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Do’s and Don’ts for a Productive Email Campaign Success 2023

by | Mar 9, 2023 | Email Campaigns | 2 comments

Are you looking to improve your email campaign success?

If you want to increase your email campaigns’ success rate, you need to follow the do’s and don’ts of successful email marketing campaigns. 

In this digital landscape, email marketing is a well-established online channel to optimize marketing campaigns. It helps to stay at the top of the mind of existing customers.

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1. Do’s For Email Campaign Success

2. Don’ts For Email Campaign Success

Some email marketing tactics help grow brand awareness and pave the way to spread word of mouth about your product and services. It is the best way to encourage subscribers to take relevant action and generate high sales revenue. 

However, marketers need to understand whether they are reaching the right audiences for their email marketing campaigns by following the basic tactics. Sometimes, they get success, but they often make some mistakes and fail to leverage the email campaign success.

It has been forecasted, by 2023, 4.3 billion users would read emails every day.  

Marketers can collaborate with email marketing tools like EasySendy, MailChimp, Get Response to reach out to large audiences and optimize their email campaigns. When an email marketer designs a campaign, they never think that it would fail, but it is not that simple to accomplish a successful one.    

There are certain things that marketers should keep in mind while delivering their messages to the audiences to achieve email campaign success:

Email Campaign Success

Do’s For Email Campaign Success

1. Craft eye-catching subject line:

Subscribers see the subject line first, so it needs to be compelling. That is the moment when deciding the success of an email campaign. A good subject line will compel the reader to open the email newsletter.

So, try to make the subject line short and straight. You should write between 40 to 50 characters long and avoid using trigger words.

Don’t miss adding the reader’s name in the subject line to draw their attention and make it personalized. You should create great subject lines so that your email doesn’t enter into the spam folder.

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Personalized subject lines open 26% more than the normal one.  

2. Test out with multiple call-to-action:

You can add a specific call-to-action at the end of your email newsletter, and this is the best way to allow potential customers to stay in contact with your business. Most call-to-actions are designed with specific buttons, which contain a given copy.

But you can do experimentation with colors, texts, and other features. At the time, you can do A/B testing to get the insights and which call-to-action button garners maximum customer engagement.    

3. Create short and sweet email copy:

Your subscribers don’t like to read lengthy email copy; ensure to make your email copy succinct. Recipients want to gain valuable insights from your email copy about your industry.

So, while creating the message, you have to keep specific points in mind, like creating a great hook to grab readers’ attention and add their name throughout the email to make it personalized. Avoiding pitching your offer right off the bat as it will look aggressive from your end.

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Meanwhile, try to provide your subscribers with valuable content and keep your prospect’s timing in mind. 

According to Experian, transaction rates increase by six times with personalized emails. 

4. Maintain a targeted email list:

You have to maintain a list of targeted audiences. Otherwise, you would create great content, but it won’t reach the right people. In the end, you would fail to collect new leads for your products and services. Take the time to arrange the email list to avoid cold emails.

Recipients don’t open cold emails, and it makes them annoyed as well. It’s better to send emails to a small group of chosen people with meaningful conversations rather than connecting with a large set of inactive users.

Even you need to grow your email list in the right way with the help of sign-up forms.      

5. Plan for A/B testing:

If you want to see email campaign success, then you should try out A/B testing in your contact list.

You have to play around with the email copies, subject lines, images, colors, and CTAs to understand which email campaign performs well.    

Don’ts For Email Campaign Success

1 . Avoid promotional email campaigns:

You should avoid sending promotional email campaigns to your subscribers as they don’t like random emails. Your recipients like to read personalized emails, industry updates, new offerings, and relevant news.

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Try to write the email copy by keeping the reader in mind not to make sales pitch. You should not send too many emails to them. They can feel irritated and put your emails in the spam folders. So, try to fix an email frequency to improve the open and click-through rates.     

2. Avoid using irrelevant words:

You should not use words that can harm the email copy’s quality. So, ensure to shun words like cash, free, and sale; otherwise, subscribers will put the email in the spam folders.

Over 74% of marketers believe personalized messages increase customer engagement. So, try to make personalized and tailored emails for catching the eyeball of the subscribers. 

3. Don’t use generic email addresses:

You subscribers want to read an email from a real person, so try to avoid using email addresses like customerservice@companyname or marketing@companyname.

Email filters consider these as spam as it looks fishy. Don’t use free email hosting platforms and use branded email addresses for communication with your subscribers.  

4. Optimize content for all platforms:

Whenever you design an email campaign, always check it on different devices to understand the look and feel. You should check it on Outlook, Gmail, and Apple mail to get an idea about the message’s appearance.  

According to the latest data, over 81% of emails are opened on mobile phones by users. 

5. Don’t miss unsubscribe:

You should never forget to add the unsubscribe section in your email copy. If you fail to add an unsubscribe link, then it’s unethical not to allow your subscribers to opt-out of the email list.

According to the CAN-SPAM Act, it’s unlawful, so you should keep unsubscribe links visible for your recipients.    

6. Don’t miss to add call-to-action:

If your content is excellent and compelling but not adding an actionable link, it would lead to failure. You can keep a simple call-to-action button for letting the subscribers visit the website and make a purchase. 


We can see that email campaign success doesn’t depend on the automatically sent emails. The entire content should be engaging, personalized, and enjoyable for the audiences.

Nowadays, more users are attracted by email campaigns that offer them something valuable in interesting messages, relevant facts, and figures. Email marketing makes people feel unique and special; that’s why personalization is essential throughout the email campaign. 


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