results minutely to understand what is the best possible way to proceed with the remaining list through personalized email as effective email marketing.

If you are opting to send emails for purposes other than legal, then you will need to monitor the engagement level carefully. Also look for the negative metrics like unsubscribe or complaints. You can use personalization method to increase click through rates which works best for your email campaigns.

Follow-up rest of emails to prospects who achieved a trial but did not influence on to a purchase Confirmation

Read more: 11 Important Email Marketing Metrics You Should Know

Carefully Monitor

If you are all set to deploy, you must monitor carefully- whether you are sending an email blast to a large list or trying out with small portions. Rope in your SMTP relay tool so that any damage can be controlled in time.

Suggest and serve some direct articles based on automate one or two communication touchpoints using emails to really see the bit difference that will appear in the interests of the audiences.

You can also monitor unique font sizes that can engage customers. Maximize your efforts to collect leads visit

Implement and learn most of these email marketing strategy helps you to send the emails to an old email list.

About EasySendy Pro

EasySendy Pro is an email marketing platform for the digital marketing team. It integrates with multiple SMTP relay service providers and enables delivery of email campaigns to a list of opt-in emails.

You can split test email deliveries across the relay servers and check reports, track email clicks, opens of each email campaign. It also has smart autoresponder and email list segmentation.

To support Micro-Deliverability in Emails; currently, EasySendy Pro allows integration with SMTP relay gateways like Amazon SES, Mandrill, SendGrid, SparkPost, LeaderSend, Dyn, Elasticemail, MailGun, SendinBlue, MailJet, TipiMail, and MailerQ.

If you are sending an email to a list of above 25,000 email subscribers, then, Micro-deliverability of the email through multiple SMTP gateways provide better email open rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐How can I improve my email marketing strategy?

You can improve your email marketing strategy by segmenting your list, personalizing your emails, and using an email automation tool.

⭐What are some tips for sending emails to an old list?

Some tips for sending emails to an old list include using a subject line that stands out, personalizing the email, and offering something of value.

⭐How can I make my emails more effective?

You can make your emails more effective by segmenting your list, using a strong subject line, and providing valuable content

⭐What are some common mistakes in email marketing?

Some common mistakes in email marketing include sending too many emails, not segmenting your list, and using a weak subject line.

⭐How can I avoid spam filters when sending emails?

You can avoid spam filters when sending emails by using a reputable email service provider, using a double opt-in process, and avoiding common spam trigger words.


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