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SendGrid developed an industry-disrupting, cloud-based email service to solve the pending challenges of reliably delivering emails. SendGrid’s trusted platform, tools, and expert support team make it effortless for developers and marketers to create, segregate, test and successfully deliver emails to their subscribers. Whether sending transactional or marketing email, Sendgrid provides users with the industry’s best reliability, scalability, and email deliverability.

transactional email service sendgrid

SendGrid has cloud-based email delivery infrastructure. It’s newsletter & transactional email service enables users to send email in a cost-effective manner without having to create and maintain their own in-house email infrastructure.

SendGrid’s scalable infrastructure and flexible APIs allow users the ability to easily integrate and scale, reducing the complexity of their SMTP infrastructure, and removing the cost of maintaining their own infrastructure. Including useful features such as a flexible workflow, powerful list segmentation and actionable analytics, SendGrid Marketing Campaigns helps build meaningful relationships with subscribers via an affordable and full-featured marketing and transactional email service.

SendGrid’s marketing campaigns provides all the features and performance marketers need in their email marketing solution and a large price tag.

SendGrid is a transactional email delivery and management service based in Colorado. Isaac Saldana, Jose Lopez and Tim Jenkins founded the company in the year 2009 as TechStars accelerator program. As of 2013, SendGrid has raised a funding of more than $27 million.

Important features of Sendgrid are as described below:

Integration is Easy:

  • Simple SMTP setup along with flexible Web and SMTP API keys makes SendGrid easy to integrate with different marketing solutions.
  • SendGrid supports multiple development frameworks including CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Django, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, Symfony, and many more making it easy to integrate with any platform.
  • Readily available integration and sendgrid support documents solve any technical issues that might creep in while integration.

Simple User-friendly Interface:

  • User interface is designed in such a way that users can access all the aspects of SendGrid easily.
  • User interface provides all the features of SendGrid to the users alike, be it technical or non-technical users.
  • User interface is simple and easy to understand providing insight to all the email activities taking place at a single place.

Simple and Organized IP Address and User Management:

  • Create and management of users, sub-users and associated IP addresses is quite easy
  • User creation process is practical and streamlined
  • Advanced sub-user management process allows to effortlessly switch between parent user and sub-user accounts
  • Advanced IP Address management for parent user as well as sub-user including whitelabeling and IP address allocation

Advanced Whitelabeling Feature:

  • Advanced whitelabeling feature allows users to customize their sending domains, links and IP addresses
  • Moreover, the domain and link customization option is available to all the users, even for users who are using shared IP Address pool
  • Delivery optimization be creating and managing IP Addresses associated with parent user and sub-user accounts

Advanced real-time Analytics and Reporting:

  • Allow users to pull statistics and other account information without logging into the SendGrid account using flexible Web APIs
  • Gives insight into the performance of email campaigns through the use of User Interface and Webhooks
  • Real-time visibility into email activities like email opens, bounces and clicks
  • Detailed information and statistics based on activities by device, browser, ISP, geolocation, sub-user, category of email, email client, etc

Application customized for different Devices:

  • SendGrid application can be accessed through different devices like tablets, mobiles, laptops, personal computers
  • Using different wireless devices, users can be informed on the go
  • Access, use and monitor email activities while on a move

Enhanced security and privacy for users:

  • Custom SPF and DKIM record creation to secure domain reputation
  • Enhanced user account protection with two-factor authentication, multi-user credentials and API key permissions
  • Enforced or opportunistic TLS feature to secure important user emails

Email sending capacity:

The email sending capacity is based on the payment plan chosen. The higher the plan, the more volume of emails the user can sent. Once the email sending volume is consumed, the user will be charged extra for sending more emails for the month.

Sendgrid Pricing structure in detail:

SendGrid’s affordable and cost-effective pricing mechanism is on a “per use” basis. There are different pricing grades based on the volume of the emails. They are described as below:

  • SendGrid Essentials with 40,000 emails per month and price of $9.95
  • SendGrid Essentials with 100,000 emails per month and price of $19.95
  • SendGrid Pro with more features, 100,000 emails per month and price of $79.95
  • SendGrid Pro with more features, 300,000 emails per month and price of $199.95
  • SendGrid Pro with more features, 700,000 emails per month and price of $399.95
SendGrid tracks all the email activities taking place at the recipient end like email opens, clicks, subscribes, bounces etc. These real-time statistics gives a detailed insight into the performance of the transaction emails and marketing campaigns. The use of Event Hooks enhances the statistical data collected. Moreover, the statistical data collected at the recipients side includes not only the email activities but data like device type, browser type, ISP details, geolocation of the recipient, sub-user, category of email, email client, etc.
Some of the more renowned organizations that use SendGrid are Strava, Nudgespot, Foursquare, Nextdoor, CommissionsInc, The Ladders, Balihoo, Maplin, Rezora,, Buffalo, FundedByMe, VivaReal, Memeo, Extole, Haulix, NudgeMail, Uber, Airbnb, etc
Global presence and infrastructure: As of 2013, SendGrid has offices in 5 major cities, namely Boulder, Denver, Orange, California and London and has operations in New York and San Francisco.
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