Do you get irritated by deleting every mail in your promotions tab?

Yes, after seeing a big heap of marketing emails, anyone can feel irritated.
But let me convince that in this big heap, there are few companies that I love getting emails. I love getting emails from them since I open them within seconds. Though it may sound unproductive, it offers me a small break from work. Even though I know, they send me some cool stuff and they are trying to sell me something. But most of the times I don’t care. In some case, I like their product or like their design or like their recommendation.

And I bet it’s right for you too.

So, actually where lies the difference between those terrible emails and companies whose emails I and we open with the same guilty satisfaction?

For instance, have a look at this email I got from after I bought some random gadget. They started sending these emails based upon the gadgets I bought from them, so that I can buy more from them in the future. Hence they always used to inform me about the discounts, price drops or any other special offers on the recommended products.


drip marketing, marketing campaigns

The drip campaigns are the automated subsequent email messages. These are mostly known by different names such as automated email campaigns, drip marketing, email automation, life-cycle emails, auto-responders and sometimes marketing automation.

In simple words: Drip Campaigns are a sequence of marketing email messages which are sent out automatically on a preset schedule. One instance of a simple workflow will be –  first email is sent out when the subscriber registers on the website, and after two days another mail will be sent which contains information about services. After 4 days, they will be informed more about the products. Based on user subscriber behavior and engagement, the drip continues. At certain stages within a drip, the marketing channel may change or the contact segment may change dynamically. Take a look at this simple drip initiated just after the subscribers open the welcome email. It also routes to a SMS campaign based on engagement triggers.


In some cases, the drip campaign emails can also be triggered by specific actions depending upon the subscriber’s responses. For example, if a subscriber clicked on a link in your email, then a behavioural trigger can happen when a visitor visits to a particular web page.

I have put together this comprehensive guide to walk you through drip marketing from start to finish, from identifying which activities to automate, what tools to leverage, and best practices for success. First, why does drip email campaigns work for a business.

Why Does It work?

Before understanding the reasons why drip campaigns can be beneficial for your company, here are some of the primary objectives:

The prior most objective of drip marketing is to offer the right information at the most appropriate time, to prospects to keep them engaged and successfully lading and getting them to move through the sales funnel.

Every organisation needs to run drip marketing campaigns to reap the following benefits:

  1. If you want to cement the company’s position in the market and industry, then drip marketing campaigns will help you do the same. The factor of longevity is also a big factor in the successful business. The more solid footing a business has, the higher are its chances of lasting long in the industry.
  2. Drip marketing makes sure that the company is always at the forefront of a customer’s mind. Even when there is the downfall of the company, drip marketing helps a company guarantees that the business will remain relevant.
  3. Enhance brand awareness of customers. Drip marketing makes sure that there will be a small amount of information offered to the customers so that to keep up the curiosity.
  4. With the help of drip marketing, you can keep in touch with the customer which leads to an increase in conversions.
    Since drip marketing contributes to the beneficial aspect of the business since it helps you increase sales and decrease costs.
  5. Since the prospects are always interested in offering the relevant content in the form of drips, so that drip campaigns have higher response rates than traditional marketing methods.

Work smarter with Marketing Automation

Since marketers need to focus on the activities which can be human-led, they have started making use of technology to create a hassle-free task for doing these repetitive tasks. They carry out these activities with the help of marketing automation. Drip campaigns carried out with the help of marketing automation can result in more results. Without even lifting a finger, the drip marketing informs and nurture your business leads.

Stats prove that combining marketing automation with drip campaigns can result in 20% more sales opportunities.
Gradually, with the growth in the company, adding segments to keep the content personalised will always lead to better results.

Segmented email campaigns get 57.69% more clicks than non-segmented campaigns – that’s saying a lot.

When should you do drip campaigns?

Have you come across a product which will keep you involved by either giving you offers on new deals or giving recommendations?

Yes , then you have also come across this fantastic marketing technique of drip marketing. Drip Marketing is an umbrella which covers many different marketing techniques. Since these always aim at keeping the users immersed in the product, every company carries out many automated drip campaigns.
For instance, have a look at some of the used cases where an automated drip campaign can help you deliver better information to targeted viewers. You might get some nice ideas or approaches to marketing your products using drip email marketing by seeing these examples.

Welcome Drips

Don’t you feel sending a welcome email will make it more personalised?

Yes, it is the right way to give a start to develop a relationship. A welcome email is the first impression a company makes with a new customer, hence it is a great asset which can be utilized for a successful drip campaign. For instance, have a look at the welcome email send by Headspace. 

welcome mail, drip campaign, drip marketing

Onboarding Drips

In some instances, getting page views and free trial users will not be enough. Then it is the right time to shoot your onboarding drip campaigns. Onboarding drip campaigns can work wonders if they are targeted to the customer along with campaigns and newsletter. These can give you small wins for your business. Take a close look at the onboarding email  send by Bitly and how it  help customers to get started.

onboarding drip campaign, drip campaign


Abandoned Cart Drips

Is anyone leaving your e-commerce or online business website empty-handed? Don’t get tensed; the abandoned cart can help you. Sometimes, a customer not finishes his shopping which leaves them empty-handed. In such cases, shopping cart abandonment can play as a trump card for an eshop. A drip campaign makes sure that you can re-engage those customers and drive them back to complete the purchase. Have a look at the way PacSun, sends an email when it finds that a customer leaves the website without buying the products in their cart.


re-engagement drip campaign, drip marketing campaign


Renewal Drips

If some user’s subscription is going to end or they forget to renew their membership, you can leverage drip campaigns to captivate subscribers. Make sure you create a new drip campaign with a clear CTA, which can make users to commit for a certain duration.

