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10 Different Types of Email Marketing

by | Mar 9, 2023 | Email Marketing, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Do you know it is challenging for small business owners to prepare different types of email marketing strategies?

Many marketers don’t know what types of content audiences want to read. They have to experiment with email marketing campaigns to understand subscribers’ and customers’ tastes and preferences.     

Here, we have explained some of the marketing varieties for marketers to select the most appropriate email type for their brands. 

Emails are the best channel to sell your products and services. Simultaneously, smart marketers are looking for new ways to build relationships and grow their business through email marketing. 

According to the latest report, over 61% of customers prefer to read promotional emails. 

However, marketers face challenges in creating different email marketing plans, but they find time to plan out the announcements and promos to keep the subscribers engaged with exciting content. Ideally, your subscribers look forward to your email newsletters to read personalized and tailored content.

So, you need to send out multiple types of email marketing to stay at the top of your subscribers’ minds. 

If your customers receive emails frequently, they will keep your business in their minds even when they are not willing to buy from your brand. You can make some intelligent decisions to grow your email list for increasing sales revenue. Then, you have to decide which email marketing campaign you should send to different categories of audiences. Don’t miss to segment your subscribers and customers based on their interests and preferences.  

If you have sent the appropriate email marketing campaigns to your subscribers, you can take help from them to share your promotional offers.

Advantages of types of Email Marketing for Business Communication

Email marketing is an essential marketing method for business communication as it is easy and cheap for marketers. Your users check emails every day, and it continues to drive significant results for different businesses.

Email marketing is an effective marketing mode to transmit necessary data about the users to increase traffic for your website.

This article would take you to ten of the most popular and engaging types of email marketing campaigns that you can use for your brands. 

Let’s get started with some of the types of email marketing:

1. Special offer emails: Promotional emails are a powerful, simple way to spread the word . about your product or service.

The objective of promotional emails is to increase awareness, generate revenue, or improve customer retention/ loyalty. Promotional emails are also called offer emails, which include coupons, discounts, or other special deals. Promotional emails grab the attention of subscribers, and it helps to increase the open and conversion rate.

Many businesses send these types of emails as a “thanksgiving” for their loyal customers and subscribers to stand out in their inboxes. 

2. Newsletter emails: It is the most popular type of email, and almost every email marketer uses it.

You can boost your website traffic and convert recipients into loyal customers with these email newsletters. You can get your email newsletter verified by an email marketing professional as it showcases a company’s reputation. Ensure making your newsletter enjoyable for the subscribers as recipients don’t like boring and irrelevant emails.

They may unsubscribe from your email list to discontinue the communication if they find the email newsletter irrelevant. Many companies send email newsletters to stay at the top of the mind of subscribers,’ and many businesses use email newsletters to build a foundation of their email marketing program to educate prospects and customers about their products or services. 

Over 73% of millennials prefer business communication through emails more than any other platform. 

3. Welcome emails: It is one of the common types of emails that recipients receive when they visit any new website and subscribe to their newsletter. When subscribers sign up for an email list, email marketers need to offer a personal touch and introduce the organization.

They should avoid introducing products or services without building relationships with new leads.

Welcome emails help to increase the open and click-through rates as compared to other standard emails. It is the best way to boost email marketing metrics, and it doesn’t seem very easy to sell products and services without sending welcome emails.  

74% of audiences expect a welcome email after subscribing to any email list, and 57.7% of brands don’t miss sending welcome emails to their new subscribers.  

4. Review request emails: It is the best way to know your audiences and understand their requirements. Asking for a review from the subscribers would help to know them better and build a further purchase relationship. Marketers learn the customer’s pain points and suggest the best product.

Most of the customers buy products from online platforms after checking the reviews given by other customers. You can send an email requesting your customers to give their reviews or testimonials for the purchased products. These reviews help to build trust and confidence for new customers. 

According to the latest research, over 91% of customers check online reviews before buying a product, and 84% trust online reviews.  

5. New product announcement emails: When you are launching a new product in the market, then you should send an email to your email list to inform them about the new brand.

If you promote your new product to the existing customers who are purchasing from your web pages, then it would boost the sales revenue. Generally, good testimonials encourage new customers to purchase the product.

6. Progress emails:  It is the essential email as it motivates the subscribers to keep going and perform well.

You have to push your customers through different marketing funnel stages and analyze their behavioral patterns to send them emails on their progress. Progress emails give you helpful resources to keep yourself motivated to achieve success. 

7. Curated content emails: You can create curated content emails to stand out in the crowd and stay at the top of subscribers’ minds. Curated content is basically a collection of high-quality and relevant content for driving results from your email campaign.

For producing curated content, you have to keep certain things in your mind to deliver relevant content for the audiences. You can include links, images, and articles in the email newsletter to share interesting resources with the audiences. 

8. Milestone emails: Milestone emails make your subscribers feel special by celebrating the victory with them. It is a type of email sent to the existing customers to remind them about your value and increase the likelihood of your products or services.

You can send them ‘Thank You’ emails to show your gratitude towards them for reaching the milestone. 

9. Abandoned cart emails: These emails are follow-up emails that marketers send to those customers who have added items to the cart and left the website without purchasing the product. 

According to the latest statistics, the average conversion rate for abandonment cart emails is 18.64%. 

10. Confirmation emails: It is a transactional email message that you send to the visitors and customers who visited your website. There are three types of confirmation emails: purchasing confirmation email, shipping confirmation email, and list subscription confirmation email.  


Customers like to read relevant and personalized emails, so try to send them emails they want to read. Otherwise, they would put the emails into the spam folder. Marketers should conduct A/B testing to analyze the suitable categories of emails for their businesses. 


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