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Email Marketing vs Social media – Which is More Effective for your business?

by | Mar 9, 2023 | Email Marketing | 2 comments

Do you know where your audiences spend their time?

Social media platforms or email marketing? 

Yes, you need to know that!

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1 . Email marketing vs social media

2. Advantages of Email Marketing 

3. Advantages of Social Media Marketing

4. Disadvantages of Email Marketing 

5. Disadvantages of Social Media

6. ROI Measurement: Email marketing vs social media

7. Integrate Social Media Marketing with Email Marketing  

Marketers always feel email marketing vs social media. But, we have to understand that different platforms comprise different audiences. 

Although there are over 4.66 billion active users globally and 80% of the audiences have accounts on social media channels. 

Well, social media visitors have grown at an exponential rate over the last decade. 

Don’t get surprised

It’s true!

Social media is a channel, like an email, that helps to reach out to large audiences. 

According to the latest data, over 83% of marketers claim that social media is essential for their company.

Well, some marketers are wondering whether social media can replace email marketing.

You don’t have to worry because email marketing is not going anywhere in the upcoming years.

‘Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.’-Joe Chernov.

Email Marketing vs Social Media

Suppose you will check the effectiveness and return on investment of both email marketing and social media channels. Email will win!

Which is your favorite channel?

Is it email marketing?


Then, social media channels?

We will check the advantages and disadvantages of showing which one you should prefer to boost your customer engagement.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of email marketing and social media marketing:

Advantages of Email Marketing 

Are you aware that email marketing delivers the highest ROI? 

Marketing your products or services through email is faster, flexible, and affordable and brings higher conversion rates than other social media channels. It is easy to reach out to new customers and retain existing subscribers through email marketing.

‘Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable personal touches- at scale.’ –David Newman.

It allows you to craft tailored and personalized content for the audiences and build meaningful relationships with your customers. With the help of email marketing, you can improve the open inbox, click-through, and response rates to make your campaign successful.

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However, it is not essential to overload your subscribers with multiple email marketing campaigns. Receiving excessive email marketing can irritate people if you are sending irrelevant messages at frequent intervals.

Over 73% of millennials consider emails as the most preferred form of business communication.

Here are some benefits of email marketing: 

1 . Affordable: The costs of email marketing are much lower than mainstream marketing channels. You can invest invaluable resources in email marketing rather than wasting your money in print media.

Email marketers might consider supporting specialist software to automate, track and evaluate their emails. Many small businesses take advantage of free email marketing software like EasySendy Pro. Although there are multiple tools available in the market and you have to select the best one for your business. 

2. Create personalized messages: You have to create customized messages for email marketing. At the same time, you can segment your email list so that your subscribers receive tailored messages from you, and they should feel special. You have to optimize your email campaigns as most of the recipients read the messages on their mobile phones.

‘Quality over quantity- Emails may be cost-efficient, but it’s no excuse to not produce quality content to give to a targeted audience.’- Benjamin Murray  

3. Drive higher conversion rates: You can drive more traffic to your website with email marketing messages. Even you can add links inside your email newsletters to take you directly to the website or product pages.

However, you have to generate engaging content for nurturing your leads and converting them into loyal customers. Email marketing is the most effective marketing platform available in the market, which brings a fantastic return on investment.

According to the latest sources, it has been found that email marketing yields 4x more ROI than other social media channels.  

Advantages of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the critical element, and it requires both creativity and smart strategies to make the campaigns successful. Many marketers realize the importance of social media marketing for the company’s growth and sales revenue.  

According to the latest data, over 53.6% of visitors use social media channels.

1 . Enhance brand awareness: Social media is the most cost-efficient digital marketing tool to present content and enhance your brand’s visibility. If you are implementing a proper social media strategy, you can increase your brand recognition with exciting content. If you create regular posts for your brand’s social media page, it will generate a wide range of audiences for your business.

2. Get better customer satisfaction: Social media is a communication platform for creating a voice for your brand through great content. Customers want to receive personalized messages rather than automated ones. Personalized messages would give them better customer satisfaction. 

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3. Drive higher conversion rates: You can increase the brand visibility with more opportunities and generate higher conversion rates. You can increase traffic for your website through different blog posts, videos, images, and comments for maximizing the website’s views.

However, social media marketing allows you to give a positive impression on brands. When audiences share content, comment on posts, then it personifies a brand. 

Disadvantages of Email Marketing 

Here are some disadvantages of email marketing:

1. Spam factors: Spam is the greatest risk factor for marketing channels, and unsolicited emails make recipients’ inboxes insecure. Ensure that you have updated your emails with privacy and followed the data protection rules to enhance customers’ trust.

2. High bounce rates: If you have created poorly designed emails, then it may not get delivered to your recipients’ inboxes. Simultaneously, if you don’t keep your marketing lists updated, you will find incorrect email addresses, and your email message won’t reach the right person.

3. Size issues: You have to create smaller file sizes to download it easily. Emails which contain multiple images may take too long to load. So it is frustrating for your audiences and they lose their interest.

Disadvantages of Social Media

1 . Lack of resources: You need committed people to create great content, manage your social media presence, and give responses to feedback. Even you need to invest money in paid advertisements for producing new videos and images.  

2. Hampers user’s security: In this tech world, security agencies can easily access users’ accounts, which hampers their privacy. So, you have to be careful while collecting the personal details of your visitors.  

3. Effect social reputation: Social media can spoil someone’s reputation by creating a false story and spreading it. In the similar way, companies suffer huge losses due to bad reputations being presented over social media platforms. 

ROI Measurement: Email marketing vs social media

The magic of email marketing helps to bring an attractive investment return for different-sized businesses. 

According to an eMarketer study, the return on investment of email marketing is 122%, and it is four times higher than other social media channels.

How to calculate ROI for social media channels:

Email Marketing ROI= Gained- Spent/ Spent

Social media channels bring value to your company, and you can easily measure the ROI for your efforts.

How to calculate ROI for social media channels:

Social Media ROI= Value / investment X 100  

Integrate Social Media Marketing with Email Marketing  

Social media marketing and email marketing are great platforms for capturing new leads. You can convert those leads into loyal customers. When you integrate email marketing with social media marketing for achieving a more significant milestone and drive higher conversion rates. 

1. Motivate your new users to sign up: You have to encourage new social media visitors to sign up for your email newsletters and promote your brands through email campaigns.

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2. Build stronger relationships: You have to convey the same messages on both email and social media channels. Otherwise, it hampers your brand consistency. Branding becomes a bit weaker, and you lose potential customers.

3. Reuse old content: You can recycle old content between social media marketing channels and email marketing. Both the teams can communicate with each other so that you can have a system in place.


‘Marketing is not about your agency winning awards. It’s about your organization winning business.’-DM Scott.

In this marketing world, we can see email marketing vs social media; you have to optimize your marketing platforms for your business growth. 


  1. Gabriel Marie

    I would always support email marketing as it brings a higher return on investment than social media marketing.

  2. Albert Julia

    Thank you for sharing an article on email marketing, as it delivers the highest return on investment. Through this article, I understood the benefits of email marketing and social media marketing.


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