Engagement Drips

There’s a simple logic associated with the concept of commitment. The more the customers interact with your website, the more likely they are to turn into a paying customer.
A drip campaign may also include an engagement email sequence which can encourage a recipient so that they can come back to your site and browse, which are triggered by some activity on the page.

Steps to create a successful drip campaign

Now that you have seen some awesome drips examples that drive more sales and enhance engagement, let’s map out the steps to building a successful automated drip campaign:

1. Know your niche audience

Before initiating the drip email marketing, you must understand the most vital aspect of your drip campaign – niche customer. At the end point , since the customers are the ones who can define the success rate of campaigns. Drip campaigns is all about breaking your subscriber list into subsections and targeting information to niches of customers.

Determine the triggers and groups where you’re going to use for your drip campaign strategy. Drip emails can be carried out based upon the primary activities of a customer or on based upon the demographics.
Instances in which a customer uses the drip email campaigns:

  1.  When a user subscribes to your company newsletter and at the same time you send them a welcome email via your drip campaign.
  2. When a user makes a purchase, and you send him/her about the shipping information.
  3. When a user downloads the trial version, and you send more details about the product or service over a series of nurturing emails.


  1. When a user signed up some months ago but hasn’t returned, so you can send them an automated email asking for any assistance.
  2. When a user stops engaging in between, then you can send them a drip that offers a walk through and some other tips.
  3. Recently, if any user has made any purchase, then you can send them to refer them a list of new items in addition to giving them coupon codes or discounts.
  4. If you are targeting audience segments based on the subscriber behaviour like visit frequency, duration of the user or the frequency a subscriber is visiting the services page or how long they ‘ve paying customers, then you can get to know about the count.

2. Craft Your Message

Now that you know who you’ve segmented your niche audience, you can generate a message which is captivating to grab the attention.

Write a copy which is clear, actionable and attractive. You must maintain the brand value so that you make sure that your message is clear.
Additional Tip: Make sure that you don’t get hung up on your design. Instead, start sending plain text emails with captivating Call-to-action.

 3. Design Out Your Campaign

The next step to create your drip campaign is to figure out the complete logistics of your drip campaign – what the workflow look like from the first contact to the entire sales team. This is the right time when you set the goals of your campaign, make sure that copy in each email is in right flow with the others and take the decision to measure it also. To help you with planning, I can help you write down the questions such as:

Should I send more than 4 mails?

For instance, the customer is getting engaged for the first time, then you can send them an onboarding drip email which can help them understand more about the product or service. Take into consideration the required information he or she might need.

Are my triggers relevant?

Do you send your trigger emails? If you are not doing it the right way, then you are running your existing relationships with your customers. There’s nothing worse than getting a coupon code after you made a purchase last week. Based upon the segmentation, your triggers must be laid out so that your campaign can be directly related to a trigger. The users must always understand why they’re getting an email.

How am I going to measure success?

Ask yourself, before setting up an elaborate drip campaign. I mean you must understand the reasons behind setting up an elaborate drip campaign. In any case, you need to set the goals for your campaign and then select the metrics to measure success. Depending on your analytics capabilities you could look at click-through rate, bounce rate. Just make sure your measurements loop back to the “why” of your campaign.

 4. Start Your Campaign

Once you’ve decided on a strategy, you can start sending. For successful implementation, you can custom drip software and launch it in minutes. To add, you can speed up the process of sending drip email marketing with a great marketing platform.
Before making a decision, I’d recommend you can read more about EasySendy’s drip marketing, which can help you manage your automated drip campaigns, plus the impressive features that it offers.

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Does automation mean you can leave it to work on its own? No, you need to spend a bunch of time about researching user segments and design your strategy based on your results. Make some changes in clicks, if you are not able to meet your conversion rate goals sync with sales goals, then you can give a try to bring in more educational communications before making a final call to pull the trigger.

Now that you have understood about implementing a drip campaign, you are just a click away from creating the drip campaign. At EasySendy Drip, we consider that drip email campaign can be started as soon as a visitor signs up to download a newsletter email list or an early subscriber. The prior most thing you must understand is those various triggers which can help you create a drip series.
EasySendy offers you the hassle-free experience. It has a simple drag and drop email campaign builder, where you can specify set of conditions to be fulfilled, designated actions that will trigger a condition or will be a result of a condition, and decision to specify the next set of actions.
For instance, you got to know the email address of your visitor. The moment you send them a welcome email, your subscribers are added to your contact database. You can send them a set of sequence of what will follow next. Below shown is the same sample workflow built within EasySendy Drip.


If you are tensed about creating a drip email template , then to your relief, you can opt for a ready-to-use template which will work for your small business.

Still if you have not built a drip campaign, you can start it on EasySendy Drip. There are some fantastic advanced email tags, ready-to-use templates, intuitive drag and drop email builder, and to get you started. On top of it, we are a fully GDPR-compliant brand; we encourage our subscribers and customers to use our embeddable forms to build an official email list before they start with drip emails.

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Sreeju is the Marketing Content writer at EasySendy. She is passionate about writing marketing blogs and product-related content with 3+ years of experience.


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