Since 2001, Message Systems has built quite a reputation in email marketing platform because it easily outperforms any other cloud or on-premises email marketing alternative, and provides the flexibility, deliverability and control that is an absolute must in a mass email service to drive the highest possible customer engagement for businesses.

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Combined together, Message Systems customers send more than 3 trillion emails per year — that is, more than 25% of the world’s legitimate emails.

Message Systems provide Momentum — a premier email platform — for the most demanding businesses in the world. SparkPost provides the same features, power and functionality to businesses of all sizes in an easily accessible cloud platform.

The first product for Message Systems, the parent company for SparkPost, was Ecelerity. It was the precursor to the Momentum platform and its name was changed to Momentum in the year 2009. SparkPost was first announced on November 12, 2014 as a cloud-based service that allows SME developers to use many of Momentum’s features in their web and mobile applications. It offers high scalability and pay-per use pricing, allowing SMEs to take advantage of Momentum’s e-mail sending capabilities to their advantage at affordable prices.

SparkPost is an email delivery service based on the Momentum platform from Message Systems. Customers get the same deliverability, scalability, features, flexibility and speed as is provided to the biggest and most renowned Email service providers in the world, in an easily integratable cloud service, while at the same time complying with the best email sending practices.

Whether it be sending transactional emails, dynamically personalizing content or managing multiple marketing campaigns, one can count on SparkPost for providing seamless integration, highest inbox placement rates, top notch email delivery rates, unsurpassed performance and real-time insight.

Important features of SparkPost are as described below:

Easy Integration:

  • Emails can be sent using SMTP as well as using REST APIs
  • Access statistical data in real-time and on a move using webhooks
  • Pre-built client libraries helps in speedy integration process
  • Sparkpost APIs are served over HTTPS for highest level of security

Flexible Templating:

  • Advanced feature of “full variable substitution” in any part of the email be it headers, HTML or text
  • Default values for the substitution variables can be defined in case the variables are empty
  • Advanced nested substitution rules allow users to specify values in the list as well as at individual recipient levels
  • Supports user-defined functions to enhance customization

Advanced Real-time Analytics and Reporting:

  • SparkPost tracks more than 40 different metrics in real time, such as latency, bounce reports and engagement data. With such a huge data being tracked, any deliverability issues can be identified immediately and can be promptly resolved
  • Advanced statistics lets user drill down to the minute details of metrics by campaigns, by template used, by recipient domain and many more
  • SparkPost allows its users to enable multiple custom tracking domains through user interface as well as through APIs

Incredible Support:

  • SparkPost’s Developer Hub is a collection of resources including videos and documentation to help users integrate and use SparkPost conveniently
  • 24×7 critical incident support for all SparkPost customers for prompt resolution of any technical, integrational and deliverability issues that may arise with the users

Optimized Email Deliverability:

  • Shared as well as dedicated IP Address option
  • Industry Standard Email authentication including SPF, DKIM and DMARC
  • Opportunistic Email TLS encryption as a default option for advanced security and privacy of users
  • Two-factor authentication as an option for better security of user account

Email sending capacity:

The email sending capacity is based on the payment plan chosen. The higher the plan, the more volume of emails the user can sent. Once the email sending volume is consumed, the user will be charged extra for sending more emails for the month.

Sparkpost Pricing structure in detail:

Sparkpost’s affordable and cost-effective pricing mechanism is on a “per use” basis. There are different pricing grades based on the volume of the emails. They are described as below:

  • 100,000 emails per month for free
  • Pro for 100,000+ emails per month at a price of $24.99
  • Super Pro for 1,000,000+ emails per month at a price of $199.99
SparkPost tracks more than 40 different metrics in real time such as latency, bounce reports and engagement data. Its comprehensive interface allows users to drill down into the minute details of the multitude of tracked data by campaign, template used, recipient domain and many more. Downloading of the comprehensive data can be effortlessly done using the user interface in a CSV format. Moreover, the detailed statistics can also be pushed into a different server using webhooks. The activities taking place on the sent emails can be easily segregated by recipients, campaigns, from addresses, template used, etc
Some of the more renowned organizations that use SparkPost are CareerBuilder, Paypal, Pinterest, Linkedin, GroupOn, Twitter, Oracle, Comcast, salesforce, Zillow, Facebook, American Express, Time Warner, etc
Message Systems, the parent company of SparkPost, is headquartered in Columbia, Maryland. It has offices in San Francisco, Seattle and London. The company also operates with a global network of partners across North America, Europe, and Asia.
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